How to Rank your Live Stream on Google

Facebook content does not show up on a Google search. Shocker right? However, this is the sad reality but no need to worry because we are about to share with you technics that will allow your Facebook live shows to rank on Google. We will teach you how to understand the power of using social media and SEO together so that we can maximize the reach of your live shows.

Live Video Growth Coach Owen Video and guest Digital Media Consultant Dustin Stout are going to share how you can Rank Your LIVE Stream On Google.

Owen and his guest, Dustin

Put it on!

To rank a Facebook Live Stream, you need to embed it on a web page that you own. Yes, this means that you should have a website or a blog where you can embed your live stream so that it can rank on Google.

Remember that you do not own your Facebook Page. Facebook owns it and with the way that Facebook has set up their algorithm, the only way that your live stream can rank is if Facebook allows you to. However, on your website, you have complete control of things.

Snackable, bite-sized information

Google looks for the best content to answer the questions that they get asked. When you generate content, you need to make sure that it’s something that can be read and scanned by Google. If you have a live video, you can actually use several apps such as gotranscript that will transcribe your show and then you just need to download the text and turn it into an article where you can embed your video.

Delete the zombies

Rank your articles on your site and check how many google searches your articles have. Those that do not have a lot for the last 6 to 12 months needs to be redirected to something that has more searches. This way, Google can easily rank your page and rank your embedded live videos.

More tips are available on how you can rank on Google in the video below.

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