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Must Know Workarounds & Hacks For Live Streamers

Beginner or experienced, streaming can be a bit intimidating to do if you don’t know workarounds for some issues. Fortunately, there are a lot of hacks you can try to make your broadcasts even more awesome!

From concealing your background to creating a countdown during the broadcast, let us share these top workarounds for you to use on your next live!


1. Real-Life Background Not Camera-Ready

Be.Live allows you to make your broadcast more professional and attractive thanks to its customization features. You can add your logo and change your background to your branding image or colors.

But what if the problem is your background beyond the screen? Can you change or conceal a messy room? Yes, you can — with a greenscreen!

Bridgetti Lim Banda shared some of her hacks on using greenscreen from different software while live streaming on BeLive. Watch her video here!



2. Bad or No Webcam on PC or Laptop

Most of the time, built-in laptop cameras deliver low-quality videos. That’s why live streamers prefer to use an external USB camera for clearer output. But did you know that you can also use your DSLR as a webcam!

You can create better-quality videos by connecting your DSLR to Chrome. Once it’s recognized by Chrome or Safari as an external camera, you can then choose it as an option in Studio2. BeLive supports any kind of camera as long it can be connected to and recognized by your computer. Just make sure the camera you want to use is connected directly to the computer and not an external USB hub.

If you still encounter some problems with your camera, follow this troubleshooting guide from BeLive’s help center.


3. Looking Too Blue on Camera

Do you look too blue on screen? It might be because of your lighting, but don’t worry, there’s a simple hack for that. You just need to adjust your white balance setting to give your video more warmth. Natural daylight should be 5,500 – 5,600K range.

Another way is to adjust the white balance beyond the camera settings. If you’re looking too blue, you can try turning on an amber light to warm up the video. Here’s another tip: if you have lights, place them to your side facing away from you. This will help diffuse the light, giving you that warm glow without being too much.

If you want to look more professional on camera, having the proper lighting is crucial. You don’t need a professional lighting setup, but investing on a ring light or even some studio lights may bring you incredible results.


4. Grainy Videos

Getting grainy videos can be annoying for your viewers. You don’t have to deal with it forever. Here are a few things BeLivers shared to get rid of grainy videos on your next broadcast:

  • Get off the WiFi and wire up: Connecting your PC or laptop to a wire will help you get a stable internet connection, reducing potential downgrades in video quality while you’re live.
  • Have guests connect to home WiFi: If you have a guest joining through the mobile up, have him or her connect to their home or office WiFi for a more stable connection.
  • Restart your computer: Live streaming takes up a lot of your RAM so restart your computer to free it up for your broadcast.

Making professional-looking videos isn’t so hard to do. In fact, you can impress your viewers with your lives with just three simple hacks! Check out how here.

If you’re broadcasting on YouTube, check out these hacks to give your live streams that extra flair!

Want more live streaming hacks? Stay tuned to this blog or join the BeLivers communityto get more personal hacks from expert live streamers!

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