How To Get YouTube Subscribers: from 0 to 10,000
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How To Get YouTube Subscribers: from 0 to 10,000

If you’re still wondering how to get YouTube subscribers – it doesn’t have to be an unattainable dream for you. Here’s what marketer, YouTuber, and author Desiree Martinez did to gain a 10,000 sub count on her channel!

How To Get Subscribers on YouTube Fast?

Aiming to gain 10,000 or more YouTube subscribers can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. The only way for getting subscribers on YouTube is to post qualitative content consistently. If you’re already gaining traction in Facebook, would expanding your YouTube channel benefit your business? That’s what Owen Video discusses with Desiree Martinez in this BeLive Weekly.

Being a military wife, her family had to move to South Korea. Being a social media marketer, she decided to upload videos on YouTube. This turned out to be the best move for her brand and business.

But she didn’t reach a subscriber count of 10k instantly. She went through stages and changes in her channel to be able to grow into what her channel is right now.

How To Get Subscribers on YouTube Fast?

Why Do You Need to Grow Your YouTube Sub Count

The number one thing that pushes people to get into business is money. If you have a significant skill then you have to get paid for it. Whether you set up your channel for monetization or use it as a marketing tool for your actual business, uploading videos on YouTube will help you increase your revenue.

If you’ve already gained a significant following on Facebook, venturing into YouTube will help you establish your presence to a wider audience. When you start getting noticed on people’s searches, then you have a higher chance in increasing your subscriber count and video views.

How To Get a Lot Of Subscribers on YouTube

Don’t worry if your first few videos are less than average. You don’t have to perfect production right away. Your first YouTube live may or may not encounter problems but as long as you continue to show up and share value to your viewers, you’ll find yourself with thousands of YouTube subscribers in no time!

Going live on YouTube to address people’s questions or issues will help you stay relevant. Your videos, no matter how old they are, will continue to gain more views and earn money as long as they stay relevant to your target audience.

That’s where creating SEO-friendly titles, tags, and captions come in handy. However, marketing your YouTube channel shouldn’t just rely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You also need to share actual value for your audience to trust you enough to subscribe to you.

Here are some tips to help you gain subs on YouTube from Desiree herself.

Answer Viewer’s Questions

When you’re brainstorming for content, you may end up disregarding basic topics like how to create a Facebook page, how to unzip a zip file or how to check your YouTube subscribers count. You and other people may already know how to do these things but they’re a whole new world for others.

Always give value to your viewers when you go live on YouTube or just upload videos in general. No matter how trivial they may be, if you keep going live with solutions to people’s problems, then your video will stay relevant years after and you’ll be getting YouTube subscribers.

Find a Good Editor

How To Get a Lot Of Subscribers on YouTube

Creating videos or repurposing lives for YouTube should not prevent you from losing time for your family or yourself. That’s why it’s important to find an editor to help you with pre and post video production.

It’s also important to compress your video to remove insignificant content to encourage viewers to continue watching. Your editor should be able to do that as well as emphasize significant parts of the video.

Desiree also shares certain effects or editing styles with her editor to check out and apply to her clips. Flexibility and the ability to adapt will help your editor make videos that people will continue to watch.

As a creator, an investment in an editor is better than in equipment or even an executive assistant.

Plan Out Your Content Before You Go Live

You need to know what you’re diving into when you go live. However, having a script may take away the charm from your video. Instead, Desiree lists down ideas in bullet points for every topic. That way, she still stays within context but still be spontaneous during her video.

You also need to master the content you’re sharing to be able to bring value to the viewers who watched your video. These viewers most likely are watching you live to get answers to the questions they have. For getting YouTube subscribers – you need to share a lot of helpful information on a weekly basis.

Set Up Growth Milestones

Desiree set personal milestones for her channel as she continued to upload videos and go live. That’s what aspiring YouTubers can also do. By setting growth checkpoints, you can slowly but surely get to that point where you can unlock more YouTube features and, of course, monetize your channel.

But don’t think you can just relax once you hit that 10,000 mark. According to Desiree, this is the perfect time to become more focused and dedicated to your content and to share valuable information with your followers. Otherwise, they can as easily click on that unsubscribe button.

Reliable Source Materials

Some of the best books to read for people who want to take vlogging and live streaming on YouTube seriously, as shared by Desiree and Owen, include:

  • Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Landino – This book is a complete guide to blogging and how to use video to effectively reach goals.
  • YouTube Secrets by Benjie Travis and Sean Cannell – Learn about YouTube from the joint authors’ 10 years of experience.
  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – Personally recommended by Owen, this book highlights the struggle of breaking through creative barriers.
  • Innovation from Desperation by Desiree Martinez – In this awesome work by Desiree herself, she candidly shares her experiences as a social media marketer and the ups and downs of the job throughout the years.

If you’re planning to become a content creator on YouTube or Facebook, don’t think that you’ll be raking in millions in a few months’ time. There is no magic bullet on how to get a lot of subscribers on YouTube free. Whether you plan to go live or upload videos on social media to market your expertise or focus entirely on it, you need to constantly learn and improve your skills to gain subs on YouTube.

Interested in how to get YouTube subscribers? Check out more tips from Owen and Desiree on how to reach 10k YouTube subscribers in the video below.

Are you just starting to live stream on YouTube or are you already incorporating it into your marketing plans? Or maybe you earn with live streaming in some other ways? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

How To Get a Lot Of Subscribers on YouTube

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