March 10, 2020

BeLiver Feature, Fallon Zoe: “Without Live Streaming, I Wouldn’t Be Financially Independent!”

Do you want to be financial stable while work in the location you love like Fallon Zoe? Check out how she did that with BeLive here!
May 8, 2019

4 Reasons Why Brands Need to Start Live Streaming Now

Brands have relied on four traditional ways to promote their product over the years: TV, newspapers, radio, and word of mouth. Later on, they added billboards and using celebrities to...
April 30, 2019

Social Media Strategies that Lead to Sales

A lot of small and medium business owners go into live streaming to let people know about their amazing products or service. After all, live streaming helps potential customers see...
April 24, 2019

BeLiver Feature: Lynnis Woods-Mullins, Live Streaming Wellness for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

You are never too old to learn or start something new. This is something that our BeLiver, Lynnis Woods-Mullins, proved when at the age of 51, she decided to pursue...
April 16, 2019

Better. Clearer. Faster Guest Experience with BeLive Mobile App

The new and improved mobile guest experience for BeLive on iOS and Android is now available! We guarantee a better, clearer, and faster experience for your guests. Better Design We...
April 10, 2019

How to Be Confident on Camera When Doing a Live Stream

“I want to do live streaming but I’m not confident!” “I can’t do that. Only experts can speak to a camera without fainting!” “People will judge me. I’m not pretty...
March 19, 2019

BeLiver Feature, Bridgetti Lim Banda: How Live Streaming Saved Her Life

A lot of people when met with illness or tragedy fail to get up. Most of the time, they just wallow in self pity and never recover. Life stops and...
March 8, 2019

Women of BeLive shares Tips for Living a Balanced Life #IWD

It’s March which means it’s International Women’s Month. We at BeLive are so lucky to be working at a company that honors women and values everyone in the workforce. Respect...
March 5, 2019

How to Sell Products on Facebook LIVE

If you are already doing Facebook LIVE but couldn’t figure out the ways to sell your product or services online, then this is one article that you wouldn’t want to...
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