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How To Effectively Raise Funds On Facebook Using Live Video

When it comes to fundraising activities, it’s important to reach as many people as possible. And reaching out to a lot of people through live is one of the best ways to do that.

Asking for money from people can be a sensitive topic. That’s why it’s important to properly share information about the reason why a fundraiser is needed. Creating a Facebook group and going live in that group allows campaigners to talk about the fundraising activity and answer questions from viewers at the same time.

If you are planning to raise funds for a particular cause, here are ways to reach success through live video.

Schedule Your Live Video and Promote It Ahead of Time

Ensure you have an audience when you go live by scheduling your broadcast ahead of time and promoting it. Publish a post indicating the date of your planned live and share it with potential donors.

You can also utilize Be.Live’s scheduler to let your followers know you’re planning a broadcast. This helps boost the probability of more people tuning into the broadcast, increasing the chances of more donations.

Start a Watch Party with Other Pages or Groups

Once you’ve set your plans for the video, you need to decide who you want to convince and how you’re going to reach those people.

If you want the campaign to include as many people as possible, then share it on the pages you’re a part of. You can start watch parties in groups with the most number of members.

If you have a specific group of people in mind, share your live video with them on a Facebook page or group.

A great example of this would be Be.Live’s recent live about the Australia fires with Adaire Palmer and Szebastian Onne S. G. as hosts. Although they did not promote any specific fundraising campaign, they did invite members of the Aussie community who are working on their own fundraisers.

Include All the Needed Information and Links in the Live Video Description

One of the most important aspects of a fundraising live video is to make sure the viewers understand the cause and the logistics of it.

Writing a brief summary in the video description will definitely help make it easier for viewers to join the cause.

The description should include the following:

  • Your fundraising details such as name, location, and date (if you’re planning an actual event)
  • Guests who will join your live
  • Links to GoFund Me or other donation pages
  • A call to action aimed at convincing viewers to donate or volunteer

Make the Broadcast Exciting

With all the distractions the internet has to offer, people can easily switch to another, more exciting video. Whether you plan to talk about your fundraising project for 10 minutes or an hour, you need to plan the contents of your broadcast. Make sure your show is exciting enough for your target audience to stay focused on you and your message.

Include guests, interact with commenters, and let them know what you’re talking about using the Agenda feature on Be.Live. You can use the agenda and on-screen updates to let your viewers know who your guests are or even their topics.


Another awesome Be.Live feature you can use is displaying comments on the screen. That’s a great way to let your audience know that you listen to them and put importance in their opinion. You can also use the crawler to show important links, stats, or other details about your fundraiser.

Repurpose Your Video

Once the broadcast ends, you can still use it to promote your campaign. You can download the video in HD from your Be.Live studio and edit it for posting on other platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Tik Tok.

Facebook does not allow downloads as of the moment.

Watch Adaire and Szebastian’s live about the Australia wildfires below.

Are you planning a fundraiser? Try going live for more reach and engagement. Join the BeLiver community for more tips and updates from BeLive users themselves.

You can also make your fundraising broadcast look more professional with Be.Live’s awesome features! Sign up with Be.Live for FREE today and start broadcasting to Facebook or YouTube!

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