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Consistency Is Key: Why You Should Schedule Weekly Lives On YouTube

When you’re still building your brand on YouTube, delivering consistent live shows should be a top priority. Here’s why!

Consistent Live Shows Will Lead to Success

Establishing your brand on YouTube requires it to be adequately visible at all times. If you want to utilize live streaming as one of your marketing strategies, then your subscribers will need to know when you’re going live and where. That’s why it’s important to set a live stream schedule on your channel on a weekly or even daily basis.

It may seem like a tedious activity right now, but it will benefit your brand in the long run. It may even become the secret to your success. Here are some reasons why you need to schedule regular broadcasts to establish and strengthen your branding.

Consistent Live Shows Bring in Loyal Followers

Much like a series on TV, viewers want to know when they can expect to see you go live. When you have a fixed schedule, your audience can set aside that time to watch your live. It will also be easier to recommend your show to other people if you have a set date and time for your broadcasts.

Aside from setting a fixed schedule, you also have to stick to it. If you choose to go live weekly or daily, you must always follow it regardless of the number of viewers tuning in.

With BeLive’s scheduler feature, you can actually inform people of your upcoming show ahead of time. Using the scheduler, your followers will know when your next live will be and what you’re topic will be. They’ll have the option to set a reminder for it as well.

You can schedule your broadcast on Facebook. But it’s not just Facebook, you can now do that on Youtube as well! Check out this tutorial video by KM Robinson on how to schedule your live shows on Youtube.

Going Live on a Schedule Boosts Your Confidence

If you’re just starting out, you may not have a mass following just yet. Of course, everyone starts from the bottom. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get astronomical views on your first few live shows.

Molly Mahoney, who coaches people to gain confidence in front of the camera and beyond it, suggests following the APR method.

  • Announce – Share your intent to go live to your friends, clients, and power partners through posts and other marketing means.
  • Pretend – Start your live broadcast as if you have a lot of people watching you even when you only have one person watching it. Don’t stress over the live views.
  • Repurpose – When the recording ends, you can then use the replay for other marketing strategies.

Consistently doing lives, regardless of concurrent views, will help you build your streaming and public speaking skills, so will grow the numbers of subscribers. It also helps to rewatch your videos and identify what you need to improve on and what you should keep.

Still not that confident to go live? Try setting your videos privacy settings to “unlisted” so it won’t be visible to other people. You can also try the offline recording feature on the BeLive studio for this purpose.

Consistent Lives Give You More Material to Repurpose

If you schedule your lives weekly at the very least, you will be able to accumulate materials to reuse and repurpose.  You can reupload your YouTube to Facebook or vice versa. Or maybe you just want to share the replay on your blog.

Fortunately, BeLive makes repurposing easier by allowing users to download their videos in HD right from Studio2. No need for another software or tool to extract them. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to download videos from Studio2.

Once you have your clips in your hard drive, you can then cut and edit the videos to create a new video or playlist of topics you want to discuss. These snippets can also be uploaded on your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.

Do you want more tips on consistency and how it can help improve your live streams? Watch the third day of BeLive’s LiveCon 2019 below!

Live stream may seem like a lot of work to do every week or every day but diligently creating consistent live shows will pay off in the future. You’ll be as confident as the live streamers and YouTubers you admire before you know it!

How often do you go live on your page? What challenges do you face when scheduling your broadcasts? Share your thoughts below!

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