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Thing’s To Should Avoid During Your Live Stream

What makes a successful live stream show? What rules must every live streamer follow for an awesome broadcast?

Live broadcasts aren’t always perfect. Unexpected issues will arise whether you like it or not. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare for every live broadcast. You’ve probably heard of tips on how to increase your reach, but have you ever thought about the things to avoid to keep your existing audience?

Here are some of Owen’s tips on what not to do during a broadcast!

Never Wait for People to Show Up

Always start your broadcast just as you intended it to be! Do not wait for a certain number of people to tune in or send you likes. Doing so will keep your audience engaged and invested in your show.

When you schedule your show, make sure to start it on the time you promised instead of waiting for viewers to arrive. Start your live stream right off the bat to show how important your live audience is.

Even with only one person, the time that viewer spent on watching you will get you on the newsfeed. In turn, it will invite people to check out your stream.

Starting your show right away also encourages more people to rewatch and replay your show. Imagine clicking on a video promising a certain topic or discussion then you see the host waiting for 30 people to join before starting the show. Would you continue to watch the stream or will you move on to another video?


Dead air is a death sentence.

Never EVER Leave Your Set

Do not leave your show with dead air. It’s practically a sin to stop talking while you’re on a live broadcast. This includes moving out of your set to do something off-camera.

When you leave the set, your audience may think that:

  • You’re not prepared.
  • You can’t handle tech problems.
  • You don’t take the live stream seriously.

All three points will affect your reliability and credibility.

Live streaming is the best way to build para-social rapport with your audience. But when you go off-camera for a few minutes, you break that rapport with your audience. It’s as if you’re allowing them to leave your show.

Remember your audience has other things to do. If you really have to go somewhere else, take the camera with you. Doing this will keep your audience interested.

Additional tip: Go to the bathroom BEFORE going live!

Never Ignore the Audience

When your audience logs in, they become a part of the show. That’s because your audience tunes in to the show to connect with you. So you need to make sure you’re actually connecting with them during your live stream.

It’s understandable for live streamers to worry about and focus on the content of their broadcast. But focusing too much on it will take your attention away from your audience. Not only is it disrespectful to your viewers, but you also allow them to exit your live stream because of that lack of connection.

Entice your audience with your title, then keep them engaged with questions that also add value to the show.

To make your broadcast more engaging, ask questions. It encourages people to respond and get pulled into the show.

You can also set up the Agenda function in BeLive, to guide you throughout the stream. You don’t have to keep looking down at your notes all the time. Check out this article on how to use the Agenda function in Studio2!

Those are just some of the mistakes live streamers should avoid during a show. Are you guilty of these live streaming mistakes?

Do you want to know what other mistakes you need to avoid for your next live stream? Watch Owen’s video below for four more important things to avoid during a live stream!

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