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The Best and Easiest Way to Interview Remote Podcast Guests

There’s an easy way to interview remote podcast guests without spending hours editing videos and audiotracks. Let me show you how to do a podcast with guests from anywhere on the globe!

Facing Remote Guest Issues During Your Podcast

Are you a content creator who’s looking to start your podcast where you interview experts in your industry? You tried to find solutions that will allow you to interview podcast guests from different locations, but most of the solutions you find are quite complicated.

Some use Zoom, Skype, or Hangouts to bring guests together. But you usually need your guests to record their own audio track and edit all the audio tracks together after the interview.

You want something simple for your guests while having minimal editing or no post-production editing at all. Fortunately, you can create an easy podcast setup to interview remote guests with BeLive!

How to Use BeLive to Interview Remote Podcast Guests

An easy solution that can help you easily interview multiple podcast guests remotely is by using BeLive.

Now you may know BeLive as a tool usually used for producing awesome-looking live streams. But podcasters can also use it to promote their podcasts or to make it super easy for guests to join the podcast interview.

What You Need to Do as a Host

Watch this video for a visual on how to start a podcast with Belive:


  • Start offline recording. You can do an audio-only recording by turning off the camera. But if you also publish a video podcast, you can leave the camera on.
  • Share your permanent guest link. You can send this through email, Messenger, or any communication app.
  • Guests can join via desktop or mobile. If they want to join via mobile, they need to download BeLive on Android or iOS.
  • Once they click the link, they will show up in the lobby. When they are in the lobby, they are added as once of the sources that you can push to the live stream or offline recording.
  • Other podcast guests can wait for their turn in the lobby. You can have up to 10 people waiting in the lobby and up to four people on screen.
  • After the offline recording or live broadcast is over, go to your profile under My Streams and download the audio-only file. You can also download the HD video file if you want to upload the video in another platform, such as YouTube.
  • Time to repurpose! Once you have the audio file, you can now upload it to any of your favorite podcasting platforms.

How It Works from the Guest Side

  • Click the guest link.
  • Sign up using Facebook.
  • They will be routed in the lobby where their audio or video source will stay until the you push it to the stream.
  • Guests have the option to join as video or audio-only source.

The experience for guests is very similar to joining a Skype conference call. So, it’s super easy for them. No extra steps needed, like recording a separate audio track and sending it to the host after the interview.

Everything is done by the podcast anchor, which takes a load off the guest. Now they just have to enjoy getting on the podcast without having to think of anything technical to do.

A Few Tips Before Starting Your First Recording Using BeLive:

  1. Make sure that your guests have headphones with a mic when joining the interview. This will avoid sound feedback coming from the speaker and will produce better audio. Of course, if your podcast guest has an external audio setup, that will create an even more awesome audio output for your show.
  2. If they are joining via mobile, make sure they download the BeLive app ahead of time. If would be better to schedule a technical run with your podcast guest earlier in the day to check for any glitches.
  3. If you’re going live and addressing the questions from live viewers, we suggest doing it at the beginning or end of the live stream. That way you can easily edit and cut out the live engagement when you’re uploading it as a podcast.

Whatever you cut off in the beginning or end, you can replace it with your usual podcast intro and outro instead. If you’re turning on the video for your podcast, you can also add the intro as a pre-recorded video!

turn live stream into podcast

Molly Mahoney’s Podcast Page from Her Live Shows

Molly Mahoney, BeLive’s Camera Confidence Coach, repurposes her live streams from her Facebook Page and BeLive Page as a podcast. She is one of the best examples of how you can turn your live streams into an amazing podcast with BeLive without having to worry about complicated tools.

You can start your own audio or video podcast and interview your guests in the easiest way. Sign up for a BeLive account and try it for FREE.

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