Live Streaming Secrets from an A-Lister. Interview With Call That Geek.

Live Streaming Secrets From An A-Lister [Interview With Call That Geek]

Amazon Live has been out for a few years already, and its potential is huge. To learn how to get the most out of it and become an A-Lister, check out this blog post repurposed from a live stream with Call That Geek.

Get yourself ready for tons of awesomeness! 

From A YouTuber To An Amazon A-Lister

Call That Geek, a.k.a Jesse is an A-Lister who has been rocking Amazon Live with his stunning live shows for almost a year and a half. His shows are mainly about deals, smart home products, tech, and kids’ stuff. They’re getting thousands of views monthly.

It all started 8 years ago when Jesse opened a business providing computer services going house to house. At some point, he discovered YouTube and switched to creating video tutorials instead. But two years ago, Jesse met David Utechpia and opened up the universe of Amazon Live. 

Since August 2021, Call That Geek’s channel has grown to 10,000 followers. By this summer, Jesse plans to hit 20k, and we’re sure he’ll make it! If you want to learn how to succeed in live streaming on Amazon Live – check out his insights below.

Top 10 Live Streaming Secrets To Become Successful On Amazon Live

These are the top rules from Call That Geek that will help you to achieve your goals. 

1. Read The Requirements

To become a successful Amazon Streamer, you’ll have to follow Amazon Guidelines all along the way. For example, to become an A-Lister, 75% of the product you feature must be in hand, with the remaining 25% being product pages, links, etc., added to your show. Jesse from Call That Geek shared that some people couldn’t make it to Amazon A-Lister because they did not include physical products in their streams. 

It is essential to read through all the FAQs and follow the rules. 

You can find all the needed information on Amazon Live FAQ pages. You are also welcome to join our supportive Be.Live Community that helps live streamers succeed on Amazon Live.

2. Put Smart Plans In Place

Set a goal for yourself and make sure it’s achievable. Breaking down that goal into smaller action points will help you a lot: more manageable targets are easier to reach, and they won’t make you procrastinate. 

For instance, if you want to achieve your goal within 12 months, divide the remaining number of followers/purchases/views by 12, define your monthly goals, and estimate how many live streams you have to plan.

Jesse’s first goal was to gain 2000 followers by the end of 2022. By July, he had achieved his goal, and it was solely due to his comprehension of what he wanted to accomplish. So be clear with your plans, and you’ll definitely make it!

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is key to success. Call That Geek produced 327 lives streams over 7 months, which is almost 12 streams a week – WOW!

“I have a regular schedule. I’m usually streaming every single night, seven nights a week, at the same exact time. 10:00 PM Eastern time every single night. The only time it changes is if I’m doing a brand stream or if one of my kids ends up staying up later than they’re supposed to be.”

Call That Geek

4. Prepare Your Live Streams

Producing live streams isn’t always as easy as it may seem. It requires lots of work and preparation. Building a concept, writing a script, scheduling, and uploading items to your Amazon Live carousel taking hours, especially at the beginning of your journey when things are not settled. 

Well-planned and structured shows will help you to create professional-looking content that will boost engagement and the number of followers. That is why it’s crucial to spend time on preparation and master your pre-production routine. 

5. Carousels: Start With Small And Grow Gradually

If you’re just starting with Amazon Live streaming, it’s best to start small. Begin building your product carousel with a limited number of items, and gradually add more as you become more comfortable. Once you feel confident with the flow, you can extend your carousel to a bigger size. Call That Geek recommends spending three to five minutes discussing each product so that you can cover up to 20 products in an hour.

Amazon Live Carousel

Amazon Live Carousel, Amazon Live

6. Don’t Chase Uniqueness, Focus On Quality

Let us explain. Many Amazon Live Streamers are scared about the number of products they’ll have to present. Where to get them? How to make every live stream unique? No worries, there is no need to. 

You can copy your previous live streams with the product carousel and go over those carousels again and again while mastering your presentation. Focus on the quality of your live shows rather than uniqueness.

Sometimes I do copy my live stream and just do the day stream, the same thing as in my night stream the day before, and vice versa all the way through. And sometimes I go like four or five days with the same exact carousel. I know my followers get bored when they watch me when I look at the same exact things. Add a couple of extra new things in between. That’s all you have to do. Mix up your carousel. Make it easy for yourself.”

Call That Geek

7. Create A Friendly Atmosphere While You Are Live

The main live-streaming secret is old but gold – your audience should have fun. Whether you educate, entertain, or present products, think of how to create a friendly atmosphere in your live stream. Ensure people are having a great time while watching your show. 

One of the great methods to build this vibe in your live stream is to recognize people through shoutouts.

Just a simple shout-out. Just a simple thank you. I’ve done that since day one. I have over 10,000 followers. That means I said thank you over 10,000 times.”                                                     

Call That Geek

Just be human, have fun, and be yourself. This is a secret sauce for every successful live show.

8. Using CTAs is a MUST

One of the requirements to become a successful Amazon Live streamer is to grow your followers consistently. To do so, you’ll have to remind your viewers in every live stream to follow you. With Be.Live “Follow me” widget, you’ll be able to put beautiful graphics right in your stream so the audience can see your CTA right away. 

Try Be.Live 

Mind that your stream will be watched from different devices and different interfaces. You’ll have to know where the Follow button is located on Amazon’s desktop and mobile pages, so you can guide your viewers in the right direction if they cannot locate the button themselves.

9. Interact With Other Live Streamers

Building a following on Amazon Live is basically creating a community inside the Amazon ecosystem. And it can be challenging at the beginning. 

Go and check out other live streamers’ broadcasts. Show up, say hi, make a compliment, interact with their audience, and help people in the comments if you have expertise in what they’re asking about. 

So a little quick tip in there of how to build an initial audience. If you don’t have one, if you have zero people in your chat, go out there and watch live streams and interact.”

Call That Geek

This approach will help you in many ways. Not only to make viewers check out your Amazon page, but you also nourish relations with other live streamers. You can learn from others, make friends, and invite them as guests to your show. 

10. Post On Social Media

If you were accepted for Amazon Influencer Program, you definitely have a following on social media. That’s your opportunity to grow the number of viewers on your Amazon Live channel, so you better not miss it. This strategy is essential for Rising Stars and Insiders since it’s a little bit more difficult for them to grow their following.

Share your upcoming streams, notify people once your live show starts, and find a minute to share a screenshot from your streams in the newsfeed – create a buzz! Make sure to invite as many people as possible before you hit that “Go Live” button.

Become an Amazon Live Streamer

It’s time to seize the chance for those who haven’t yet! Amazon Live is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to make money by creating content, particularly streaming live. Put in extra work, set your goals, and you’ll definitely reap the rewards of your hard work. 

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