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How To Establish Your Brand On YouTube Using BeLive


Live video has become one of the most effective methods of marketing for organizations to attract and engage with more followers.

It’s an effective marketing tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals. That’s because more and more people prefer to watch videos and broadcasts to know more about a product or cause. According to Hubspot, 53% of people surveyed in 2018 prefer to watch videos from brands they follow while 83% watch those clips on YouTube.

But with so many people going live right now, how can you establish your brand and get noticed? Establishing your brand in every video and post is the key to boost your branding.

Here are a few useful tips on how you can boost your branding on YouTube using Be.Live!

Add a Custom Logo or Watermark

Your brand has a better chance of being remembered if you have a unique logo or watermark. Use this logo on all your products, website, letterheads, and of course, videos.

Going live with a custom logo or watermark will help viewers identify your brand. See it often enough and people will eventually recognize it as your branding.

You can go live on both Facebook and YouTube with a custom logo when you use Be.Live. Upload your logo in Studio2 to apply it into your broadcast. You can also change it to another logo or image during the actual live stream. Check out this tutorial to learn how you can change your logo for your YouTube live.

If you’re not Photoshop-savvy, Canva can be a great tool to create your logo. You can choose from a template of designs and customize it according to your preferred colors, font, and image.

 Customize Your Background

Like the logo, you can establish your brand with your background image. By choosing a specific color or image, more people will be able to associate that with your branding in time.

On Studio2, you can choose the colors you want to associate with your brand. Another great way to establish your branding is to choose an overlay or border.

Be.Live offers overlays and themes you can choose from to make give your broadcast a more personalized touch. But if you have your own design, simply upload it to the studio and use it when you go live.


Create a Video Intro or Outro

What’s better than a customized logo and background to establish your brand? A customized intro or outro!

Give your viewers an overview of what you do with an intro video. That way, you won’t have to introduce yourself to first-time viewers over and over again. In addition, you can also share your call to action in an outro video to wrap up your broadcast. (6)

How can you do that in a live broadcast? With Be.Live, you can upload a video up to 100 mb for your intro or outro.  You can show videos in the middle of your broadcast as well. This is a great feature for ads or short clips to help you expound your topic.

You can use a YouTube intro maker or upload a short video during your YouTube live with Be.Live smoothly with this tutorial.

Watch this video by Steven Healey on how to create overlays for your live broadcast on YouTube using Be.Live.

Are you planning to go live on YouTube? Be.Live’s design customization features will help you strengthen your branding.

Start going live on YouTube with Be.Live now for FREE! Here’s a useful guide on how to go live on YouTube with Be.Live!



  1. […] of the best ways to establish branding for your live videos on YouTube is to create and use your own logo during your broadcast. With […]

  2. […] of the best ways to establish branding for your live videos on YouTube is to create and use your own logo during your broadcast. With […]

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