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BeLiver Feature, Mike Heidemann: Connecting Musicians Through Live Open Mic Sessions

When musicians and fans couldn’t go to an open mic during the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael Heidemann thought it would be a great idea to bring the open mic to them instead. And he was right!

Here’s how being forced to stay at home prompted this Chicago musician and broadcaster give other fellow artists chances to shine and thrive through live streaming.

Bringing Open Mic to Live Streaming

Open mic nights have been greatly affected because of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why Michael Heidemann started the Stay Home Sessions.

Mike has been using BeLive every night for open mic sessions for musicians since Stay at Home orders were implemented. And it’s been an awesome medium for him to help the community during the pandemic.

Musicians from all over the world have started to connect with each other through Stay Home Sessions. They’ve recently done an “All-Garth Brooks Night” and “All-Springsteen Night.” Aside from covering amazing songs by legendary musicians during these open mic sessions, experts also come in to share more facts and trivia.

Tell us something about you and your show that you’d like people to know about.


I am very grateful and humbled by this incredible response we have gotten with our “Stay Home Sessions” Music night and it’s all thanks to the team at BeLive.

Heres’s a super quick rundown on how it all happened. It’s a cool story!

So I used to host an open mic night here in Chicago and we have a crew of regulars that have been coming for about a year EVERY Saturday. Since the lockdown hit, everyone’s been looking for somewhere to play.

All of us music lovers in Chicago were at a loss. I saw this and knew I had to do something. So, we began doing live open mics.

I would open up the “Stay Home Sessions” Page and welcome artists from all over the world. We had my friend from Hawaii, a new artist who just got back home from Berkley School of Music and about 20 others in this short time frame. And honestly, it is because the Stay Home Sessions works to open communication, networking, and education of artists from all genres. Now, we are doing theme nights with artists across the globe!

Why did you go into video marketing or live streaming?

Well, my day job is in broadcasting. However, even if I wasn’t in the media industry, being a voice in Chicago’s music community has created a whole new meaning for why I am so focused on video marketing / live-streaming. It’s the togetherness of the creating and bringing to life a project.

What has been the biggest impact of live streaming in your life?

Getting to grow and expand our Open Mic Music Community here in Chicago and throughout the USA.

How has BeLive as a platform helped you?

Honestly, It is ALL because of BeLive. All the other apps just weren’t as user friendly.

How are you promoting your organization/community on your BeLive shows?


Every night we welcome musicians and storytellers from Chicagoland to share their music during this uncomfortable time.

How do you prepare before going live and what equipment do you use for your show?

I get my glass of tea ready along with my guitar. I use a rode caster with two shure mics.

Which BeLive feature do you think has helped you achieved the results for your community?

The ability to add guests and stream videos.

Anything else you’d like to share about how BeLive has helped your community?

Thank you to the amazing team behind BeLive, ya’ll are awesome!!

Through the Stay Home Sessions Mike helped other musicians like him a venue to share their music and story. It’s an awesome story of perseverance amidst an unprecedented situation.

You can definitely start a music session with your friends or community during a Facebook or YouTube live stream like Mike! But before hitting that play button, set up your audio with the right equipment for amazing, crystal clear sound! Check out this article on how to live stream music with amazing sound and without being blocked.

Meet more awesome content creators by joining BeLive’s online community here! Want to start your own live music sessions in the comforts of your own home? Sign up with BeLive now and experience it yourself!


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