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How the Aussie Communities Are Helping In The Bushfire With Live Video

It takes an entire community working together to move forward from a tragedy and those affected by the Australia fires certainly need help. What better way to assist those devastated by the fires than by sharing information on how to help?

Of course giving donations, both monetary or otherwise, is crucial but spreading information about the fires should also be prioritized. That’s why Be.Live teamed up with hosts Adaire Palmer  and Szebastian Onne G. S. as well as Theonie Roussianos to talk about the effects of the fires with emergency service responders as well as kind-hearted volunteers.

Resilience Amidst the Australia Bushfires

SA Country Fire Service Regional Commander John Probert joined the broadcast for updates on Kangaroo Island in Adelaide, South Australia.

The island one of the worst-hit areas in the country, with about 200,000 acres or two-thirds of the island scorched. The bushfires there affected 90 homes and claimed 2 human lives, as well as an “enormous number of wildlife.”

Despite the damage this wildfire brought on the island and the rest of Australia, John believes that Kangaroo Island will be able to bounce back and recover in time. With volunteers, private groups, and major organizations doing their best to help both human and animal survivors, Kangaroo Island and Australia, in general, will be able to get back on its feet.

Rachel Ireland, who experienced losing her home in a bushfire a few years ago, shared her own journey to recovery and to get over the trauma, especially in the wake of the recent incidents. Follow Rachel to get to know more about her journey at Phoenix Mountain Australia.


Host Adaire Palmer and co-host Szebastian Onne G. S. with guest Troy Colley of Five Foot Rope TV.

‘Doing Something Very Menial, But Very Important’

Not everyone can donate thousands of dollars for the victims of the Australia fires, but people can still help in little ways.

Entrepreneur Liz Palmer, who lives in Adelaide, volunteered to do laundry for rescued koalas in a rehabilitation area during the fires. She believes that even “doing something very menial, but very important” will contribute to the rehabilitation of Adelaide and the rest of Australia affected by the fires.

Meanwhile, Troy Colley from Five Foot Rope TV also decided to help out Stanthorpe by starting a footy carnival and water drive. The Redlands Rugby opened a GoFund Me page with a $1,000 goal to buy drinking water for the locals in the area. If you would like to take part in this great cause but can’t physically join the carnival, you can donate here.

John also encouraged people to visit Kangaroo Island and help the community recover by buying at local stores there. Doing this will help them get right on the road to recovery. 

At the same time, Adaire also shared a video clip from Kerwin Rae encouraging everyone to reach out to a charity of their choice and donate any amount they can. True to his word, he donated $100,000 across various organizations to jumpstart his call.

Going Live to Help Australia

Adaire and Szebastian aren’t the only ones who went live for Australia. Many BeLivers across the world helped spread information about the wildfires, asked for prayers, and shared links to charities and organizations that their viewers can donate to.

To know more about the devastating Australia fires, check out how BeLivers shed light to the issue here.

Watch Adaire and Szebastian’s stream below.


What do you know about the Australia fires? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! You can also join the BeLivers community over at Facebook to talk to other kind-hearted live streamers about the fires.

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