The Ultimate Guide for Scheduling and Crossposting Facebook Live
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How To Schedule and Crosspost Your Facebook Live

Why Schedule Your Broadcast?

Scheduling Facebook Live means that you can promote your broadcast before actually going live. Where crossposting Facebook Live video to other people’s business pages expands s your audience while you’re live.

I once asked David, my good friend, and fellow broadcaster, “How often should we go live?”

His answer reshaped my thinking about going live,” Go live when you feel like it.

I agree with David.

When the mood takes me, I use BeLive to broadcast onto my profile, business pages, or group and create video content.

Here’s how you can do the same for your live streams.

Scheduling Facebook Live with BeLive

You can schedule your stream with streaming software such as BeLive. Go straight to your BeLive Studio, enter the title and description of your live stream. Then select your destination(s) and press the go-live button.

The next step is regular BeLive broadcasts on your profile, page, in your group.

With a regular broadcast, you know the day and time you will go live. Letting your audience know in advance will increase your reach. Viewers can set a reminder on Facebook or Youtube.

Scheduling on BeLive is easy.

In your BeLive Studio, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the orange Set Destination button
  2. Select Facebook or Youtube
  3. Click Schedule Stream
  4. Click the Date and Time
  5. Set the Date and Time (Up to 7 days ahead)
  6. Select the business Page or Group you are broadcasting to
  7. Add a custom image (your show card)
  8. Set a Stream Title
  9. Add a Stream Description

That is everything you need f to know for going live on Facebook.

You can add a second Facebook destination or add Youtube. You do not need to add any more details.

Finally, press the Save button.

The video below illustrates the content in this blog post. Throughout the video are more ways of building your audience for your live BeLive broadcast.


BeLive sends Facebook the details. Facebook creates a promotional post on the destination you selected.

If you added Youtube, BeLive sends the same details to them.

I schedule 6 shows per week using the method above. I always add Youtube as a destination.

When you index your broadcasts well, people will discover them on Google and Youtube search.

Promoting Your Scheduled Live Show

I schedule one day in advance. I give the link to my guests so that they can promote and share the upcoming stream on their Facebook pages.

You can find a link to your scheduled live in the “My broadcasts” tab in your BeLive’s account. On the day, I share the post to my timeline.

Creating the post in advance of your broadcast helps.

Here are some practical ways to promote your scheduled Facebook Live broadcast.

  1. Promote your broadcast in advance

You can share the post to other Facebook destinations, send out tweets, post it to multiple pages and add it to a Pinterest board. You can share to Instagram or write a blog post.

  1. Viewers can set reminders
  2. Crosspost to other Facebook pages

With crossposted live videos to other business pages, you can reach different audiences. You can arrange cross-posting with any other business page. The only information you need is the other pages link or URL.

Make arrangements with pages that are active. Pages where people visit and engage. There is no benefit in crossposting to a page people do not view.

To crosspost your Facebook Live Streams, take note of the following steps:

  1. Select Settings on your Facebook page
  2. Select Cross-Posting
  3. Paste the URL where it says Add Page
  4. Follow the steps given on the page.

Promoting Your Scheduled Live Show

When the page you want to crosspost to confirms, you are ready to crosspost your broadcasts.

The process is manual. You select WHEN you wish to crosspost.

Follow these simple steps to activate your post:

  1. Select the video post that Facebook creates.
  2. In the bottom right-hand corner, you will see a button ‘broadcaster only – Edit Your Details’
  3. Click the button to be taken to Creator Studio.
  4. In Creator Studio. Select cross-posting. A box will appear; you can choose any or all the pages which have arrangements.Promoting Your Scheduled Live Show

You must do this each time you schedule a new broadcast. When you go live on your business page, you will go live on all the selected pages.

Editor’s Note: You need to log in through your Facebook Business page ( to be able to crosspost your live show to other pages.

Why Crossposting Facebook Live?

Crossposting gives you new audiences and increases your REACH. The idea is for more people to watch you when you go live and to view the replay.

Sharing the Facebook post to your profile, your groups, or your pages work well. Sharing on the day of the broadcast means people will see the shared post in their Facebook timeline. 

Watch Party vs. Crossposting

You can create Watch Parties using your broadcasts. Invite friends to watch with you. You can then discuss the video in the comments while you watch the video.

We can create Watch Parties after we go live. They are a useful way of attracting people to watch the recording.

You can start Watch Parties on your profile, business page, or in a group after your start live video. Watch the video in this blog post to discover more about them.

You can combine Watch Parties and Crossposting to increase your audience.

Crossposting places your video on other people’s pages.  Watch parties take place on your profile, pages, or groups.


Everything above can increase the number of people who watch your broadcast.

After your broadcast is finished and real time conversation is over, do your best and try and visit each crossposted, shared, and watch party’s post to answer all the questions people have asked in the comments to your stream. Add at least one reply to thank people for watching.

This is how social media works – every comment you make can increase engagement and therefore expand your audience.

Sign up with BeLive today to try going live



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