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Everything You Can Do With Split Screen Livestreaming

What exactly is split screen livestreaming and can you easily do it without the need for fancy equipment?

What Is Split Screen Livestreaming?

In the early days of livestreaming, transmissions can only record and show a video and audio simultaneously on one screen. But thanks to advances in technology, split screen livestreaming has become possible and content creators have been making the most of it by creating professional-looking videos.

But how does it work?

Split screen livestreaming is when the audience sees multiple sections on the broadcast.

With this feature, you can put up adjacent or intersecting visuals in one video. This is particularly useful for broadcasts where you need to simultaneously show several screens.

With the recent rise in live video statistics, using a split screen for broadcasts has become popular for streamers. Several livestreaming tools have incorporated it in their studios, making it easier to execute for content creators with limited technical knowledge.

What It Can Be Used For

Streamers have been making use of the split screen feature to make their broadcasts look more professional. And it’s not just confined to just two screens anymore.

Interview One or Multiple Guests

Traditionally, interviewing people for a live show can only happen if the guest is physically in the same room as the host. However, updates to livestreaming technology now allow hosts to talk with guests even when they’re in another country.live streaming trends

With this feature, you can host Q&As, live updates, and on-site reports. All the guest needs to have are;

  • A laptop
  • A webcam
  • Reliable internet

Inviting a guest to join you in a BeLive livestream is quite easy.

  1. Send the Guest Link to the person you want to bring on screen with you.
  2. Once they log-in using their Facebook or YouTube profile using a Chrome or Safari browser, they’ll join you in the lobby.
  3. When it’s time, push their video to staging to bring them on the screen with you.

Here’s a more detailed tutorial on how to add guests to your BeLive livestream.

Show Photos and Videos Onscreen

Split screen livestreaming isn’t limited to bringing people on screen either. You can also show multimedia files during a broadcast.

If you have an ad, video, or a few photos you want your audience to see, a split screen is the best way to do it. You can show your graphics while you talk about it during the broadcast.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to add media files to your show:


Practical Demonstrations

If your niche requires you to do demonstrations while live, having a multicam setup will help your video look more professional. One camera can show your face, another can show your work table, while a third would be focusing on another angle of your demonstration.

BeLive contributor and live video trainer Steven Healey created a practical blog post on how to handle a multicam setup with BeLive. Read the article here.

You can also share your screen to highlight presentations, reports, and even videos. Here’s how to screenshare with BeLive.

Live Selling

michelle-hess-live-sales-linkLive selling is growing in popularity right now. The Asian market has been practicing it for several years but the Western world only recently picked it up. Because most people have been forced to stay home due to the pandemic, selling products and services online became a popular option for entrepreneurs and business owners.

BeLive’s Live Sales feature allows you to show photos of your items on screen while you’re still there, complete with its product name, description, and price. You can also send the link on where to buy the items directly to the video’s comments section.

It’s not just for actual products either. Use it to send affiliate links, coaching courses, PDFs, and even game links!

How Useful Is a Split Screen Livestream?

With the split screen feature you can customize your livestreams to look more professional and visually appealing. Demonstrations are more interesting to look at, selling becomes easier, and sharing significant videos look even more appealing.

You can promote your brand and increase awareness for your products or cause by fully maximizing this feature.

You also improve interaction with your audience by letting them ask questions directly to your guests. They also help you generate potential leads by bring their own followers to the show.

Try split screen livestreaming now! Sign in to BeLive and invite guests, do a demonstration, or simply share a photo you like!

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