Be.Live is Celebrating 5 years And Rolling Out New Features!

Be.Live is Celebrating 5 years And Rolling Out New Features!

Time flies! 5 years ago, Daniel Mayer and Tzafrir Rehan rolled out to the public Be.Live – the live streaming studio that helps to host professional-looking live shows on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Since then, the team has grown from 2 people to 30, studio rebranding happened, thousands of new users joined, and an uncountable number of improvements took their place.

All of these brought the company to the point where it is now – Be.Live is one of the leading live streaming studios in the market that helps businesses and content creators build strong relationships with their customers and increase sales. 

This month we celebrate our birthday, which is an excellent reason for rolling out a bunch of new features that will bring your live streaming experience to a new level!

What Features Are We Rolling Out?

AI Comment Assistant

AI Comment AssistantImagine that you don’t need to go through the comments and choose the ones to show in the stream. Instead, there is an AI tool that picks the best comments and questions for you and shares them with your audience without a move of a finger.

This feature will change your streaming experience for the better!

Interesting fact: Be.Live is the only live streaming studio on the market that offers such a solution.

Be.Live’s AI Comment Assistant automatically displays positive comments and questions on-screen while you’re live. No more distractions!  More details here

Multistreaming: 5 Destinations

Multistreaming: 5 DestinationsFrom now on, all Be.Live users will be able to go live to 5 destinations at the same time. It’s a great opportunity to reach an even wider audience. Besides that, it significantly increases the chances of your stream being noticed by your target audience since the possibility is multiplied by 5 times! 

With Be.Live you can stream to:

  • 5 destinations on Facebook;
  • 4 destinations on Facebook and YouTube; 
  • 4 destinations on Facebook and LinkedIn; 
  • 3 destinations on Facebook and YouTube + LinkedIn; 

The great thing is that no matter how many destinations you have – your stream will be automatically recorded and stored in your profile—interested in trying out this feature? Check out the tutorial over here.

Сustom RTMP OutputСustom RTMP Output

Good news! You are no longer limited to Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn —  you can go live on other platforms and watch your brand grow. 

Possible destinations for going live: Twitter, Amazon Live, Twitch, Vimeo, and any other platforms that allow custom RTMP output.

To find out how does it work – check out this article.

How to Get Access To New Features?

If you want to get access to all of these cool features – you’re welcome to purchase one of our plans with a special discount right here.

The offer is limited – you can subscribe with the discount till the end of October 2021. Make sure you grab the best deal!


With Be.Live you can create powerful live streams and engage with your audience as if you had a professional production team behind your back. 

The only difference – there is only you in the studio (and our incredible 24/7 support, of course). Producing top-tier shows is easy! 

You’re very welcome to check out our new awesome features:

  • AI Comment Assistant;
  • 5 Destinations;
  • RTMP Output.

To get the access to the features with a discount – visit our homepage.

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