12 Best Microphones For Live Streaming [2023]

12 Best Microphones For Live Streaming [2023]

Sound is a crucial part of streaming. Viewers can forgive shaky bad-quality videos, but they’re less forgiving with noisy or faint audio. On top of that, nowadays many audiences prefer streams with podcast-like audio quality. This allows them to listen to their favorite hosts without having to watch the video.

In this blog post, we’ll share with you the 12 best microphones for live streaming that will help you enhance your streams’ quality and help you create even more professional streams

How to Choose a Streaming Microphone 

When it comes to streaming mics, there are a few characteristics you have to know about in order to replenish your streaming setup with a good mic.


The frequency range of a microphone shows the range of sounds it can pick up. It’s measured in Hz, a unit that describes frequency. Modern microphones can hear sounds from very low (1Hz) to very high (140 kHz) frequencies. The human voice is between 20 and 20,000 Hz which means that a good streaming microphone is the one that picks this range.

Polar Pattern

A polar pattern sometimes called a directional pattern, is how sensitive a microphone is to where sounds are coming from. Although all microphones visually look alike, they are built with slight variations that influence the way they respond to sound.

Understanding the patterns your microphone for streaming can use is really important. So, let’s go over some of the main polar patterns and see how they can affect your recordings

  • Cardioid pattern. A cardioid microphone picks up the sound from the front and a little bit from the sides. These type of mics is best for solo streamers. It’s also very helpful due to its ability to block out background noise, so your audience won’t hear the keyboard typing or your fan noise;
  • Bidirectional pattern. A bidirectional microphone picks the sound from the front and back, which makes it a great option for live-stream interviews;
  • Omnidirectional pattern. An omnidirectional microphone picks the sound from all directions. It’s great for vocals, musical bands, and chores to record sound;
  • Stereo pattern. Stereo mics work the same way as omnidirectional ones but they create two audio tracks. They capture sounds similar to the human ear. 

Depending on the type of live streams you plan to have (Q&A sessions, interviews), you might want to think about using various polar patterns. Certain microphones let you switch the polar pattern based on the type of show you’re going to host. 

Microphone Connection Type

When it comes to mics for streaming, there are 2 types of connections available

XLR Microphones

XLR microphones are known for their top-notch quality and the ability to give you more control over how your “sound sounds”. Live streamers who crave perfection and seek professional audio prefer to use mics with this kind of cord. Even though XLR microphones can cost more and need extra setup, they work super well and are a top choice for folks who want the best microphone for a home studio.

USB Microphones

Microphones with USB cables are great because you can simply connect them to your computer and start streaming as soon as you unbox your microphone. No extra wires, capture devices, or mixers are needed. When it comes to cost, some USB streaming microphones might seem pricey, but they end up being more affordable since you don’t have to purchase extra equipment for connecting as you would require for XLR microphones.

Best Microphones For Streaming

Now, let’s explore best microphones that work just great for live streaming. These choices cater to various streaming requirements and budgets.

Samson Go

Samson Go

The Go Mic stands as a versatile USB microphone with multiple patterns, designed for podcasters, streamers, musicians, and individuals aiming to enhance their digital audio experience. It’s one of the most affordable microphones and the sound for this price is absolutely mind-blowing.

Go Mic is a good microphone for gaming, but be aware, that it picks the sounds of your keyboards quite well which can be distracting for your audience.

Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Omnidirectional

Connection Type: USB Microphone

Price: Starting at $22.99

“If you need a small, portable, and affordable microphone – I say go for it, because this thing is going to be very hard to beat.”

Podcastage, YouTube Review

Blue Snowball Ice

Blue Snowball IceThe Blue Snowball Ice is another popular microphone designed for entry-level recording and streaming. Featuring a cardioid polar pattern, it directs its focus towards capturing sound from the front while minimizing background noise. The packaging includes a small handy tripod, so you won’t need to worry about any additional stand.

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Connection Type: USB Microphone

Price: Starting at $49.99

“All you do is plug it in to your computer, and you’re ready to start recording . . . good sound quality. I bought it for doing podcasts and webinars, and it works real well for this.”

Amazon Customer, Amazon Review

Razer Seiren MiniRazer Seiren Mini

Razer Seiren Mini is one of the best streaming mics. Using a super-cardioid polar pattern, it picks up sound from the front while reducing noise from the sides. Those who’re just starting their broadcasting journey and looking for a budget microphone with outstanding audio quality should definitely look into this option. 

Polar Pattern: Supercardioid

Connection Type: USB Microphone

Price: Starting at $49.99

“I’ve been using the Razer Seiren Mini for a few weeks now, and I’m incredibly impressed with its performance. As a content creator, having clear and professional audio is essential for my videos, podcasts, and streams. The Seiren Mini delivers exactly that”

Juan, Amazon Reviews

HyperX SoloCast

HyperX SoloCastAnother good mic for streaming is HyperX SoloCast. The microphone has a shock mount inside that reduces shaking and noise, making the audio clearer. While it might not sound as good as more expensive microphones, the SoloCast works well for its price.

It’s a good choice for gamers and creators who want a simple and dependable tool to improve their streaming and recording. This microphone includes a mute button, which can be useful when you’re showing a video during your stream or hosting a broadcast with several guests and need to mute yourself quickly. 

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Connection Type: USB Microphone

Price: Starting at $59.99

“Easy to set up and get going. This was a gift to my wife for her on line streaming videos with her business. So far it is working well, picks up her soft-spoken voice easily. We also bought a green screen to really enhance her streaming videos.”

Roy Stone, Amazon Reviews

Shure SM58Shure SM58

The Shure SM58 is a legendary microphone that’s used a lot for live shows, karaoke, and recording in studios. People really like it because it’s tough and can handle really loud sounds. The SM58 is a cardioid microphone that, according to musicians’ feedback, makes their voices sound nice and clear. This microphone has a strong build and always works well, which is why it’s been a top choice for all kinds of sound jobs for a long time.

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Connection Type: XLR Microphone

Price: Starting at $99.99

“Don’t bother with anything else, this mic is the one to get. It will sound great, and last you forever.”

John Q, Amazon Reviews

Elgato Wave:3

Elgato Wave:3

Elgato Wave:3 is a famous USB microphone made for those who stream and create content. It makes your voice sound really good and has a special technology called Clipguard that optimizes the sound peaks. Using a cardioid polar pattern, it mainly catches sound from the front and lowers background noise. It also includes software that allows you to blend various sounds while you’re streaming. This is one of the most popular choices among various microphone brands.

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Connection Type: USB Microphone

Price: Starting at $169.99

“At the price point, it’s difficult to imagine that there is a better mic for streaming/content on the market. Extremely good in every way, would recommend to anyone.”

Gabe, Amazon Reviews

Blue Yeti X

Blue Yeti XThe Blue Yeti X is a favored USB microphone option among many content creators and streamers. It boasts impressive sound quality, flexible recording patterns, and a handy built-in gain control knob. Its ability to switch between four polar patterns (cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo) makes it adaptable for various recording situations.

The microphone features a sleek and modern design and includes a practical adjustable stand. The Blue Yeti X is a dependable and versatile choice for those seeking a high-quality USB microphone for an affordable price.

Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Omni, Bidirectional, Stereo.

Connection Type: USB Microphone

Price: Starting at $169.99

“This mic is so good I purchased a second one. Excellent for podcasters as long as you use the correct mic settings. Settings button is on the back. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The sound quality is unmatched. Bit on the heavy side though. I also recommend you get the carrying case”

UncleNahshon, Amazon Reviews

Deity VO-7U

Deity VO-7UCrafted for streamers and podcasters, the VO-7U stands as a dynamic USB microphone. Its precise directional sensitivity ensures the exclusion of ambient noise, and it’s one of the best microphones for streaming.

The microphone comes with a bright RGB ring that offers 12 different colors and effects. This lets you match it with how your PC looks or the colors you use for your stream. So, you’ll not only sound great but also look fantastic.

Polar Pattern:Supercardioid

Connection Type: USB Microphone

Price: Starting at $169.99

“I was first a bit weary by some of the reviews however I am impressed by the sound quality. I get an extraordinarily smooth frequency with my voice and it doesn’t have any high presence boost like other cheap mics. It feels like a Rode Podcaster or Procaster through their Aphex processing.”

Bluemagic365, Amazon Reviews

Samson Q9U

Samson Q9U

The Samson Q9U is a very versatile microphone with multiple outputs. With this microphone, it’s easy to create top-notch, professional-grade audio suitable for broadcasting, podcasting, streaming, and live recordings. 

This microphone excels at capturing the intricacies and richness of the voice, ensuring that the performer’s vocal nuances connect deeply with the audience.

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Connection Type: USB Microphone

Price: Starting at $169.99

“I bought this mic as part of equipment that I’m using for my podcast. So far the microphone is great. Easy set up and great sound quality.”

Hat, Amazon Reviews

Rode Podcaster

Rode PodcasterRode Podcaster is a microphone created specifically for podcasting, but it serves as a great microphone for live streamers as well. It provides clear and sharp audio quality, which is why podcasters and streamers like using it a lot.

The microphone’s design includes a pop filter that lessens strong sounds, and its sleek appearance gives a professional look to your setup. All in all, it’s a helpful and trustworthy choice for streamers who want a microphone that suits what they do.

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Connection Type: USB Microphone

Price: Starting at $229.99

“We send the RØDE Podcaster to all of our new blogging and podcasting clients. We like it because it is heavy-duty, and dead simple to operate. You plug it in and get great sound. Nothing to adjust. Røde’s warranty is superb. We’ve only ever had one mic fail and they repaired it with no questions. (We think the client may have dropped it, but no matter…it was fixed and returned to us)”

Shortcut Blogging, Amazon Reviews

Shure MV7

Shure MV7The Shure MV7 is the first microphone that offers USB and XLR outputs, making it compatible with both computers and professional interfaces. When connected via USB, you can access extra setup options and use the Auto Level Mode in Shure’s app to enhance your audio quality. 

For streamers or podcasters aiming to enhance their audio significantly, this microphone is a go-to option. It’s also one of the best mics for YouTube. MV7 has sensor buttons on it, so pressing the mute button or any other settings buttons won’t cause any noise, which is also pretty awesome.

Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Omni, Bidirectional, Stereo.

Connection Type: USB/XLR Microphone

Price: Starting at $249.99

“I’m currently using Shure MV7. The main reasons for this particular mic were I know Shure mic from my stage experience and they are the industry standard, I also wanted something that was both USB and XLR, so I could use it on the road and just plug straight into MacBook and when I’m in the studio; I also can use XLR and run it through a sound desk. And finally, I think its aesthetics are really nice and popular with a lot of YouTubers’

Grant Saunders, Live Streaming Expert, Stage Hypnotist

“My preferred microphone is the Shure MV-7 mic due to its superb audio quality and versatility. Its hybrid design allows me to capture studio-quality recordings for podcasts, live streams, or video production. Furthermore, the user-friendly touch controls and adjustable settings make it suitable for various recording or live-streaming environments. The built-in headphone output lets me monitor my audio in real-time, enhancing my user experience. While on the go, I can use the Shure MV-7 on my MacBook Pro laptop via USB/USB-C or at my home studio with my Rodecaster Pro 2 via XLR connection. “

Dr. ELO, Live Streaming Expert

Shure SM7B

Shure SM7BThe SM7B is a well-known microphone created by Shure. Professionals really like using it to record voices and speeches in studios and broadcasting. One special thing about it is that it’s good at cutting out background noises and getting clear sound. 

The SM7B’s flat and wide frequency response makes sounds sound natural, and it has a special shock absorber that stops unwanted vibrations. It’s a flexible microphone that streamers, podcasters, and musicians use when they need something dependable and top-quality for recording.

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Connection Type: XLR Microphone

Price: Starting at $399.99

“I purchased the Shure SM7B a few years ago and have been extremely impressed with its performance. As a professional discord talker, streamer, and gamer, I was in need of a high-quality microphone that could capture crystal clear audio, and the SM7B did not disappoint. I wanted to sound like all the professionals out there. Not knowing how it would turn out. I loved it. The comments I’ve had with this mic has been surprising to how much others like the sound it produced with my voice.”

ShadowMax, Amazon Review


What is a mic?

Mic is short for microphone – a device that converts sound waves into electrical energy, which can be then made louder, sent, or saved.

What’s the best mic for streaming?

According to Be.Live experts, 12 best mics for streaming are

  • Shure MV7
  • Blue Yeti X
  • Elgato Wave:3
  • Shure SM58
  • Shure SM7B
  • Rode Podcaster
  • Razer Seiren Mini
  • Samson Go
  • Blue Snowball Ice
  • HyperX SoloCast
  • Deity VO-7U


Now you know all the best streaming mics for creating a professional broadcast. Go to YouTube and check the video with examples of sound recorded with different microphones (Alpha Gaming has really great videos for streamer mic setups). 

Make sure to listen to the audio from the microphones you consider buying and make your own choice. I hope that this article will help you with your decision. If you use any other microphone that can be a great option for others, please share those in the comments below – I’ll be happy to update this article.


  1. I move around a little for my cooking show. Would a lapel mic be better for me??

    1. Hi Jenn! Definitely yes! The only thing to pay attention to – make sure that your clothes don’t cover your mic. In the beginning, I was trying to hide my mic and put it under the t-shirt. I ended up having those rustling sounds being recorded. I’d also recommend taking off all the necklaces that might touch the microphone 🙂

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