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How To Show Slides On Facebook Live

Showing your presentation is an important part of webinars. There are a few ways to do this. Here’s how to show slides on Facebook Live through Live Producer and BeLive.

How to Show Your Slides on Facebook Live

The first way is to go live on Facebook using Facebook Live only. The second way is to go live on Facebook using BeLive and use all the BeLive Studio features.

Both systems have the facility to schedule your broadcast up to seven days in advance.

Facebook’s Live Producer allows you to share your screen, so you’ll be able to show your presentation. However, you either have to share your screen or appear on the video. You can’t do both at the same time.

Here’s how to share your slides using Live Producer:

Step 1: On your Facebook Page, press the Live button on the left under Create Post. The screen switches to the Live Producer.

Step 2: On the Live Producer page, add a title and description for your broadcast.

Step 3: Open a new tab and select the Google slides you will share in the broadcast and then return to Live Producer.

share slides on facebook live

On the right of the screen, select Use Camera select Start Screen Share of your entire screen. The screen you chose to share appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. When you go live the screen share will fill the screen.

share screen on Facebook

Step 4: Press the Go Live button. After the countdown, the broadcast will go live on Facebook.

Step 5: You can now switch to the Google slide tab, which you are screen sharing. Press View in the menu and select Present. Step through the slides one by one and talk about them.

share presentation on facebook live

Step 6: At the end of your presentation, return to the Live Producer tab and Stop the Broadcast. You can use the same procedure to go live on your profile or in a Facebook group.

Here’s a step-by-step guide in this video:


Showing Slides on Facebook Live Using BeLive

With BeLive, you can screen share and appear on the screen at the same time.

You can be picture-in-picture or side-by-side. Or full screen with a voice-over. You can also invite two guests to join you on camera as a split-screen broadcast. You can then discuss the slides as a group.

Being able to appear on screen with the slides engages your audience more. You can read viewer comments, feature them on screen, and create a memorable event. You have the benefits of two-way communication.

Here’s How to Share Your Slides on BeLive:

Step 1: Open a Chrome tab with the Google Slides you are going to use.

Step 2: Enter your BeLive Studio. Select Screen from the icons on the options on the studio’s left-hand side. Select the Google slides Chrome tab you are going to show. The Chrome tab will then appear in the staging area.

share screen to facebook live

Step 3: Bring the screen share on screen, bring your self on screen. Select picture-in-picture so that you are featured bottom right of the screen. You are now on-screen with the Google slides.

Step 4: Set the destination for your broadcast; you can schedule if you wish. Enter a title and description, if you are scheduling add an image and a date and time, finally press save.

Step 5: Start your broadcast when you are ready.

Step 6: You can now switch to the Google slide tab, which you are screen sharing. Press View in the menu and select Present. Step through the slides one by one and talk about them.

share screen with belive

At any time during your broadcast, you can go into your studio, bring comments on screen and switch to full screen on your camera. At the end of your presentation, stop the broadcast.

You can open the Google Slides in a new browser. Place the two browser windows side by side on your screen. Using two Chrome browsers enables you to control the slides more easily and quickly switch to your studio and back.

There are other ways to share your presentation on Facebook Live via BeLive, like:

The video below is a clip from a live broadcast and created using the BeLive Video Editor.

Compare this video with the previous one to see the difference using BeLive makes.


Do More Than Just Show Your Slides on Screen with BeLive

Facebook Live and BeLive take different approaches to slide sharing.

Facebook can share your slides with a voice-over. You can also download your video in a lower resolution. On the other hand, with BeLive you can:

  • Appear on-screen with the slide share. Use picture-in-picture or side by side.
  • Add two guests with you on screen.
  • Your guest can also share their screen.
  • Download the HD version of the broadcast for repurposing.
  • Use the BeLive Video Editor to create short video clips to promote your next show.

Give BeLive a try on your next broadcast to make your presentation more dynamic.

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