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Amazon Shoppable Videos: Earn a Passive Income as a Content Creator

Are you a content creator looking for new ways to make money? You’re in the right place! Shoppable videos are a great way to earn passive income as an influencer, especially if you love doing product reviews.

Throughout this article, we’ll explore Amazon shoppable videos, their purpose, and their advantages for content creators. We’ll also show how Be.Live can help you produce these videos quickly.

If you’re interested in this lucrative new opportunity for passive income for content creators, keep reading!

What are Amazon Shoppable Videos?

Amazon Shoppable Videos help customers discover products and make more informed purchase decisions. Amazon Influencers earn commissions when their videos lead to a qualifying purchase.

Unlike YouTube videos, creators do not receive ad revenue in a traditional sense with shoppable videos. Instead, shoppable videos are product reviews that include clickable links for buyers to purchase products on Amazon.

Example of a shoppable video:
Call That Geek Shoppable Video
Call That Geek Amazon Storefront


Where can Shoppable Videos be Found?

Shoppable videos can be found in various locations on Amazon, making it easy for customers to discover and purchase products.

Here are the places where the customer may find your shoppable videos:

  • Top of Page: this placement is for very targeted videos about a specific product, and only videos with fewer than 3 products tagged are eligible for this placement.

    Amazon Shoppable Video - Top Placement

  • Product Detail Pages: shoppable videos can be found in two places on a product detail page: in the set of images at the top of the page and below the product information in a standalone carousel of videos.

    Amazon Shoppable Video - Product Detail Pages Placement 

  • Search Results: shoppable videos may show up in search results when shoppers search in key product categories. This video widget will appear when there are relevant videos.

    Amazon Shoppable Video - Search Results Placement

  • Homepage: shoppable videos may show up in a video widget on the homepage, categorized in an editorial playlist, and discoverable by customers who are interested in those topics. Every Amazon customer has a unique homepage experience, so the widget may not always be in the same place, but keep an eye out for videos that are relevant to you.

    Amazon Shoppable Video - Homepage Placement

  • Storefront: your videos will always show up on your storefront. They appear in this widget based on recency, so you should see your most recent videos approved by moderation first.

    Amazon Shoppable Video - Influencer Storefront 

Pro tip!

To increase your chances of being featured on the product page,  consider reviewing products that have not been reviewed as much, as it will be less competitive.

Benefits of Creating Amazon Shoppable Videos

One of the most significant benefits is earning commissions for video reviews that lead to product purchases. As we shared earlier, you can earn a commission as an Amazon Influencer when customers make a qualifying purchase through your shoppable video. As such, they can be a source of passive income for content creators. Once you create a high-quality shoppable video, it can continue to earn income as long as it is shown on Amazon (and people keep buying from your videos).

Additionally, creating these videos can help you diversify your income streams and reduce your reliance on traditional forms of monetization, such as sponsorships or ad revenue. 

How to Create a Shoppable Video Using Be.Live

Using BeLive’s video editor, you can quickly and easily create Shoppable Videos. We collected all of Amazon’s guidelines in one place and implemented them in this feature, so you can be rest assured that the content you are creating follows all of the rules of the platform regarding shoppable videos – meaning, no wasted effort!

Follow these simple steps to create Amazon Shoppable Videos using BeLive:

  1. Go to the Editor
  2. Click on Create Shoppable Video button on the right panel:
  3. Here, you will see your project page:Amazon Shoppable Video Editor - Be.Live

  4. In the Project name field, you can add a name for your project. And in the Title field, you can add a title for this particular video. 
  5. Then, you can select a broadcast, record a video or upload a video from your computer:

Be.Live Amazon Shoppable Video Editor

Be.Live Amazon Shoppable Video Editor

Note: Feel free to use any of your previous live streams using Be.Live to create a shoppable video!

  1. Once you’ve selected the video, go to the Shoppable Video section:Amazon Shoppable Video Editor
  2. Here, you can select different formats and templates for your Shoppable video.Be.Live Amazon Shoppable Video Editor

Note: templates are available only for 1:1 ratio format. 

  1. You can also add custom text and select text and background color for templates: 
  2. You can see the timeline at the bottom part of the page. The timeline displays the entire video clip. Click any section to inspect it more closely in the video preview:Be.Live Amazon Shoppable Video Editor

Drag the orange sliders to select the new start and end points of the video:

  1. Before proceeding to Downloading & Sharing, don’t forget to check the guidelines & checklists to ensure the video is eligible for Amazon (built-in inside Be.Live).Be.Live Amazon Shoppable Video Guideline Checklist

    Note: This built-in checklist on Be.Live ensures that your shoppable video follows all guidelines. If you’d like to know more, please read the full guide at our help center here.

In Summary

Amazon Shoppable Videos are a great way for content creators to earn passive income. By creating high-quality videos that follow Amazon’s guidelines, you can help customers discover new products and earn commissions for qualifying purchases.

BeLive’s video editor can help you create Shoppable Videos that are consistent and follow Amazon’s guidelines. So what are you waiting for? Start creating Amazon Shoppable Videos today and earn passive income as an Amazon Influencer.

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