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Personalized Christmas Card Videos For People That Matter

Tell people how important they are this Holiday season with personalized Christmas video greetings. Make your own for FREE with BeLive’s Christmas Card video maker!

Bridging the Physical Distance with Video

It’s important to celebrate the holidays with people that matter but what can you do if you’re not physically there during the season? That’s when you need a Christmas video greeting to show them how important they are to you.

Thanks to the Christmas Card maker in the BeLive Video Editor, you can record your holiday message, choose the design that fits, and send it to the people that maters for FREE! It doesn’t matter if it’s for your family or your clients, you can create as many greeting videos as you want!



Sending Your Love to Family Virtually

Holidays should be spent with family and loved ones but certain circumstances may hinder you from visiting them in person. Don’t worry, social media to the rescue!

It has become common to post a greeting, tag someone on a post, or send a chat to share your holiday cheer to people you can’t meet in person. But sometimes, written holiday messages can become too generic. With the BeLive Video Editor, you’ll send holiday messages with personalized messages for each person in your life.

You simply have to record, design, and download your video on the Editor. Afterward, you can share the video you created with the loved ones you miss the most.

Make Customers Feel Important with a Personal Greeting

Christmas video greetings aren’t limited to just family and friends. If you’re running a business, it’s important to make your customers feel special. And holidays are some of the best times to do that.

By creating a Christmas video greeting with your branding, you can create a deeper connection with your clients by making them feel important. Even a simple “Merry Christmas” from you will greatly lift the spirits of your customers. Post your videos on your business pages, groups, and other social media platforms to spread the Christmas cheer to all your clients.

You can also send this digital greeting card to partners and suppliers who helped you keep your business running throughout the year.

How to Create a Digital Video Christmas Greeting Card with Editor

Creating a digital video Christmas greeting will take you less than 5 minutes with BeLive Video Editor!

To start recording your special holiday message to the people that matter, go to the BeLive Video Editor, then follow the steps below.


  • Click on Create Christmas Card. Click on the circle button on the pop-up screen, wait for 3 seconds then start recording your message.
  • Once you’ve finished recording, trim your clip to  your preferred length.
  • Then choose the format and festive design you want for your background.
  • Edit the text you want to use as header for your clip.
  • Download your clip and start sharing!

Here’s a more detailed tutorial on how to create a personalized Christmas greeting card for your family, friends, clients, and business partners.

Do you want to add more holiday cheer to your greeting? Record your video through the Offline Recording feature in the BeLive studio and use the Snowfall widget!

Or make your greeting during a longer live stream, then trim that clip in the Video Editor to create your Christmas Card video!


The BeLive Video Editor is great for repurposing your live streams as well. Check out this ultimate guide on how to repurpose your live videos.

Go live with BeLive now and start engaging with your audience this holiday season!


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