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The Ultimate Live Video Repurposing Guide For Solopreneurs

To help you get your brand to as many people as possible, you need to include this ultimate live video repurposing guide in your business marketing plans.

Clicking on the Stop button on your live stream should not be the end of your business’ live video marketing plans. By repurposing your live video, you can expand your reach to every possible platform out there.

Go Live with Your Planned Content

Before diving into this live video repurposing guide, you need to go live first. After finalizing the topic, sections, and engagement strategy for your broadcast, you can then start meeting your potential customers through your live stream.

Watch this awesome tutorial from BeLive’s Irene Chan ongoing live on Facebook and YouTube.

Schedule Your Live on Your Business’ Main Platform

You can schedule your live stream through BeLive. Just follow these instructions on how to schedule a show and you’ll be good to go! Don’t forget the updates Facebook made regarding live show scheduling.

Customize Your Live Show

Make your branding stand out every time you go live with custom overlays or video frames. Add your logo, slogan, social media accounts, contact numbers, and other information about your business.

Use Features to Engage With Your Audience

belive-featuresBeLive is packed with awesome features specifically designed for you to improve your engagement with your audience.

  • Agenda – to make sure you stay on track during your show.
  • Onscreen updates – to show your topic on air or a question you want your audience to answer on a crawler below the screen.
  • Comments highlight – to flash greetings, questions, and random comments from your audience while you’re live.
  • Share screen – to share a presentation or your desktop view.
  • Media update – to upload photos, GIFs, and videos. You can also share a YouTube video via a link.
  • Live Sales – to show your products, services, etc with their details and send links to the comments section.
  • Countdown widget – to start your live stream with a countdown and start games with timers.

Find out what other useful BeLive features you can use to engage with your audience in this post.

Simulcast on Facebook and YouTube

With BeLive, you can broadcast your video to two destinations. To do this, just set your destination to two Facebook pages or groups or to your timeline and YouTube channel. You’ll be able to see comments on both destinations in the studio as well. Learn more about simulcasting your stream here.

Crosspost Videos on Facebook

Another way to reach more people on Facebook is to crosspost your broadcast on multiple pages. But remember, you need to crosspost on your Facebook business page to be able to do this. Check out this guide on how to crosspost on Facebook.

Repurposing Your Live Video

After your live stream ends, that’s when the real party begins!

Now, let’s get into the meat of this live video repurposing guide! Here are all the ways you can reuse your live show for more reach and better lead conversion.

Download Your Live Video in HD

Downloading your video to save it externally will keep your broadcast safe from sudden crashes or glitches on Facebook or YouTube. You’ll be able to re-upload the video without too much stress.

You can download your own video from Facebook but you’ll only be able to get the SD version of the show. On the other hand, you can download your videos in HD through a third-party tool like BeLive because every broadcast you make is saved in your broadcast list.

Repost the Full Video on Another Platform

Once you’ve downloaded your videos, you can re-upload the full clip in another platform. If you didn’t simulcast to YouTube, repost it there as well since it has a bigger viewership potential.

Uploading a long video may take quite a bit of time so you need to be patient. You also need to have a strong internet connection with a high upload speed, especially if you’re uploading the video in HD.

Trim Clips Via Video Editor

belive-video-editor-customDownloading a full live video, editing it on an offline software, then re-uploading it on another platform needs a huge chunk of time. Small business owners can’t spend too much time on this, so they either hire someone else to do it or forgo it entirely.

But thanks to BeLive Video Editor, soloprenuers can trim clips and download them just a few minutes after the live stream ends.

The Video Editor also allows you to add texts and change the background color of the clip for posting on other pages. Learn more about this feature here.

Add Clips to Your Website or Blog

If you’re running a blog or a website, you can also upload the clips you’ve created to make your site more interactive. Videos are great to add as associated resources for blogs. Uploading them also helps with your analytics instead of embedding or linking videos from other sites because readers don’t need to leave your page to watch your clip.

There are various servers that run websites but if you’re using WordPress, you just have to click on Add Video when you create a new post.

Use the Clips to Upload on Social Media

The clips you edit on BeLive Video Editor can be uploaded on various social media platforms aside from Facebook and YouTube.


Live streaming is possible on LinkedIn but you have to apply for it first and approval can take up to six weeks. But you can upload videos on the site by simply clicking on the camera icon on your feed. Keep in mind the following when you upload a video on Linkedin:

  • There’s a 10 minute limit for the length of your videos.
  • The first frame of your video will automatically be the thumbnail for your video.


Almost all social media platforms have stories where you can upload texts, photos, and short-length videos. And because the BeLive Video Editor can add texts, you don’t have to manually edit your video to upload on Facebook or Instagram Stories, as well as on the YouTube Community.


Instagram isn’t just for photos anymore. Now, you can upload 3 to 5 minute-cuts on IGTV,  trimmed from your longer live video.

YouTube Playlists

Another way of improving your analytics on YouTube is to create playlists of shorter clips. Using the Video Editor, create shorter clips and upload them per topic as a YouTube playlist.

Twitter Videos

Twitter is also a great way to amplify your message to a wider audience. Upload edited videos on Twitter and watch it go viral!

Turn Your Video Into A Podcast

With people’s busy schedules, not everyone is able to watch live videos. Download your broadcast in mp3 format from the broadcasts list and repost them in podcast form. You can also upload a podcast series on Spotify, iTunes, and other audio platforms.

Create GIFs


Molly Mahoney, an amazing confidence coach, turns fun moments from her live streams into GIFs. This is perfect as reaction GIFs on social media and other platforms. You get to build your brand and have fun while doing it.

Video Quotes and Graphics

When you invite guests to the show, you’ll definitely get inspiring quotes to use as images, GIFs, or short clips. Cutting the part of the quote is easier with the Video Editor.

Teasers for Future Videos

Another way to utilize your clips is to use them as teasers for future live videos. You can also share your own videos when you go live next.

To add videos to your stream, add a clip by uploading a video not more than 100mb. If it’s bigger than that, create a YouTube playlist and share it on the stream.

Monetizing Your Live Stream and Repurposed Clips

The clips you download from your full live stream aren’t just for marketing purposes. You can also use them as an additional source of income.


Apply for YouTube Partners Program to start monetizing the videos you post on the site. You need to meet the following criteria to be able to earn from your clips:

  • At least 1,000 subscribers
  • At least 4,000 hours of watch time within 12 hours
  • Adherence to the YouTube Partner Program policies, YouTube Terms of Service, YouTube spam policies, and the Community Guidelines.


There are three ways to earn through your videos on Facebook.

  • Through in-stream ads – you can earn money by including ads within your videos.
  • Through brand collaboration – include companies and organizations in your videos to build a paid partnership.
  • Through fan subscriptions – get a recurring monthly subscription from the people who follow your group.

You can also hold a paid online event for a special course, concert, or session. Here’s a more detailed blog post on paid Facebook events.


uscreen-monetizationUpload your videos to Uscreen, pick out the best monetization strategy for you, and start raking in the greens. Unlike YouTube and Facebook, you won’t have to meet strict requirements to begin earning.

Your monetization options on Uscreen include:

  • Subscription – Set up a recurring fee.
  • Rentals – Charge a fixed fee for limited access to your content.
  • Pay-Per-View – Charge a one-time fee for content access.
  • Bundles – Offer packages of your content for a one-time fee.
  • Free Trial – Give your followers free access to your content for a certain time limit.
  • Lifetime – For a one-time fee, your follower can access all your content with no time limit.

Live Selling

Did you know you can earn money while you’re live? BeLive developed the Live Sales feature to make selling your products, courses, books, and others so much easier. Understand the Live Sales feature in this blog post.

How do you repurpose your live video and where do you repost them? Do you have any more tips and techniques not covered in this live video repurposing guide? Share them in the comments section below.

Have you tried the BeLive Video Editor to create clips from your live stream? Sign up now to try for yourself! 

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