3 Simple Tactics to Thrive on Facebook Live

In past articles, we’ve given you a lot of tips and tricks on how you can recover from Facebook Live disasters, how you can have more freedom in your business, how you can have more replay viewers, and even how to grow your live shows.

This week, BeLive Weekly’s Live Video Growth Coach Owen Video and guest HOST Fallon Zoe interviews Jeffrey Fitzgerald, to talk about producing exciting episodic content that will grow your Facebook LIVE show and help you thrive in this cutthroat industry.

Now that TV and Film producers are slowly moving their content to Facebook, how can a regular joe like yourself compete against these curated and edited shows ? Here are 3 simple tactics that you can use to stay in the game.

Use an intentional background.

Your background can say a lot about you. It can say a lot to your viewers as well so it’s best to use it wisely. Your background should speak about who you are as a person and what your brand is about.

You need to make sure that the 4 corners of where you choose to do your live video are well lighted, presentable, and does not compete with you in any way or distracts from you or your content. Another thing you need to take note of is to always ensure that you do not blend in with the background.

You might say, “but I don’t want to look too curated” and this is a legitimate concern. What you need to remember is that fixing the design space of your location does not necessarily mean curating things. You can stay true to who you are but ensure at the same time that things are presentable when you go live. After all, no one wants to see dirty laundry when they watch your Facebook live.

Another way you can use your background intentionally is by placing photos of the experience that your product will provide should they buy your service or goods. If you are placing photos in your background, make sure you take out the glass so it does not reflect your lights. You also need to make sure that the photos in the background are communicating the right image and thought.

A constant and subliminal reminder of your brand, products, and services can also serve as a good background when you are going live. Make sure that the props you have will spark people to ask the right questions or make the right comments.

Utilize episodic content.

Episodic content is all about creating content that builds and makes people want to revisit again and again. Episodic content could be a series of topics that interlace with each other or it could also be content that jumps off from one topic to another, leaving the consumer hanging and longing for more.

You can also promote the episode of each show and ask people to subscribe so that they can receive alerts when the show next goes live. A “next on …” at the end of each show is also a great way to hook people in since they will already have a preview of what will be in store for them next time.

To ensure that you won’t have a hard time keeping track of where you are in your storyline or plot line, you can use a monthly content calendar. You can also use this to create hype for the shows before they air.

Include compelling stories.

One of the things that can easily build your credibility is your ability to jump on floating top news stories. Check Google alerts to know what is happening or the latest news stories and ensure that anything relevant to your audience will be shared to your audience.

You can also use Pinterest to help you brainstorm ideas so that you always have something new and interesting to discuss with your audience. Don’t worry about the likes and comments. If you create content that someone wants to watch, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Getting the right message across to the right people is what matters at the end of the day.

Watch the full video below if you would like to get more tips from our very own Live Video Growth Coach, Owen Video.



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