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Your Ultimate Guide To Go Live On YouTube With Be.Live

If you want to expand your reach and improve engagement with more people, YouTube is the best platform to explore!

Not only is it one of the largest search engine in the world (second only to Google), it also gets more than a billion views a day from 56 different countries.

That’s why Be.Live can’t let this development take the backseat. Belivers can now go live on YouTube aside from Facebook!

If you’ve been using Facebook to communicate with your community and are just starting your live streaming journey on YouTube, we’ve got you covered. We compiled the best hacks and tips for your venture into the world’s largest video sharing platform.

Getting Started

Live Streaming On YouTube 101

Let’s start off easy. Here’s what you need to know before diving into YouTube live streaming! Understand more about YouTube broadcasting with this helpful post.

5 Steps To Go Live On YouTube Using Be.Live

Now that you know what to expect with YouTube, it’s time to begin your journey! Here are 5 steps you should take to start broadcasting on YouTube using Be.Live!

Best Hangouts On Air Alternative To Go Live On YouTube

When Google announced its decision to remove Hangouts on Air, users were left worrying about how they’ll be able to live stream on YouTube with multiple people on screen at the same time. Good thing Be.Live can do just that now!

Learn more about how Be.Live can be an excellent alternative for Hangouts on Air here!

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel (How To Win At YouTube)

Before anything else, you need to set your YouTube channel up first. Here’s what you need to do to maximize the streams and videos you use on YouTube.

How To Make A YouTube Video 101 (Making Videos That Get Followers)

Once you’ve linked your Be.Live account to YouTube, it’s time to start using it to expand your reach. Find out all you need to know about making YouTube videos here!


Stroke TV invites a guest on a YouTube live using Be.Live!

YouTube Live Streaming and Repurposing Tips

Click-Worthy YouTube Titles: Making Them Marketable

Titles are the first thing that catches people’s attention when searching for videos. That’s why it’s crucial to make attractive titles. Make your YouTube title marketable with these tips. 

How To Create SEO-Friendly Captions For YouTube

Posting a YouTube video would be pointless if it can’t be searchable by the right people. But what exactly is SEO, and how can it help you get more views? Find out how you can your videos reach a wider audience using SEO-friendly captions here!

YouTube Thumbnail Hacks (Videos That Get Clicked)

Aside from titles, viewers also consider the thumbnails found on YouTube videos before clicking on it. There’s a lot to consider when making a photo for your video. Find out how to create the perfect thumbnail here and learn the best practices from the experts.

Tags To Use On YouTube (How To Get Found Easily)

Captions are one thing, but you can also use tags for a wider reach. Tags can help your video appear in searches even though the keyword isn’t found in the caption or title. Learn more about that here!

How To Build A Following On YouTube (Research To Get You Ahead Of The Competition)

Know what kind of stream you need to do by researching. Build your following by getting ahead of other streamers. Here’s a quick guide on how to study the right topics for your stream.

How To Use End Screens and Cards On YouTube (To Get More Subscribers)

Live streams don’t always get the views you want it to gain during the broadcast, but you can gain more attention for it after repurposing. That’s when YouTube cards and end screens become useful. Know more about them here.

Repurposing Content On YouTube (What To Use and Why)

Why do you need to repurpose your live streams? Know why you need to do so and what will help you get the most results from that with this post.

Marketing YouTube Live Streams (Make Sure You Get Seen While Live)

What do you need to do to get high viewership for your live streams on YouTube? Understand how to market your lives even before you start your broadcast here.

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