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BeLiver Feature, Brenda Ster: Taking Social Media Marketing To The Next Level With Live Streaming

For Brenda Ster, building a successful coaching career isn’t just about teaching her clients how to create a working social media marketing plan.  It’s about building a relationship with her clients and viewers that transcends the computer screen. And live streaming helped her achieve that!

Brenda Ster’s Live Streaming Journey as a Social Media Marketing Strategist

That’s what live streaming offers Brenda Ster: the perfect medium to help other business owners and solopreneurs build their own community!

How helpful is live streaming in creating a productive community filled with people working on and implementing effective social media marketing strategies? Find out how Brenda used BeLive to empower in her community in this special blog!


1. Tell us something about you and your show that you’d like people to know about.

I’m a Social Marketing Strategist that serves the small and micro business community.  I’ve been in business for over 7 years and started doing lives as soon as the functionality launched.  It’s my favorite way to connect with my audience.

My clients are mostly businesses of one who are seeking cost-effective solutions for marketing their businesses and connecting with other solopreneurs who are building similar businesses.  I work primarily with women and love the community we’ve created of empowerment and positivity.

My live streams focus on primarily two different types of content:

1 – Strategies of social marketing, tips, and tactics for business and community engagement, and social media application coaching.

2 – Entrepreneurial mindset, empowerment, and bravery.  It’s hard being in business for yourself.  We talk about mental health, making sure you’re taking care of yourself, and how to view yourself as a leader.

I’m happily married in Arizona, have two kids, and three dogs, and I’m a diehard Green Bay Packers fan.  Diet Coke is life, and I can probably be bribed with pink lip gloss or chocolate.

2. Why did you go into video marketing or live streaming?

As a social marketing business coach, I help my clients build their marketing strategies to connect with their prospects and communities.

Nearly ALL of my coaching takes place on live streams either as 1/1 calls or group sessions.  It’s how I connect with my communities and can share my most authentic self, story, and value.  I don’t talk on the phone anymore…  except maybe to my mother.  (HA.)

3. What has been the biggest impact of live streaming in your life?

Live streaming is the closest thing we have to recreating an in-person experience.

In chatting with our communities, sharing information on screen, or bringing guests for panel discussions, in this moment where we are forced to be online, I couldn’t imagine being able to connect and lead as effectively without BeLive.


4. How has BeLive as a platform helped you?

The ability to schedule live stream events is my absolute favorite feature.  Pre-scheduling live stream events allows me to pre-market them, communicate them to my audiences, and gives my community a chance to plan accordingly so they can maximize their own value in personal development.

5. How are you promoting your product or service on your BeLive shows?

I use BeLive to share public coaching value, and offer opt-ins during live shows.  This has helped me build my list, expand my reach, and serve more clients with strategic and tactical social marketing solutions.  I don’t sell during my lives as much as I share public value that allows me to extend the relationship to a future engagement point and build a deeper relationship with my client.

6. How many times do you use BeLive to promote your business?

I use BeLive multiple times per week in public live streaming and my community groups.  Nearly all are pre-scheduled so my community can plan appropriately.

7. Anything else you’d like to share about how BeLive has helped your business?

During this time of pandemic uncertainty, social leadership is all about being present for your communities.  And the best way to be present is to live stream.

So many people fear going live or seeing themselves on video.  I tell people all the time – “I don’t care if you don’t like how you look or sound.  This isn’t about you – it’s about the value you provide to serve, coach, and lead, and the opportunity you have to raise your whole community.”

I love the tool – please don’t change anything!  🙂

Live streaming isn’t just about showing your face on camera, it’s about using the medium to achieve your goal. In Brenda’s case, she utilized live streaming to engage with and coach her viewers in creating effective social media marketing strategies.

Follow Brenda’s live streams through her Facebook page! You can also watch her in action below.

How do you integrate live streaming into your marketing plans? Do you promote your live shows? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Perhaps you’re still planning to go live. Sign up with BeLive now and find out how it can help build your own business. You may also join our online community and share ideas with 20k other live streamers!

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