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4 Ways Live Streamers Can Help Their Communities During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, getting the right information is crucial to everyone staying at home for quarantine or social distancing. Fortunately, various outlets, groups, and individuals can share news safely without risking COVID-19 infection through live streaming.

Our own BeLivers have been diligently been going live to show how their own community is dealing with the health threat.

Here are some BeLive live streams worth watching for information about COVID-19.

COVID-19 News

The Oregonian shares relevant information and news in Portland and around Oregon. For the past few weeks, they have been consistently updating their followers with live streams about the COVID-19 situation in the area and around the country.

Some of their live streams include US President Donal Trump’s press conference about the nation’s coronavirus situation as well as other official announcements by the Department of Health.


Vice President Mike Pence gives a briefing about the US’ COVID-19 situation.

Interviews with Doctors

Aside from news updates, the general public is also looking for reassurance from the medical field. With the extremely high infection rate, people need to know what they should do to avoid and limit spreading the virus in their communities.

The virus can stay on your hands for up to 10 minutes but a lot can happen within that time frame. So The Oregonian chatted with Dr. Esther Choo to talk about how to break the habit of touching your face to reduce the risk of infection.

Science Made Simple interviews Dr. Richard Stanton, a viral immunologist from Cardiff University in this live stream to answer common questions about COVID-19 in the UK.

Sharyl Truty MD & Arlene Aquino APRN of Balanced Physician Care share their medical perspective on the coronavirus pandemic during their live stream from Jacksonville, FL.

Wondering how to take care of your children during this crisis? Watch this interview by MyLifeSuckers with pediatrician Dr. Song on here.

Traveling has been greatly hampered by this worldwide health crisis. That’s why Wanderful asked Dr. Nadeen White, a physician and travel blogger, to share her insights about traveling during this period.

Because the novel coronavirus is quite deadly for the elderly, Being Patient spoke with Dr. James Ellison on the pandemic’s effect on the people with dementia. Watch the show below.

Interviews with People Affected by the Coronavirus

It isn’t only the medical field that should be heard in this situation.

With more than a hundred thousand people affected worldwide, patients and people who went through the ordeal are also a great source of information. Live streaming helped individuals share their stories without risking infection or violating quarantine guidelines.

The Oregonian was able to interview a couple of people who were directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

A healed patient from the Diamond Princess shared her experience being treated for the coronavirus disease. On the other hand, Oregonian comedian, Frank King talked about the stigma he received after disembarking another Asian cruise ship despite not being positive of the virus.

Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional Support

The focus has mainly been on the medical side of the novel coronavirus pandemic but not a lot of people have thought about the other aspects. The mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of confirmed patients, suspected individuals, or just those taking precautions by staying at home should also be addressed.

Fortunately, many BeLivers are giving support remotely through live streams.

The Tapping Mama addressed the anxiety and fear this situation has brought into people’s lives. She also discussed some ways to ease those negative emotions which may also cause stress and fatigue.

Star Nations, meanwhile, discussed what you can do to heal your soul amidst the crisis. Ed Langan of LIFE Wisdom also shared tips on how to release fear from the body through tapping.

Churches are turning to live streaming to connect with their congregation from their homes as well. GOD TV wants to encourage viewers with some scripture despite what’s happening around the world right now.

Watch Ron Cantor share his insights in the GOD TV broadcast below!

It’s difficult to comfort each other during this time of crisis. Fortunately, video calling and live streaming allow us to stay connected with family, friends, and the rest of the world without risking infection.

How have you been coping up with the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you or anyone you know directly affected by this health crisis?

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