BeLiver Feature, Bridgetti Lim Banda: How Live Streaming Saved Her Life

A lot of people when met with illness or tragedy fail to get up. Most of the time, they just wallow in self pity and never recover. Life stops and the world comes to an end.

This was not the case for Bridgetti Lim Banda. It seems that Bridgetti believes in the adage fall down once, get up twice. When she became sick and was no longer mobile, she turned things around and became a source of inspiration for her community with the use of live streaming.

Tell us something about your show that you’d like people know about.

Two years ago, Cape Town with its population of 4 million people was running a very scary risk of not having any running water coming out of the taps. People would stand in line daily to receive a small allocation. This was not only a logistical nightmare but also a very scary prospect, not only for households, but also business, educational institutions, healthcare and other sectors that make our economy work.

After a bit of market research, I realized there was a need for on the ground information sharing among citizens. There was a lot of distrust in the information coming from local government about the water crisis and as a result people were not taking the crisis seriously. Many thought it was a hoax and ploy from the government.

I embarked on a journey to find water experts armed with facts that people could trust. The aim was to find facts and share them to make information available that would help people make smart water choices and to make water experts accessible. This is how Cape Town Water Crisis started.

Why did you go into video marketing or live streaming?

I have a background in building face-to-face communities in the education sector. Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia prevented me from leading an active life and I needed more surgery so I had to stop working.

Due to the nature of my chronic pain, mobility became a big issue. Whilst waiting for surgery, I needed to find something to occupy my mind and to feel useful. It was during this time that I learned how to live stream. I quickly realized that with live streaming I could use my community building background and simply apply it online.

It was a perfect solution.

What has been the biggest impact of live streaming in your life/business?

I often tell people that live streaming has saved me from myself. My lack of mobility and chronic pain led to social isolation and depression. The impact has been huge for me. I can work around my disability and still contribute to society and do what I love most, helping people.

My circle of influence has stretched beyond our local borders. I now have a global network of not just professionals but friends.

My live streams about the Cape Town Water Crisis got noticed by local and international radio and television stations and led to countless interviews. I was also contacted by international magazines for articles as well as research students. I will also be featuring in a mini film about the Cape Town Water Crisis.

None of these opportunities would have been possible without live streaming.

How has BeLive helped your business?

I mainly interview subject experts. The audience enjoys the interaction and they love BeLive feature of being able to show their comments on screen. People would let me know they are disappointed if I did not show their comments on screen.

Which BeLive feature do you think has helped you achieved the results for your show?

By far the ability to show comments on screen as well as images.

Would you recommend BeLive to other business owners who use live streaming to promote their products and services?

Absolutely yes!

Aside from Facebook, Bridgetti has also started streaming on YouTube! Watch one of Bridgetti’s live broadcasts on Facebook below. Watch her discussing the water crisis in Capetown below.

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