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Connecting With Loved Ones Through Live Streaming In the New Normal

Can you still gather with family in the new normal? Despite the lockdown and social distancing restrictions, people have been able to connect with their loved ones thanks to live streaming and BeLive!

Celebrating Life in the New Normal

With the coronavirus pandemic taking over everyone’s lives, the new normal all we can do right now is acclimate ourselves to the new normal. That means coming up with ideas to continue on with life while still following strict health care provisions.

Local and worldwide lockdowns forced people to stay at home and cancel mass gatherings. Several countries continued to impose strict social distancing measures even when lockdown orders eased up.

Despite the limitations, people still continued to connect with their families in the midst of the pandemic. Fortunately, video calling and live streaming made it possible for people to continue staying in touch with their loved ones.

How exactly have streamers been using BeLive to connect with loved ones? Here are some ways.


In most cultures, birthdays are seen as a special day for special people to gather celebrate. That’s also true for businesses celebrating anniversaries! But with quarantine and social distancing rules in place, parties and gatherings have been cancelled.

So how did organizations commemorate their yearly milestones? They turned on their camera and started an online celebration! BeLive has done this during our first, second, and third birthday!

Watch these organizations’ online birthday parties:

  • Fashion brand owner and TV personality Lisa Robertson talked about her journey as an entrepreneur during her brand’s 4th anniversary in this live broadcast.
  • Camelot Lanes in Boardman, Ohio celebrates its first virtual birthday party with a live stream here.

  • Not even a pandemic can stop The Royal Mint Experience from celebrating their 4th birthday with a kid’s party theme. Watch it here.


Graduations are also an important part of a person’s life. This milestone should not be ignored but with the new normal, schools are forced to limit attendees or even cancel ceremonies.

That’s why these schools decided to live stream the speeches and come up with some unique ways to celebrate the day.

  • The Norfolk Collegiate Academy School had their students do their graduation parade in their cars instead of cramming hundreds of people inside a gym. Watch the clip here.
  • The Immaculate Catholic School also made their entire graduation virtual. In this YouTube Live video, graduation rites were followed including a mass and the announcing of special awards.


With most establishments closed during lockdown, many couples had no choice but to have dates at home. Several streamers have opted to share their quarantine date experience with their viewers through live broadcasts.

Life of Dad’s Tom and Lucy brought date night to Facebook during quarantine. They’ve eaten chicken pot pie, chatted with their followers, and even trimmed Tom’s beard during quarantine.


Funerals have also been greatly affected during the pandemic, putting several faiths in turmoil. There have been many questions on how religious faiths can still follow rites but maintain Covid-19 protocols during burial.

Several BeLivers have turned to live streaming to share their thoughts on how the departed can still be honored during the pandemic.

  • Mufti Mohammad Farhan talked about funeral services and Islamic wills in the time of COVID-19 in the live stream below.

Even though lockdowns have been lifted, everyone is trying to cope with the new normal. This may last for a few months or a few years, it’s still unpredictable at this point. Fortunately, live streaming with BeLive and video conferencing is continuously helping people transition into this new reality.

What is your live streaming story in the new normal? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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