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3 Best Streaming Cameras For Facebook And YouTube Live

Impress your viewers and look fantastic on camera with the best cameras for live streaming setup. Find out what cameras Owen Video recommends and personally uses here!

Best Streaming Camera Setups to Step Up Your Live Broadcasts

When you’re talking to your audience, you’ll need to deliver great video quality on top of giving value with your broadcasts. That’s why you need to invest in better equipment for your live streaming setup. Aside from an awesome audio setup, you should also show your wonderful face to your viewers.

Here are some camera options Owen Video suggests to make your live stream as awesome as his weekly shows!

Best Cameras for Live Streaming:

There are different ways to make your video look impressive and professional using cameras other than your laptop’s built-in webcam. Here are three camera types you can choose from for your next live stream.

Web Camera

For streamers who sit and record right in front of the computer, a compatible web camera attached to their computers would be the easiest option. Once it’s recognized by Chrome as a camera source after being plugged into your PC, then you can choose it in the camera options in BeLive.

The Logitech C920 HD Pro is one of the best streaming cameras according to live broadcasting enthusiasts. It’s an HD webcam with a 1080p resolution that you can clip onto your laptop. You can then plug it into your computer through a USB output and start streaming! You don’t need any software to download or additional equipment to buy.


The best thing about this webcam is that it’s available and affordable! Solopreneurs and SMEs dipping their toes into video marketing won’t have to take a second or third mortgage to buy and use it.

Now if you’re a video creator or would like to record 4K Ultra HD videos, the Logitech BRIO can give you that. This is, however, a bit pricier than its younger brother. Also, remember that Facebook Live only goes up to 720p and YouTube Live to 1080p. So if you’re willing to invest $200 for a 4K camera, then go for this webcam!

Additional Tip: Give yourself a virtual facelift using a ring light!


If you want crystal clear videos every single live stream, then a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) is the best streaming camera for you. Take note, however, that using this type of camera will require a bit more advanced knowledge in the technical side of videography.

To make sure you don’t go out of focus or look too dim on screen, you’ll need to learn how to set up your DSLR’s aperture, exposure level, ISO, and other technicalities. Live streamers with photography or videography backgrounds may want to use this kind of camera during a show.

Unfortunately, DSLRs have an auto-shutoff function if it’s turned on for about 25 minutes. For longer broadcasts, this can be a problem.

Some examples of vlogging cameras you can use for live streaming are Canon EOS M50 or Canon EOS 80D. You can also change lenses for wider or tighter shots.

To be able to use the DSLR to go live on BeLive, you will need to use a Cam Link. You can also use a capture card, but that option is more expensive and a bit more technical for newbie streamers.



Camcorders are workhorse equipment when it comes to live streaming and vlogging. They may cost more than an HD webcam or a DSLR but it will give you the crystal clear videos you want without suddenly turning off after a certain time.

Don’t worry about sounding outdated when buying or using a camcorder. They’re great for extra long live streams and will make you look great even when you’re recording from a distance. If you step out of the frame, it’ll focus on your face right away when you get back on screen. With DSLRs, you may have to manually adjust the focus in situations like that.

Owen personally recommends using the Panasonic HC-VX981 for live streamers who want to look fantastic on camera. It’s roughly $600 – $700 on Amazon.

You’ll also need to use a Cam Link or a capture card to use it for streaming.

Live Mobile Setup

Using your mobile phone as your streaming camera is perfect for when you’re joining a BeLive show as a guest. It’s also the best streaming camera option if you just want to go live for your vlog. Most mobile devices now have HD cameras that will give you clear and crisp shots. Some higher-end phones also have built-in stabilizers for a more steady shot during streaming.

On the other hand, if you really want to get the best shot for your show, then investing in a tripod and a phone adapter would be worth it. Owen actually discourages buying all sorts of lens kits and accessories for your mobile phone because it’ll only complicate your whole set up.

If you’re going to use your phone as your main camera for streaming, you can easily move locations with a simpler setup.

What you need to take note of when using your phone camera is lighting. You’ll need to be in natural light to get the best videos on your phone. If you need to stay in a darker area, then look for selfie rings or lighting accessories that are compatible with your phone.

Want more tips on the best streaming cameras to use? Watch Owen Video’s BeLive Weekly broadcast below!

What camera do you use to live stream and would you invest in one that will give you crystal clear on-screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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