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How to Syndicate Your Facebook Live to Top Media Outlets

On this week’s BeLive Weekly, Live Video Growth Coach Owen Video,with guest co-host Jason Rodrigue, interviewed Bonnie Bruderer, founder of BINGE networks as they cover syndication tips and what it will do for your Facebook live.

One of the most frustrating things that you can experience as a live streamer is to come up with great content and still have no viewers coming in to watch your shows.

Syndication is the solution to your Facebook live problems, but what exactly is syndication?

Syndication can be likened to being omnipresent, the ability to be everywhere all at the same time. This simply means that you need to put your content on social media platforms that provide the same target audience as the one that you are aiming for. However, this does not mean that you will produce just one kind of content and then share it everywhere.


Since there are so many social media platforms, you need to itemize which one works best for your Facebook live shows. You also need to learn to tweak things a little bit for the different social media platforms and make sure that you pick the piece of content that is most friendly or ideal for a certain platform that you will be using. You can’t repurpose your entire Facebook live show on Twitter and Instagram, only bits and pieces of it.

Find the right Audience.

Fret not though because there is an audience for everything and you just need to be able to identify what kind of audience you have and then find the matching social media platform so that you can syndicate your content on the right one. Just be sure to take what you create and repurpose it in many different ways. Leverage your content so that you can amplify your reach and let your voice be heard across the board.


Always remember that sharing is key. When you have great content, you can’t expect people to just stumble upon it. You need to share away your content and one of the best ways to go about it is by sharing your content to relevant Facebook Groups. You will be amazed at how much reach you will get if you learn to share to the right groups, both on Facebook and even on Google Plus.

Watch the full video below if you would like to get more tips from our very own Live Video Growth Coach, Owen Video.



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