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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Facebook Live Videos for More Content

*Update: You can now repurpose your live show recording with BeLive Video Editor! Cut and trim your broadcast right in the studio and download shorter clips for reposting on other platforms.


Creating content is time-consuming. How do you make sure you leverage the content you created and not let it go to waste?

Most marketers think of Facebook Live as a one-time live event. However, if you know how to repurpose your Facebook Live videos, you can turn them into a long-lasting evergreen content that will serve your marketing purposes long after the live show is over.

In this post, we’ll cover five easy ways to repurpose your Facebook Live videos into other powerful pieces of content.

Why Use Facebook Live?

First, why would anyone want to do Facebook Live?

The #1 reason why doing Facebook Live videos is important for your business is getting great organic reach and lots of engagement in the Facebook News Feed. At some point, Facebook said Live videos can drive ten times more comments because users feel the real connection via video. It’s like you are talking directly to them, albeit online.

In addition to that, when going live on Facebook, your audience is given the chance to get to know you better. Live videos give them an opportunity to ask questions and react to your video in real time then have you reacting back which makes for awesome engagement.

Moreover, creating Facebook Live videos isn’t that costly. All you have to do is use your phone — and you are ready to roll.

So, once you’ve done a Facebook Live video, what are the ways to repurpose this valuable content?

1. Download the Video from Facebook and Upload to YouTube

The first way to repurpose your Facebook Live videos is to download them from Facebook and upload them to YouTube for more visibility. The audience on YouTube is different from the one on Facebook, so you can get some extra eyes on your content.

Besides, being the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube provides additional opportunities for your content to be found.

How to repurpose Facebook Live videos for YouTube

You can download a Facebook Live video right from the social platform. However, its quality might leave much to be desired.

This is how you can download a Facebook Live video

If you want to improve the video quality, use streaming platforms like BeLive. This way, your video will turn out much better.

I would not recommend uploading a Facebook Live video to YouTube “as is”, without any changes. After all, a live video and a YouTube video are two entirely different things. And while people are gradually becoming less expectant of professionally designed videos, they still might not buy into a Facebook live video, with all its flaws and hiccups (which are perhaps going to happen).

What you might want to do instead is cutting your Facebook Live video for the best parts, editing the video slightly (like adding transitions and captions) and only then upload them to YouTube. Don’t forget to add a catchy thumbnail, too!

2. Embed the Video in a Blog Post

You can also write a blog post based on the Facebook Live video and then embed the video in it. You can find the Embed option when clicking on the 3 dots that give you a drop-down menu. You can then select Embed (unless you turn this option off).

The great part about embedding Facebook Live videos is that it doesn’t require spending any additional time. Another plus is that , other people might find your video interesting and embed it in their blog posts, too.

3. Cross post the Video to Other Pages

Cross posting a videos is a way to share them across multiple Pages. It can be more visible than simply sharing a video.

Cross posting can only happen between Pages that have added each other. You can repost content between pages where you are both an Admin or Editor.

By cross posting videos to other pages, you can significantly increase the video views.

4. Splice and dice your video to share on other social platforms

We perceive YouTube as platform #1 for sharing and watching videos. However, other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and even Pinterest are heavily pushing video, too. This might be an opportunity for you to promote your video content in the still-not-so-cluttered space.

Every social platform is created differently, and what works on one might not be as effective on others. You might want to think of reworking your Facebook Live video to fit each platform better.


In order to repurpose your Facebook Live videos for other platforms, follow these steps:

  1. Rewatch the Facebook Live video and choose the best parts.
  2. Cut it into smaller pieces. For optimal length, check the length limitationsfor each platform.
  3. Add an intro and outro.
  4. Add captions/subtitles.
  5. Tools like might help you with editing your videos for all social platforms.

5. Create a presentation

Last but not least, you can create a nifty presentation out of your Facebook Live video and put it on SlideShare.

This way of repurposing your videos might work especially well for educational videos. Simply write down all the main ideas, put every idea on a separate slide, add a splash of design using tools like Canva and upload them to SlideShare or any other presentation sharing platform.

By turning your video into a static presentation you tap into a new audience that wouldn’t have found you otherwise.


Facebook Live videos provide tons of content, and there are a million ways to repurpose them. Your repurposed content might stay relevant for months and years to come. Repurposing Facebook Live videos isn’t effortless since you might need to make some edits or add fresh content. However, it’s much easier than starting from scratch.

Have you tried repurposing your Facebook Live videos into other types of content? Tell us in the comments below!

About the Author

Olga Bedrina is the Director of Content Marketing at, free online video maker. She is excited about video marketing, social media, and new technologies. Follow her on Twitter @olga_bedrina.


  1. These are fantastic ideas! With all we have to do each day as business owners, there’s not time to figure out the “yeah, but HOW do we” part of necessary tasks like repurposing our lives, so I thank you profusely for providing some hows!

    1. Glad to know this helped you. This has been our goal, to help business owners with the HOW part! Thanks for reading! Feel free to join the group or try out BeLive if you haven’t yet.

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