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How to Use Be.Live with OBS to Increase Live Stream Engagement

Do you want to increase audience engagement in your live streams? If you’re a more techy live streamer who has been using OBS for a while but finds it limiting in terms of engaging with your audience, then you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll show all the tricks behind creating an engaging live stream using Be.Live’s integration with OBS. We’ll also provide you with quick tips in our special interview with Tzafrir Rehan, CTO, and Co-founder of Be.Live.

Why use OBS with Be.Live?

Aside from overlays and customizable branding, Be.Live offers a unique twist from a classic live streaming set-up as it has a variety of unique engagement tools.

For example, Be.Live’s AI comment assistant can increase chat engagement as positive comments will automatically pop up in your streams. Since OBS does not have this native feature, it’s totally worth adding this tool to your setup.

In summary, this integration will give you a workaround to get more engagement in your streams by having on-screen comments and other engagement widgets – giving your viewers an en enjoyable experience.


How to use OBS with Be.Live?

First things first, you will need to log into Be.Live and enable OBS mode in your Studio. Here is how:


  1. To enable OBS go to Stream settings →  OBS, Ecamm →  and enable the toggle:


2. Now, you can create an overlay that will later be used in OBS. Features that can be added:

  • Widgets

  • Customized Branding

  • On-screen agenda

  • Comments on screen (AI Comment Assistant)

  • Product carousel / Live Sales

Note: when using the Product carousel (Live Sales) feature, make sure to press ‘Show as card’ instead of ‘Show in Stream’ to make sure the product card doesn’t overlap with the camera.

  1. Once you have added all desired elements in the Studio, go to destinations → Select Amazon Live → Add your Channel URL. Then go to the toolbar and click on OBS Link → Copy the link to your clipboard.

To get your channel URL, go to your Amazon shop, click View All My Past Live Streams, and then, copy the full link from the address bar.

After you have successfully finished all these steps, it’s time to connect Be.Live as an overlay on OBS. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open OBS on desktop and go to the Sources, click on the + button, and select the Browser option:
  2. After that, tick the Create new option, make sure that Make source visible is checked, and press OK.
  3. Then paste the URL you copied earlier from the Be.Live Studio, type 1280 under Width and 720 under Height and then press OK.

After following all these steps, you should be able to see all the elements you have added to your Be.Live Studio in the OBS studio. If you change anything in the Be.Live Studio, the changes will also appear in OBS!

  1. Following, you will want to connect your camera. Go to Sources and click on the + button, then select Video Capture Device, click Create new, and check the Make source visible button and save the changes by Pressing OK.
  2. After that, select camera from the dropdown and press OK. Your camera will appear at the top, so you need to reorder your sources. To do that, drag the Be.Live source and drop it above your camera source.

If you are an Amazon Influencer, there are a few additional steps you need to complete the set-up. You will have to click start on all of the platforms (OBS, Be.Live, and Amazon Live).

Click here for a 14-day free trial

More About Be.Live and OBS Integration

We hope the quick tutorial above has helped you better understand this new feature. To give you more tips and insights, we’ve recently caught up with Tzafrir Rehan, CTO and co-founder of Be.Live. 

How is Be.Live different from other streaming platforms that also work with OBS? 

Be.Live is the only platform to offer an automated Comment Assistant, which uses AI to identify top positive comments made by the audience, and automatically display them on the stream. It also brings Amazon Live comments in real time! Be.Live’s OBS solution is the best and simplest way for Amazon Live streamers to automate their engagement without having to modify their existing setup.

Could you explain how this integration works, and what advantages it provides for live streamers using OBS?

From Be.Live’s production studio, the user is able to generate a magical “OBS Link”. Then in OBS, the user creates a “Web Source” and pastes this link inside. This creates a transparent layer on top of the OBS scene, which will contain any comments-on-screen, titles, crawlers, and overlays created in the studio, with the user’s camera and scene appearing under it. 

What are some benefits users can expect when using Be.Live in tandem with OBS?

Using Be.Live’s integration with OBS, the user is in full control of the video and audio quality, and can combine cameras and audio devices in unlimited ways and layouts. This feature is especially useful for users who wish to include music in their streams, and for those who have extreme requirements for video resolution and quality beyond what Be.Live’s web-based streaming allows.

What kind of feedback have you received from people who have used this integration? 

The pre-launch feedback has been amazing! Users who are just starting to use Be.Live for their Amazon Live streaming appreciate the ability to continue using their existing OBS setup, while still getting all the benefits of Be.Live’s real time engagement and abilities.

Do you have any tips or best practices for users who want to get the most out of the integration between Be.Live and OBS?

The best advice is to use Be.Live as a layer on top of a well-built OBS scene. This lets the user use their camera device in full quality underneath it, and the result looks stunning. Another good piece of advice is to use a multi-monitor setup, to be able to easily manage the engagement from Be.Live studio while also keeping an eye on the OBS stream.

In conclusion, using Be.Live’s unique engagement features, you can increase audience participation without needing to change your current set-up in OBS. Meaning, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – Be.Live’s unique engagement tools + full control of your video and audio quality. So why wait? Try Be.Live in your OBS set-up today.

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