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How to Live Stream With Multiple Cameras With Be.Live

We can live stream with multiple cameras when we host a Be.Live Pro broadcast.

The Multicam feature allows you to connect multiple cameras and switch between different angles during your broadcast. When using multiple cameras, you’re able to show your audience what you’re currently doing. It is handy for showing various activities such as:

  • craft workshops
  • product demonstrations
  • instructional videos

In addition to speaking to the camera, you can show demonstrations using a second or third camera.

Broadcasting Solo

When broadcasting solo, we use just our primary camera. When we start, it’s usually our computer’s internal camera; then we will add an external camera as we gain experience.

With the BeLive Pro package, we can broadcast at high resolution.


My primary camera.

Broadcasting with Two Cameras

When we use two or more cameras in our broadcasts, we can switch between them to give viewers a different perspective. Our broadcasts become more professional.

In this example, I am using my external Logitech Brio camera and the internal camera on my Microsoft Surface Book 2.

To do this, I add my first camera using the Add Camera icon, configure the camera. I repeat the same steps to add the second camera.

multiple-cameras-beliveI can then use the two cameras side by side, picture in picture or solo, either one. Here’s a helpful article on how to use multiple cameras for your broadcast.


This is footage from my second camera.


This is how it looks like with both cameras on screen.

On Location, Two Cameras in the Kitchen

For my next setup, I moved my portable and the external microphone into the kitchen. I placed my external camera on a tripod and directed the camera to the worktop surface.


Camera facing my workstation.

I was then able to appear on the screen and show the worktop to create a culinary masterpiece.


This is a dual set-up of my primary camera and my work station.


Tripods give freedom in positioning our second camera. I use a ZOMEi Aluminum Tripod, but there are thousands of tripods we can use.

The Logitech C920. C922 and other cameras have a screw attachment which is visible on the underside. Attach the tripod to the camera using the screw to keep it stable.

The Logitech Brio, however, hides the screw location. This short video explains how to access it. How to Screw Logitech Brio Webcam on a Tripod Mount is here.

On Location, Three Cameras in the Garden

I moved my equipment into the conservatory and used the external camera on a tripod to show the garden while focusing the internal camera towards me.

Usually, my rear camera on the portable displays everything behind the pc. However, it now looked out through the door over the garden path. Then, I added the rear camera in the same way as the first two.

Three camera setup using my external webcams.

I now had three cameras on screen. I could tell my stories and show the live feeds from the garden.

  • Camera 1 Laptop rear camera
  • Camera 2 Logitech Brio.
  • Camera 3 Laptop front camera.

Camera facing the garden.

Camera facing the garden path.

My Multicam Adventure

In writing this blog post, I experimented with the Multi-cam feature. Follow my adventure in the video below:

Bringing Broadcasts to Life

We have explored the benefits of using more than one camera when hosting a broadcast.

We can broadcast from anywhere within our premises through multiple cameras and show the world around us whilst live.

Using the features described above, we can bring our live broadcasts to life by telling stories and illustrating them.

Please let me know how you use the Multi Cam features of BeLive Pro below.

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