Why Live Streaming Is Essential For Online Learning
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Why Live Streaming Is Essential For Online Learning

Online learning has been going on for years now but the current pandemic pushed it further into the forefront. With nearly the entire world forced to stay at home, it’s only natural for learners to find other means of gaining knowledge. Live streaming has made that easier than ever.

The Importance of Live Streaming in E-Learning

Throughout the years, education has been shifting towards a more technology-based activity. And with the recent health threat, having access to more free online learning tools and materials has become essential for a lot of students.

The pandemic only highlighted the need for improved e-learning platforms, pushing tech giants and startups alike to fast-track developments. Google has made Google Meet more accessible to users while Facebook created Rooms that can accommodate up to 50 people for private company meetings and conferences.

More than conferences and webinar setups, however, many consumers are searching for e-learning materials that they can easily find online. Live streaming highlights that need by giving instructors a chance to connect with their students online in real-time for free.

Benefits of E-Learning Through Live Streaming

Live streaming on Facebook or YouTube allows teachers and coaches to discuss lessons without the interruptions of unmuted mics and distracting backgrounds. Students watch the lessons through a public Facebook or YouTube link. But, instructors can still interact with their students by reading questions posted in the comments section.

Why is online learning or e-learning beneficial to students and instructors alike? Here are a few reasons why.


Students Can Learn at Their Own Pace

Because videos automatically get saved after a live stream, learners can go back and rewatch the lecture whenever they need to. In an actual classroom, students would not have this advantage. Teachers will have to repeat parts of the lesson for people with questions. At the same time, students will have to rely on notes or record their lectures on their own phones to be able to review the lesson later.

With live streaming, the stress of catching up with the lessons is lessened which allows students to be more relaxed in their studies.


Because the lecture is done online, students don’t need to worry about transportation, their meals when they head to the venue, or the clothes they need to wear. This cuts down a huge chunk on expenses. Although they may need to pay for classes and their internet connection, they would still be saving a lot on other costs.

Faster Delivery of Lessons

E-learning can help improve knowledge absorption in students. That’s because learning through webinars cuts down on other activities associated with classroom-setup lectures.

Students don’t have to leave their homes to be able to attend a webinar. They just have to turn on their laptop or tablet and start taking notes once the lecture starts. No need to worry waking up extra early to avoid traffic jams.

They can also choose their own learning pace by choosing when to review saved live streams. Aside from that, they also get to choose specific topics to learn without having to watch through lectures not relevant to their interests.

Online Learning Sessions Using BeLive

Teaching Students

Students receive the most benefits when it comes to e-learning. Aside from saving on expenses from going to school, they can also get educated in the comforts of their own homes.

Even before the pandemic, learning English online has already been gaining popularity around the world. Students from non-English speaking countries sign up for classes online and meet with teachers via video calls.

The British Council, for example, use BeLive to help students who want to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Now, more and more academies have tried out live streaming to connect with students from around the world.

Teaching the Teachers

The British Council not only teaches students through live streaming, the organization also take care of their instructors. Ann Foreman, Social Media Manager of TeachingEnglish – The British Council, shares that live streaming is “a very gratifying experience” for her and the four million instructors and followers on Facebook.

Although broadcasting live to millions of people is challenging, it helps the group answer specific questions and direct them to the right materials they need to improve their teaching skills.

Free Online Learning for Entrepreneurs

Students and teachers aren’t the only ones benefiting from online learning. With the pandemic forcing people to stay indoors, face-to-face coachings as well as large-scale seminars.

Thanks to live streaming, these events did not have to be completely canceled. A lot of companies have started to organize intimate webinars as well as multi-speaker virtual summits through live broadcasts.

Aside from selling products and services, some companies are now sharing tips and other insights with their community through consistent live shows. For example, Avon USA talked about using SEO to improve online presence during a recent live show. Meanwhile, Tupperware US & Canada discussed the basics of social selling with their followers on their Facebook page.

Sharing technical knowledge is a popular topic for companies for webinars. It gives valuable information for their followers and improves their reputation as well. It’s a useful, and cost-effective marketing strategy for businesses currently put on hold by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the benefits of webinars and online learning, it’s highly likely that schools, companies, and businesses will continue to live stream useful content to their communities.

Live streaming isn’t just a great platform for e-learning, webinars, or virtual summits. It’s also being used for live selling, marketing, news, as well as to improve social media engagement. BeLive helps users grow their community through simulcasting branded shows with ease

. There’s no need for complicated software when you can just upload your live streaming assets and start your live show with just a click of a button.

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