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3 Effective Communication Strategies To Increase Sales With Your Live Broadcast

Have you ever gone live but failed to convince your audience to buy from you? Here are three effective communication strategies you should implement in your next live broadcast to get better engagement and eventually, increase sales.

Sales-Increasing Communication Strategies for Your Next Live Stream

Communication is a two-way street. Your message has to be shared, received, and interpreted properly to make it valuable. So how can you deliver your message to your audience and increase your revenue when you’re selling online?

Remember, dynamic communication should have results. The communicator himself, Owen Video, and The Dynamic Communicator Jill Schiefelbein share how to sell online effectively by buffing up your video content with this BeLive Weekly show!

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Find out how to increase sales by making more valuable live videos through these communication strategies.

Communicate Your Value on Video

Create a Theme for Your Content


Aside from being confident on camera, your audience also needs to clearly understand what you want to share or sell. If you go live without a set theme, you’ll have a hard time keeping your intended audience’s attention for long.

You need to understand your target market and figure out how you communicate your message for them to find value in it. Ensure your value to your audience first before asking them to buy from you.

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Once you determine what your audience wants to hear, you can start coming up with a weekly theme as a part of your video marketing strategy. Your audience will know the general idea of what they will expect in the next few weeks.

Ensure Your Message Is Heard

Ask Out


It may be hard to determine what topic will help you with your sales strategy without a specific target market in mind. Ask your friends and family on what they want to see.

If you haven’t built your audience yet, find out what the general population would like to see. Tools like AnswerThePublic can help you find out what people are searching for online.

Here’s an example of how you can create your themed content to also help you with your sales marketing :

  1. Go to AnswerThePublic and type your expertise. List down all the items you feel confident talking about.
  2. Armed with this list, go to Google Keywords and find out what the top 10 most popular topics are.

Sometimes, even when you have a compelling message, you may end up with dead silence from your audience. To encourage your audience to join the discussion, predetermine 2-3 questions ahead of your live stream and answer them on air. This may prompt your audience to ask more questions. It also ensures that your message is delivered to and heard by your viewers.

Amplify Your Message

Get Specific

Should you have different themes every week or should you have one specific general theme and talk about it week after week?

According to Julie, it’s okay to talk about the same thing every week to help you establish your brand consistency. This consistency builds up a presence that shares your key branding and message. After a few live broadcasts, the audience you’ve built will know what they can expect from you.

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However, try to still make your live streams unique from each other. Discuss one clear pain point for one specific audience, at a single time. Trying to mash together different pain points will only dilute your message which will eventually make your audience lose interest in your message. This lost interest may cost you sales from both potential customers and existing clients.

Want more effective communication strategies from Owen and Julie? Watch their live broadcast on BeLive below!

What do you talk about during your live streams? What does your audience find interesting? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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