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Which Camera To Use For Full HD Live Streaming

Broadcasting in Full HD

To live stream in Full HD, we need a camera capable of broadcasting at a high resolution.

HD Cameras improve the video quality of our live streams, the more precise the image, the more people will enjoy watching. Our broadcast quality improves as we upgrade our cameras.

The images from an HD camera are more exact, more vibrant in colour and show more detail. Until now we have broadcast in a lower resolution, at 720p.

What Is Full HD streaming?

Full HD is 1920 x 1080p; the second number is the one most people use to describe it. At the moment, it is the best quality picture available for live streaming.

Full HD has over 2 million pixels, more than twice as much as 720p; this makes the images clearer and the colors brighter.

Where Can I Stream to in HD?

We can stream to Youtube in 1080p when the software we are using has the capability.
BeLive now provides HD in the Pro Plan.

Facebook has given Live Solutions Partners the ability to broadcast in full HD. Be.Live is an official Live Solutions Partner.  With it, we can stream to both Facebook and Youtube in Full HD.

Choosing your Camera

The internal camera on your machine may be able to broadcast at Full HD, depending on the specification.

External cameras give a far better performance than internal cameras, which is why most broadcasters decide to upgrade.

  • There are two types of external camera that we can use:-
    Webcams are designed specifically for live streaming, and there are no extras required.
  • DSLR cameras need additional resources for live streaming. We need to buy both the camera and additional hardware or software,
    Mirrorless cameras are also available; I will leave you to check out the pricing.


I started with the Logitech C920 then as my interest in live streaming grew I switched to the Logitech Brio.

There are thousands of Full HD cameras available. I have chosen three of the market leaders.

Logitech Brio

Logitech Brio

The Brio is Logitech’s most technologically advanced webcam. It can give you professional-quality video for video conferencing, streaming, or recording.

The camera produces stunning video in any environment. Its premier 4K ultra high-def camera offers 5x digital zoom, high frame rates, outstanding low-light performance, HDR, and RightLight™ 3. More details here.

Logitech 922

This product from Logitech is designed for serious streamers.

You can stream Full 1080p at 30fps or hyperfast HD 720p at 60fps. You can also broadcast masterfully with reliable no-drop audio, autofocus, and a 78° diagonal field of view. Plus, you also get a free 3-month premium XSplit license when you purchase it. More details here.

Razer Kiyo

Another camera to consider for Full HD streaming is the Razer Kiyo.  You get studio-like lighting and full HD capability for streaming and video calls which are perfect for establishing your brand in your broadcast. More details here.

DSLR Cameras

The benefits of DSLR cameras include better image quality, better sensitivity to light, shutter focus and speeds, and the ability to change lenses.

I have selected two entry-level DSLR cameras, as we decide to improve our broadcasting quality there are many more expensive, more fully-featured models available.



With Canon EOS 4000D, you can take high def photos and videos. You can also instantly share Share instantly and shoot remotely via your compatible smartphone with Wi-Fi* and the Canon Camera Connect app. More details here.

Nikon D3500

Nikon’s version of a camera to use for full HD streaming is the D3500. With it, you can experience the joy of real videography. The compact D3500 blends premium build quality with outstanding performance. Effortless operation makes it spectacularly easy to relay your message through the screen with fantastic quality. More details here.

DSLR Extras

We have to connect our DSLR camera to our computer to use it as a webcam. There are several solutions.

Elgato Camlink

Elgato Camlink

The Elgato Camlink is a hardware solution that links your DSLR camera to your computer for a more visually captivating show. To use the Camlink, simply hook up your DSLR, camcorder, or action cam to your PC or Mac. Set up your shot and make it happen. More details here.

Canon EOS Webcam Utility

Because Canon created this software to pair with its digital cameras. The Canon EOS Webcam Utility allows you to connect your camera to your computer for endless video meetings, calls, and live streams.
More details here.


Sparkocam is a software solution that converts your DSLR camera into a virtual webcam.

SparkoCam is a webcam and video effects software for broadcasting and applying live webcam effects to your video chats and recordings.
More details here.


These aren’t the only tools to link your DSLR to your computer. There are also software solutions from other DSLR camera manufacturers. Look for the best one that fits the camera you’re using to maximize its use.

Here is a full list of the cameras and software mentioned in the blog post.

Upgrade Your Camera for Even Better Streaming Quality

We are fortunate to have so many different cameras we can use to broadcast live.

We can upgrade from internal to external webcam, from external webcam to DSLR camera. Each upgrade improves the quality and clarity of our live streaming images.

In the end, it is a personal choice, and we can improve the quality of our broadcasts to Full HD at any time.

Try broadcasting in Full HD with BeLive now by signing up for a FREE TRIAL! 


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