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BeLiver Feature, Janet Smith: Building Brand Awareness For Three Businesses With Custom Logo & Overlays

When it comes to building brand awareness for several businesses, no one can question Janet Smith’s expertise in that department. Find out how she makes all of her three distinct businesses stand out through live streaming in this special feature!

Establishing a Cost-Effective Brand Recall Strategy

Building a brand is an endeavor that some companies hire an entire marketing team to master and perfect. But Janet pulled off this feat for THREE of her businesses in the most cost-effective way — live streaming!

Using BeLive, she created shows with custom logos to build brand awareness for each of her three businesses. She also made sure to always go live on the time she promised in her business pages. Continuing to engage with her followers helped her gain a steady following in each of her three pages.

Consistently doing live shows also helps with a brand strategy that helps keeps her in the minds of her intended audience.

How exactly has live streaming and BeLive helped her achieve the brand recognition she has now with her businesses? Let’s find out!

Tell us something about you and your show that you’d like people to know about.

I have three businesses; two are direct sales businesses; two are direct and one is for services:

> Sanctuary Girl – for inspired fashion

> Thirty-One – for personalized organization

> TalentSmiths – for recruitment and staffing

While each of them is totally different, my branding goal is for each of them is to have a synergistic message.

The overarching message that I send across each platform is that I Establish, Encourage, Empower, and Equip Edified Entrepreneurs.


Answering “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question during interviews in this Lunch and Learn episode.

Why did you go into video marketing or live streaming?

I’ve been with BeLive since 2017, but I chose to utilize video and live streaming in late 2019 as a way to directly connect with my audience in a way that my perceived competition was not connecting directly with people on a regular basis.

Live streaming is a true differentiator for my businesses. It allows me to bridge the gap between myself and my audience, while quickly cultivating a “Know, Like & Trust” factor for my audience, that would normally take longer to cultivate.

With Livestreaming my audience feels more connected to me and with me and are more comfortable with asking me questions and letting me know how I can assist them.

What has been the biggest impact of live streaming in your life?

Live streaming has increased my consistency with my business and as a result increases the consistency of my audience showing up, because they now know exactly where and when to find me when they need me.

It has allowed me to reach customers nationwide, that I would not have otherwise been able to meet. Currently, the majority of my customers are not local to me, they are in states throughout the US. In addition, many of my supporters are not in the US, but in other countries.

I would not be able to have such an effective worldwide reach without the BeLive family!

How has BeLive as a platform helped you?

BeLive’s an amazing platform!

Specifically, Studio2 has helped tremendously with creating a ‘scroll stopping’ Livestream where I’m getting more views of my Livestream than ever before. My views are national and global.

While my businesses are not equipped for international purchasing customers, I currently have international members in my customer community groups and my international customers provide tremendous support to my businesses with their referrals and social shares.

With three separate businesses, I am still able to customize each show to look different and to be branded for that specific business.

I am able to create customized overlays in Canva and customized INTRO and OUTRO videos in Canva saving them for weekly and monthly editing for each live show. Creating custom overlays does amazingly to establish brand awareness for my three businesses.

How are you promoting your product or service on your BeLive shows?

My favorite feature in BeLive is the Live Shopping feature. While this feature was initially intended to show products for shopping, I mostly utilize this feature for my slideshow presentation style video.

I am a very visual person, so I love to give my audience exactly what I would love to receive, great graphics to look at. Not only does my audience get to see my face, but they also get to see a picture of what I’m discussing, a slide show of what I’m saying, in addition to the translation of the words in captions on the screen.

If I am showing off a line of products in my direct sales business, but I don’t have every item, I can still show a picture of that product on-screen beside my face, as if it is in the room with me.

I love to preschedule my shows in advance so that I can promote each Livestream to remind my audience and give them a chance to prepare and set a reminder notification.


Janet Smith talks about digital planning during her Edified Entrepreneurs live stream.

How many times do you use BeLive to promote your business/organization?

I Livestream every week for each of my businesses. 

You can watch my recruitment and staffing show, called Lunch & Learn Live broadcasts, every Thursday at 12:30 pm CST. Meanwhile, both of my direct sales shows are Fabulous Friday at 1:30 pm CST and Edified Entrepreneurs at 4:30 pm CST. Both broadcasts are scheduled for every Friday.

In addition, I have a monthly customer appreciation event where I Livestream directly inside of my customer community to show appreciation for my loyal customers.

Which BeLive feature do you think has helped you achieved the results for your business?

I believe the overlays allow for the best but subtle bang for my business, as I am able to have my business information on the screen at all times.

My audience knows exactly how to follow me, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and where to find me online. In addition, I can add within an overlay if there are any special group promotions that I have going on currently.

They can see all of this information directly on the screen without me saying it over and over again. That is so cool!!

Anything else you’d like to share about how BeLive has helped your business?

BeLive helps me to stay on track with my shows. I can create beautiful slides in Canva that look like artwork. These slides have information that I need to share with my audience as well.

Showing each slide ensures that I stay on track and that I don’t omit any pertinent information that is intended for my audience’s learning experience. I don’t have to rely on my memory to remember everything that I wanted to say, especially when the engaged audience conversation gets going. That’s because I am likely to forget what I have planned to share if I don’t have it on the next slide. Providing value is the most important thing for me in each of my businesses.

BeLive helps me to stay on track and stay consistent with the value that I provide to my audience. I believe that my audience not only loves the content I share, but they love to see how my content comes across the screen using the BeLive features. So many amazing features, that I am patient as all of the bugs are ironed out of this beta version.

Do you also want to know how to build a brand through live streaming? Watch one of Janet’s Edified Entrepreneurs broadcast below and check out how she uses her custom logo and overlay to establish her brand with viewers.

Have you been actively building brand awareness for your business? Do you factor in live streaming in your brand marketing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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