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Canceled Speaking Engagements? Coaches Can Continue Earning With Live Streams

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic is changing the way people do things. From meetings to workouts, grocery shopping to even socializing (which is almost remote now), things have indeed changed.

And as more cases continue to climb all over the world, a huge number of speaking engagements had to either be relocated, postponed, or even outright canceled. Aside from major conferences, individual revenues of personal coaches have also been affected.

So what do we do now?

Continue Earning Amidst Canceled Engagements Due to COVID-19

Safety and health are, of course, a top priority. However, that doesn’t mean you have to just throw in the towel and suffer your losses. And for those that have taken weeks, or even months, of preparations, this can be a nightmare!

So, as more mass events and gatherings continue to shut down due to COVID-19, many companies are recreating this experience online. And one of the best way to connect with people, even in the midst of this health crisis, is live streaming.

Rethinking Conferences with BeLive

Transitioning your events from auditoriums and stadiums to live streams can actually be the best alternative. You can safely, effectively, and even more economically connect and engage with your community. In fact, you may learn that this is a better alternative–even after the pandemic blows over.

Increased Scalability and Reach

If before, in a physical event, your attendees are limited to location, now, with live streaming solutions such as BeLive, you can scale your event globally. You can reach more people and grow your community stream after stream.

Increased Audience Engagement

With online live streaming, your attendees can easily engage with you through online polls, comments, feedback forms, and other means. It’s easier for them to access your live broadcast. You can also ensure engagement much easily and you may even stream to various online platforms.



Easy and Secure Paid Model

Whether you’re planning to hold a webinar or a virtual summit, you can charge attendees the same way you would in physical events through secured online payment methods.

You can gate them with live streaming conferences through various means, such as creating a special closed Facebook group consisting of people who signup and register for your event. Aside from this, there are many other ways you can accommodate a paid model with secure payment features, for example, a Facebook paid event.

Offline Rehearsals

You can practice your speech or even rundown. You can do this through offline recording in BeLive.

Another option is to create a closed group with your team where you can do a test broadcast and get feedback on your practice show so you can perfect it before you go live.

Real-Time Feedback

You can better connect and engage with your audience through live streaming events. In fact, with BeLive, you can respond to your audience in real-time. For example, you can display on your stream your viewer’s comments as they appear. You may even easily respond to them by acknowledging your audience members as you talk.

There are many creative ways you can engage with your audience better than when you’re on a podium–it’s even as if you’re all sitting together in a living room.

Event Analytics

Easily and more immediately get feedback and insights on how your online event went. With traditional or physical events, when you had to pay additional costs for getting reporting done. Many online alternatives provide full-event analytics as part of the platform features or the subscription package.

Find out how you can leverage live streaming and BeLive to monetize your message from author and inspirational speaker, Kary Oberbrunner.

This is an unprecedented time. Therefore, we have to be creative with how we’re going to keep our business and events running.

To help our own community and those who are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, BeLive has prepared some initiatives. Check this resource to know more.

We understand how difficult it is to be a professional speaker right now with so many events that have been canceled due to the Coronavirus. We would like to help out by making sure you get access to tools like BeLive, so you can continue helping your community with your content in the safety of your own homes. Hopefully, we can help you out continue to earn income during these difficult times.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support team via the site or email them at They are available 24/7 to help you out! Sign up for a BeLive account here.


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