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Can Zoom Stream To Facebook And YouTube At The Same Time?

Zoom has been increasing in popularity for private online meetings and webinars. It’s currently a popular choice to link to Facebook Live and has been used for YouTube Live as well. But can Zoom stream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time?

How to Connect Zoom to Facebook Live

To connect your Zoom to Facebook Live, you need to have a Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account.

If you’re planning to livestream your webinar, you need to have the Webinar app installed in the host’s account. Also, make sure that livestreaming to Facebook is enabled in your Zoom account. Follow the instructions here:

can zoom stream to facebook and youtube at the same time

To go live on Facebook with Zoom, follow the steps below:

  1. Once you’ve started your meeting or webinar, click on More in the Controls bar.
  2. Click on the Live on Facebook button. A pop up will appear for you to log in to Facebook.
  3. Choose what group or page you would like to livestream to, then click Next.
  4. You can start your webinar once Zoom notifies you that you’re already live on Facebook.
  5. The live will end when you stop your Zoom meeting. You can also end it manually by clicking on Stop Streaming in Zoom.

zoom to facebook live

How to Go Live on YouTube with Zoom

To go live on YouTube from Zoom, you need to enable the streaming to YouTube as shown in the previous section for Facebook. You also need a verified account to be able to livestream on the platform. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to verify your YouTube account.

When you’re all set, you can stream your Zoom session to YouTube Live. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Start a Zoom meeting or webinar, then click on More in the Control bar.
  2. Choose Live on YouTube from the options, then you will be prompted to log in to your YouTube account.
  3. Once you authenticate your channel with your registered Google account, you will be prompted to input your live stream title and your broadcast’s privacy settings.
    • Public – anyone can view the live.
    • Unlisted – no one will be able to search for the video except the people you share the link to.
    • Private – the live will be searchable but will only be viewable for people you share the link to.
  4. After clicking on Go Live!, you will see a progress bar to indicate the linking of your Zoom session to YouTube. Begin your webinar once Zoom notifies you that the session is already live on YouTube.
  5. The stream automatically ends when you end the Zoom session. You may also end it manually by clicking on More then Stop Live Stream in the controls bar.

zoom to youtube live

How to Stream Your Zoom to Facebook and YouTube Simultaneously

Based on the previous sections, you can stream your Zoom webinar to Facebook and YouTube. However, you can’t stream to both at the same time natively. This means you need to use a third-party tool to go live on both platforms from Zoom.

Set up a third-party tool that can go live to other platforms simultaneously using the RTMP URL, stream key, and YouTube URL. It’s a complicated process that may require a longer time to understand and set up.

Livestreaming to Facebook and YouTube Simultaneously with BeLive

If you’re not too confident in simulcasting your webinar to multiple platforms through Zoom, there is another way to stream your webinar. You can air your show to both Facebook and YouTube at the same time using BeLive. And it has a shorter learning curve!


To go live on the two sites using BeLive, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to BeLive. Then in the studio, choose the Facebook page or group as one destination and your YouTube channel as another.
  2. If you plan to schedule your stream ahead of time, turn on the Schedule Stream toggle and choose the date and time.
  3. For YouTube, set the privacy settings.
  4. Upload a photo featured image.
  5. Update your show’s title and description.
  6. Click on Save.
  7. Once you’re ready, click on the Start button to start livestreaming to both platforms.

Wondering when you can use Zoom or BeLive for your content? Check out this comparative post on the two tools.

Send the Guest Link to your guests for them to join you before and even during the show. Watch this tutorial clip on how to simulcast your stream to both Facebook and YouTube.

Interested in trying out this method? Sign up with BeLive now and experience all its awesome features for 14 days for FREE!

Does this article answer your question? Tell us how it helped you set up your multi-destination livestream below.


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