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3 Ways to Include a Stream Countdown on Your Live Stream

Have you been looking for ways to add a stream countdown? You’ve seen content creators feature a “Stream Starting Soon” countdown, but you’re not sure how to do it. Which tools can you use to make one? Are the tools free? And what are the other options? 

That’s exactly we’re going to cover in this blog post. You’ll have different options to create the stream countdown of your dreams! 


What makes a great stream countdown timerWhy Add a Stream Countdown? 

  • It gives you time to share your live stream before you start talking on screen. 
  • It creates a sense of motivation since seeing the countdown makes them want to stay and see what happens when the timer is over. 
  • It adds a visual layer to your stream, making it look more organized and professional.

Steps to Make an OBS Countdown Timer

You’ve probably seen a lot of content creators use an OBS Timer for their live streams. Not sure what OBS and how it works? This is a great article that explains what OBS is and how it compares with other live streaming software. 

Here are the steps to do it on OBS: 

Step 1: Download the free OBS Countdown Timer File. Just Google “OBS Countdown Timer File.” 

Step 2: Once it’s downloaded, go to Tools on OBS and select Script. 

Step 3: Choose the script that you just downloaded. 

Step 4: Add the duration of the timer. The timer is in seconds, so if you want to have the timer for ten minutes, make it 600. 

Step 5: Add the text that will show up once the timer is done. For example: Welcome to the show! 

Once you’ve loaded your timer, you can now click “Start Streaming” and the timer will start to count down live. 

Other Easy Options for Stream Countdown 

Adobe Premiere or Canva

If you have some editing skills, creating your own countdown timer is the way to go. You can create a video with a timer on it using Adobe Premiere. You’ll be able to create it exactly how you want it, with all of your branding elements. However, there is a very high learning curve in using this tool, especially if you’re not a video editor. 

If you’re less tech-savvy and don’t want to learn a new tool, Canva is also another option to create a live stream countdown. It already has video templates that you can easily change based on your brand colors and fonts. 

Free Countdown Timer for Streams on YouTube 


Most live streaming software allows you to play a video in your stream. If you search on YouTube countdown timers, you’ll have plenty of options to download. But you need to make sure you have permission to use the video. Otherwise, your broadcast may get a copyright strike and taken down. 

The Easiest Stream Countdown You Can Use: BeLive’s Timer Widget


The previous options we’ve discussed require tons of tools and steps. If you’re using BeLive for your live streams, adding a timer is as easy as clicking a box. The free countdown timer right in the studio will save you a lot of time. You can sign up for a free trial and give the timer a try. 

With BeLive’s Live Stream Countdown, you’ll be able to: 

  • Change the color of the text. 
  • Set any time you want. 
  • Add any text. 

Before clicking on the start button, however, you need to start your stream first. Once your stream begins, you can then click on the countdown timer. You also need to make sure that at least one item, such as a background image, has already been added to the staging area. 

More Tips to Use the BeLive Timer Like a Pro 

  • Mute your mic to avoid unnecessary background noise during the countdown. 
  • Hide your camera and click on the arrow in the widget to expand the timer into full-screen mode.
  • Start the broadcast a few minutes before your scheduled time and start the timer. If you scheduled your broadcast, people already know when you’re going live, but starting the timer will encourage people who came early to stay and wait for the show to begin.

You don’t have to use the Timer just for the intro as well. It can be used as a countdown for games, cooking shows, and promotional offers for your live selling episode!

Have you used a stream countdown timer before? How was your experience? Which option do you like best? 

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