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How To Use Live Video To Get Leads For Your Coaching Business

Whether you’re sharing your expertise on business, health and wellness, life balance, or sales, you need to market yourself well for your coaching business to grow. What better way to do that than by interacting with people – both your followers and potential leads – in a live video?

Marketing Your Coaching Business with Live Streaming

The live streaming community has been steadily growing and it’s not just benefiting gamers and celebrities. More and more coaches utilize this marketing tool to widen their reach and increase their lead generation.

But how exactly can you get more leads through live streaming? Check out these practical tips to integrate into your next live show!

Go Live Consistently

Whether you’re doing live shows on a public page or in a private group of paying customers, you need to be set a schedule and stick to it! If you go live at a set day and time of the week, your followers will know when to expect to see you. Your existing followers will then be able to recommend your show to other potential clients.

Followers will appreciate the consistency. They will see your dedication to giving advice and speaking with your audience.

To build the Higdon Group, Ray Higdon started out by going live literally every day for years! By being consistent with his videos, he was able to reach the success he’s experiencing right now.

You can do that as well. BeLive’s scheduler allows you to announce your upcoming show on Facebook. Interested viewers can also set a reminder for it. If you’re broadcasting on YouTube, reach out to our support to activate the scheduler feature for the platform.

Come Up with a Title that Answers Questions

The first thing people will encounter with your video is through the title. That’s why it’s important to write your title as an answer to a possible question.

When people go on Google or YouTube to search, they usually look for answers to their questions. To catch their attention, your title must answer the questions they want to ask and connect with them emotionally.

Even after a live ends, it can still rank high in searches if it has a click-worthy title. This live by Lesley Notton, The Marketing and Mindset Coach used a title that answered her viewers’ concerns about branding in.


Lesley Notton, The Marketing & Mindset Coach

Include Relevant Links in Your SEO-Friendly Caption

To get more leads, you need to visible in searches. Having an awesome title is one thing, but your live show will rank higher in searches through the caption.

Include relevant keywords and links in your video’s description. This will help people easily look for your live even after it ends

If you have a special class you want to promote, adding it in the caption also helps encourage people to join. Of course, it should be partnered with a call to action so your viewers will know what they need to do to join your coaching class.

Invite Experts as Guests

If you’re just starting out with your coaching business, your credibility and authenticity are the most important things to establish. Aside from consistently doing shows, inviting experts as guests can also help.

Not only will you be able to share valuable information with your viewers, you can also reach out to your guests’ followers. You’ll be promoting your guest to your followers and vice versa! You’ll essentially drive traffic into each other’s pages. It’s a win-win situation!

BeLive’s Studio2 lets you invite up to 3 guests plus you as the host on your show. You also get to choose and change the layout of your videos during the broadcast. If you have more guests coming in, they can wait in the lobby until it’s their turn to speak.

You won’t need too many preparations either. You just need to share the guest link to the person you’re interviewing. Once they enter join you through the link, you’re good to go! (3)

Talk About Upcoming Events in Short Live Videos

If you have a paid event or live coaching session coming up, go live on your page to promote it. Try tying it up with one of your scheduled live shows or set aside a special session for it. You can use this broadcast as a teaser of that event to entice your audience to join it.

Another way to use your live video to attract more potential clients is to repurpose it into smaller clips for posting on social media.

Start a Challenge

According to Kary Oberbrunner, author and inspirational speaker, one of the ways you can monetize your live stream is to start a challenge. Whether it’s a week-long or month-long challenge, your goal should be to have your viewers find value in what you’re doing.

You may include giveaways to encourage viewers to complete your challenge. By the end of it, you would be encouraging engagement and building loyalty with your followers.

Watch BeLive’s LiveCon to see Kary talk about challenges here!

Are you starting from scratch with your coaching business on Facebook Live? Watch Alina Vincent of Business Success Edge share tips on how to start attracting leads on Facebook.

Getting more leads for your coaching business doesn’t need to be a struggle. By confidently and consistently going live on either Facebook or YouTube, you’ll be able to attract more potential clients!

Are you planning to go live on Facebook or YouTube now? Sign up with BeLive for FREE NOW and enjoy all its awesome features!


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