Work Life Balance from BeLive’s Marketing Team

This month, we are all about work-life balance tips so we decided to share some tips from real people who work in one of the most demanding departments in any company: THE MARKETING TEAM.

These are the people who almost always comes home late, forgets about eating on time, has irregular sleeping hours, and barely has a life outside of work. Now this may be the case in other companies but at BeLive, we like to take care of our people and make sure they have work life balance so that at the end of the day, they have more than enough energy in making sure that we provide you the best live streaming platform.

Kevin, Resident Graphics and Design Guru

I set and stick to my work hours. I work on weekdays at 11 am to 8 pm. Except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays where I work until 10:30 after our call. Before I start working in the morning, I normally play video games. It freshens up my brain and it gives me creativity juice which I need every day. At night, before going to sleep, I watch at least 1 or 2 episodes on Netflix. Although If there are urgent tasks needed late at night and I am not yet sleepy, I start working on it immediately instead of doing it the next day.

I don’t work on weekends, this is my time for my family and my girlfriend.

Irene and Nini, Marketing Manager and Social Media Manager of BeLive respectively. The team tries to work in different locations, such as this lovely cupcake shop.

Nini, Social Media Manager

I read books first every morning because it serves as my guide all throughout the day and it sets my mood. I also use a calendar and plot everything that I need to do so that I don’t overwhelm myself. Then I start working at 1pm onwards. After work I watch photography videos. I don’t work on weekends because that is my time for family, friends and community.

Molly, Director of Brand Ambassadors

Keep a joy journal! Every day write down the things that bring you joy. Then… incorporate that joy into your business! This is how I first started doing my Hot Tub Q&A on FB Live! It’s self care for me… and my audience has fun with it too!

Jason, Community Manager

I like to do stress-relieving activities during my morning and afternoon commute. I take the train, and during the hour long ride I prefer to read my favorite books or listen to music. This helps me feel relaxed as I head into the office in the morning, and relaxes me each day when I leave.

Rashid, Data Manager

I usually sit by my mother and talk to her regarding life and other things on my free time. It’s a heavenly feeling to talk to my mother because she gives me the mental support that I need to go forward in my career.

Also if I can get any break then I try to watch funny movies to get some laughs to freshen up my mind. If i get very frustrated while working I just take a 10 min break and win 2 races in Need for Speed most wanted (although its an old game but it’s my favorite)

Mickey, Business Manager

It’s important to take small breaks every hour or even half hour. It allows me to relax and decompose for a second so that I do not stress out.

As you can see, our team has different ways of balancing work and life. For additional tips, you can also read this and this.

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