Integrating Chatbots With Live Stream To Boost Engagement
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Integrating Chatbots With Live Stream To Boost Engagement

Boost your viewer engagement by integrating chatbots with your live stream! Here how chatbots can help you in promoting your show, interacting with your audience, and retargeting them after the broadcast.

What Is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated messaging system to help you connect with potential customers for your business or organization. It sends automated messages, replies, and even broadcast texts to people who are interested enough to message your page.

Why You Need a Bot for Your Live Stream

If you’re going live to generate qualified leads for your business, then activating a chatbot is a great idea.

Chatbots help you get your message to your viewers faster, especially when you have a limited workforce and promote your live show. You don’t have to manually send a chat to every interested person watching your live video.

With a chatbot, you can set up a keyword or phrase that your watchers can type into the comments section if they’re interested in your topic.

For example, you want to gather the emails of interested viewers for ads retargeting. You can ask your audience to type “yes” if they’re interested in a free guide to your live webinar. The bot will then ask the viewer to opt-in to collect their email and send a link to the guide. Those who opted-in will receive notifications of your live streams in the future as well.

With a chatbot, you don’t have to wait for them to take action. You can deliver the information your audience needs at the peak of their curiosity. All that while you focus on running the show and delivering your message while live.

What Problems Do Bots Solve

What Problems Do Bots Solve

There are many problems chatbots can solve when it comes to improving audience engagement during a live show, such as:

Reach More People

You can automate a part of your promotion for your live streams through a chatbot.

With a bot, you can create a sequence that will promote your upcoming show to subscribers or your warm audience. The sequence also offers an option for people to opt-in for future notifications. Every time a new audience encounters your page and sends you a message about the show, they will be added to your bot’s subscribers’ list for gurue notifications.

Saves You Time

The bot sends pre-loaded answers to commonly asked questions, saving you time in answering them over and over during a live show. The basic who, what, when, where, why, and how queries can be covered by the bot through direct messaging so you can just jump in for more complicated questions while live. This is especially helpful for influencers or businesses with a high viewership.

You can simply set up your bot pick to pick up on common questions by inputting keywords. The bot will then send the answer to the viewer once he or she types a question containing the keyword in the comments section of your live stream.

Gives Customers Immediate Attention

Chatbots give potential customers immediate attention even when you’re pre-occupied with your show to attend to queries in the comments section. This helps lessen disgruntled customers who want to be attended to right away. A chatbot can send them a helpful resource link for a simple issue. It can also send files, sign up forms, and more to your audience.

BeLive’s Live Sales Link can also do that when you use it for selling during your broadcast.

Saves You Money

You don’t need to hire someone else to monitor the comments on the show constantly, saving you a ton of costs.

Automation, in general, helps you save money by simplifying a workflow. And using a chatbot to interact with potential customers during a live broadcast certainly simplifies your customer experience workflow.

Easier Feedback Gathering

Some people don’t really give feedback for a product, service, or live show, especially if a business doesn’t actively ask for it. But feedbacks are important for a business to improve!

With a chatbot, you can automate ratings, reviews, and other customer feedback after completing a transaction after your live show. You can also customize the ratings form to reflect a specific aspect of your business.

Chatbots You Can Use

Chatbots You Can UseManyChat

ManyChat is a popular Facebook Messenger chatbot that you can connect to a live stream even with a free account.

You can set up a welcome message, send broadcasts, create a sequence, and more with ease through its visual flow builder. It also gives you an array of growth tools where you can monitor how well your post is doing. You can check out insights like opt-ins, impressions, and conversion rates.

You can actually do a lot with its free account, but upgrading to the Pro version allows you to engage with up to 500 subscribers for $10 a month plus access to the following features:

  • Unlimited growth tools
  • Unlimited audience segmentation
  • Email sending and integration to CRM, email marketing, etc
  • SMS sending
  • A/B testing
  • Advanced automation, and more

How to Set It Up for Live Streaming

To integrate Manychat with your live broadcast, you will need to schedule your show on Facebook first.

Once you’ve got your broadcast link, you can now use Manychat to promote your live show before it actually airs, improve engagement during the broadcast, and convert leads afterward.

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to maximize Manychat for your Facebook Live show by Camera Confidence Coach Molly Mahoney.


Founded in 2015, ChatFuel has been gaining popularity recently. Like ManyChat, it also has a user-friendly interface. You can also connect it to Facebook Messenger to set up campaigns, broadcasts, and other message sequences.

However, you can’t send attachments and the bot also doesn’t have a built-in emoji keyboard or a “tag” feature. It also doesn’t have additional marketing tools like popup boxes, floating bars, or page takeovers. On the other hand, it can send random responses to a user’s message, which makes it sound more natural and human-like.

ChatFuel’s free plan is limited to 50 users so if you have a lot of followers, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro Plan at $15 per month for unlimited users.

How to Set It Up for Live Streaming

You can use ChatFuel to set up a registration sequence for those who would like a reminder for your live stream. Here’s a tutorial on how to create a messenger bot sequence for your upcoming live show using ChatFuel.


You can set up ManyChat and ChatFuel to help you promote your show before it airs, respond to certain keywords during the stream, and retarget the audience you gathered after you click on stop. As for the question of which bot to use, it depends on what you need for your live stream and business in general. Figure out what you need for your business to know which features fit your needs the best.

Which chatbot catches your eye? How will you use them for your next live broadcast? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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