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Building Your Personal Brand as a Coach: The Ultimate Guide

In this era, where a simple search can lead someone straight to your LinkedIn profile, personal branding becomes less of a choice and more of a necessity. This push to “productize yourself” is more than a trend—it’s becoming a digital necessity. Some may agree, and some may not.

However, beyond the buzzwords, what does personal branding entail, especially for coaches or solo business ventures? Read on to learn more about it.

What is Personal Branding and Why it’s Important

Personal branding involves strategically crafting and presenting yourself in the digital world, beyond just showcasing achievements and skills. It includes creating a compelling narrative that connects with your intended audience, and this narrative is what sets you apart.

This process is closely linked to the idea of value creation in a one-person business model. Ultimately, personal branding is about establishing a unique image that lays the groundwork for a successful digital business.

Recently, I have come across Dan Koe’s YouTube video, and as a solo business owner, I have come to many realizations. Some of the ideas he shared are powerful reminders of the vast opportunities we, as individuals, have on the internet. Especially on how we can differentiate ourselves in the market and never run out of “work” to do, no matter the state of the economy.

Here’s a summary of Dan Koe’s value creation framework:

Value Creation Framework: Purpose > Path > Priority

  • Purpose – To inspire a behavior change, you must highlight a problem and offer a solution or goal. You offer a purpose when you identify a problem in someone’s life.
  • Path – Clarity is vital once a problem is established and a potential solution is introduced. It provides a clear path, avoiding chaos and anxiety.
  • Priority – The problem should be important for the individual to take notice and action.

So, how do these concepts relate to personal branding? This framework will help you solidify your brand and business in the digital world. Clearly articulating these things guides you on what you need to say or do on social media to be recognized as a value creator in people’s lives.

“When you identify a problem in someone’s life, you offer a purpose.” – Dan Koe

Personal Branding Strategy for Coaches: Designing a Pathway to Influence

Crafting a unique personal brand isn’t just an overnight project. It requires planning, introspection, constant adaptation, and an authentic touch.

Here’s a tailored roadmap for coaches seeking to elevate their personal brand:

Know Your Core Identity

Your brand is an extension of your beliefs, passions, and expertise.

Core Values: What do you want out of life? What should your business stand for? 

Unique Offerings: What distinct skills or perspectives can you bring? Is it marketable? Does it solve a problem? Is it giving value to other people?

Drive: Is a particular coaching method or philosophy propelling you? Or do you like to earn more money? (no shame in that!).

Articulate Your Brand Voice

Consistency in communication distinguishes standout personal brands. The word “authentic” gets thrown around so much that it almost loses its essence. What’s truly meant by authenticity is the courage to share your unique ideas, stories, and experiences.

The world resonates with those who dare to deviate from the norm and carve their own path to success. Your brand should echo these sentiments.

At its heart, being genuine means honoring and showcasing your core beliefs, values, and experiences. It’s about presenting a version of yourself that, while polished for your brand, remains unerringly true to who you are.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Tonal Consistency: Are you more of an encourager, a straight-shooter, or a mentor? Decide on a consistent tone.
  • Language Palette: Choose words that resonate with your audience, considering your coaching sector.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK

A good example is Mark Manson, who wrote the popular book “The Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” If you’ve watched some of his YouTube videos, you know that the book stays true to how he talks and communicates. His personal brand is the entire statement of this book – he literally does not give a fluff.

💡 Quick tip: to know your brand’s “voice,” you can copy-paste your content on ChatGPT and ask what your voice is. It will give you insights into how you talk or write. Save it in your task management tool, so you can easily reference it in the future. Now, ChatGPT can help you write stuff in your own voice!

Start Creating Content! (Become a Content Creator)

Every person building a business online is now encouraged to act like a “media agency.” It’s no longer enough to just do a few posts and call it a day. If you want to stand out, you need to become a content creator who is consistent in showing up.

Here are some starting points:

  • Educative Insights: Share knowledge snippets, perhaps from the latest research or even your anecdotal experience! Sometimes, anecdotal experiences are the ones going viral.
  • Motivational Chronicles: Everyone loves a good transformation story. Showcase testimonials or share personal growth tales of yourself or your client.
  • Interactive Initiatives: Engage through live streams, challenges, or thought-provoking questions.

Foster Genuine Connections

Your audience seeks more than content; they seek connection.

  • Active Interactions: Proactively engage in discussions or debates about your niche rather than waiting for comments.
  • Open Platforms: Host monthly AMAs or live feedback sessions. This not only provides insights but portrays transparency.
  • Connect with other creators: Networking is a powerful force, especially as a coach and a budding content creator. Other content creators are not your competitors, they are your collaborators. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a big following to be successful. Even a hundred loyal followers is enough to generate some sort of buzz around your content and even earn from it. Use your free content to create a following and later on monetize your audience with your services.

Start Live Streaming as a Coach

Adapt and Refine: The Continuous Growth Curve

Your personal brand is evolutionary, not static. To keep things fresh and relatable, check in with your audience occasionally. Maybe do a quick survey or use nifty tools to see what’s clicking. Keep an eye on how well your content’s doing, and don’t be shy about making a few changes here and there.

@kmrobinsonlife Social media is like cooking, not baking… The recipe for success is different from person to person and can be adjusted as you go. Test things out, see how it resonates with your audience and then lean into what they gravitate toward. Add more of what works for you, pull back on what’s clouding your messaging. Test things out and go by what works…just like in cooking. There’s no strict recipe like there is in baking. Listen to your audience and flavor your content to make them beg for more! #influencertip #contentcreatortip ♬ Karma – Taylor Swift

Personal Branding on Social Media: Making an Impact Where It Counts

Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Think of LinkedIn not just as your online CV, but as a dynamic stage to showcase your expertise. Dive deep into thought leadership by penning articles, voice your take on hot industry topics, and network with genuine intent. Remember, it’s about putting forth the professional ‘you’ with a personal touch.

Personal Branding on Instagram

Instagram is where visuals do the talking. Build a consistent theme that resonates with your brand’s essence. Use Stories to give a glimpse of the daily grind, and let your posts narrate your brand’s journey. Engage, reply, and connect through comments – make your audience feel seen and heard.

Personal Branding on YouTube

YouTube is the space where personalities come alive (especially on YouTube Shorts). Whether it’s a how-to guide, a day in your life, or simply sharing your thoughts on a trending topic, make sure your content adds value. And hey, those comments below your video? They’re gold. Engage, thank, and build a community of loyal viewers. Growing a YouTube channel is difficult, but it’s worth it in the long run!

Personal Branding Examples

K.M.’s Robinson: The Go-To Expert of Authors

K.M. Robinson isn’t merely an author; she’s a beacon for aspiring writers and an amazing social media expert, too! Her willingness to share her journey and provide writing resources positions her as an expert. She consistently posts YouTube videos and live streams for authors to consume, all for free!

KM Robinson: The Go-to-Expert for Authors

Lesson: A generous spirit, paired with genuine expertise, can cement your brand’s credibility.

Ella Glasgow: The Virtual Event Producer

Ella Glasgow has created a dual purpose for her live streams. Her talk show doesn’t just dispense business insights; it doubles as a canvas showcasing her abilities in creating virtual events. 

The Business Breakout by Ella Glasgow

Lesson: Marrying content with a demonstration of your skill can amplify your brand’s impact.

The Bird’s Papaya: The Realest Woman on Instagram

On a platform like Instagram, where everyone looks perfect, The Bird’s Papaya stands out with her unfiltered tales of motherhood and self-image. 

The Bird's Papaya on Instagram

Lesson: Authentic storytelling can create deep connections, setting your brand apart in a saturated space.

Building Your Personal Brand with Live Streaming

Live streaming has revolutionized the way coaches connect with their audience. Platforms like Be.Live, tailored for coaches, simplify the process. Open your browser, and you’re all set to host a session. 

Here’s how live streaming can be a tool to engage with your audience and give them value:

  • Immediate Engagement: Interact in real-time, address concerns, and get instant feedback. This live conversation deepens your connection with your audience.
  • Showcase Expertise: Use live streaming for Q&A sessions or even workshops. Let your audience see the depth of your knowledge, fostering credibility.
  • Expand Reach: Share replays on other platforms. It’s not just about the live audience; it’s about all those who’ll watch later, expanding your influence.

Remember, value isn’t just in the content you provide but in the authentic connections you forge. Streaming makes these connections more tangible and immediate, amplifying the value you offer as a coach.

To Sum It Up

For coaches and solo entrepreneurs, personal branding is not merely about showcasing credentials or accomplishments; it’s about connecting deeply, genuinely, and authentically with anl audience.

By understanding the principles of value creation and integrating them into your personal brand strategy, you pave a golden path to sustainable success. With tools like live streaming at your fingertips and many platforms to choose from, there’s never been a better time to harness the power of digital branding. 

But remember, amidst all the strategies and tactics, the heart of a successful personal brand lies in its authenticity. Your brand is your story, and the world is eager to hear it. Stay true, stay consistent, and watch your influence grow.

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