LiveCon 2019 Summary: Be CONfident!


One of the most important things to have when live streaming is confidence! It helps you gain momentum in your video and attract more people to watch you.

But what if you need help building confidence? Have no fear! The first set of speakers for LiveCon 2019 were more than willing to share tips on how to Be CONfident for your live stream!

BeLive celebrated its 3rd birthday with the launch of LiveCon 2019, a three-day live streaming conference filled with inspiring speakers for entrepreneurs and those who wish to start live streaming today!

Hosted by the energetic Leslie Lauten Williams, day one’s morning session consisted of five amazing speakers who all shared their tips on how to become more confident in front of the camera.

1. Bryan Fryer – “Coach Fryer”

A social media upliner, network marketer, and personal coach, Bryan Fryer teaches network marketers on how to leverage social media the right way for business growth. Also known as Coach Fryer, he shared these 4 keys to live video success.

  1. Your mindset.
  2. Understand why you need to be doing live videos.
  3. You have to have a plan.
  4. Live video, in general, is not about you.

2. Kim Garst – CEO of KG Enterprises

Kim Garst helps entrepreneurs use social and digital media to double their business revenues. She shared these things to remember when starting live streaming and building confidence:

  • Get over yourself. It’s not about you. It’s all about your audience.
  • Do it consistently. Consistency builds your confidence.
  • Focus on a strategy before live streaming. When you know your topic thoroughly, then you can talk about it confidently.
  • Create bullet points or talking points. Make yourself some notes and stick them on your screen to help you stay on track.

3. Maria Flynn – One Wise Life

Founder of the online e-zine, One Wise Life, Maria Flynn helps individuals create an abundant lifestyle. And right on brand, she talked about how you can make your live come alive in her LiveCon 2019 talk.

For a live stream to touch other people’s hearts and minds, you need to remember these things:

  • Authenticity – When you’re sharing yourself authentically, people feel that.
  • Impressions count – You don’t need to be totally polished and made out, but you also need to look presentable.
  • Colors and surroundings count – The kind of environment you do your live in puts you in a certain mood, and that also transcends to your audience.
  • Practice over perfection – To be able to move your audience, there needs to be a shift of energy inside you.

4. Mary Barnett – Mobilemary, Another Brilliant Idea, Inc.

The founder of the Social Expert Camp, Mary Barnet or MobileMary, shares insights to entrepreneurs on how to be seen as an expert in their field.

For her LiveCon 2019 talk, she shared her ideas on how to gain confidence and clarity using the BRAVE method.

  • B – Show up and BE Seen
  • R – Be REAL and Authentic
  • A – Take Consistent ACTION
  • V – Provide VALUE

5. Janet Smith – TalentSmiths

As the owner and managing director of TalentSmiths, Janet Smith shared her ideas on how to become a confident confidant to your audience!

  • Share the truth. Real, honest, and open conversations lead to people liking, trusting, and knowing you.
  • Fear of failure makes you vulnerable. Always thinking of the “what ifs” will stop you from confidently sharing your story.
  • Share the facts, details, and truth about what you know with confidence. Your audience will keep coming to you for the truth because no one can tell it like you.

These are just some of the impressive lineup of speakers for LiveCon 2019’s first day. Surely, with these fantastic tips, you’ll be CONfident enough to share your story today!

Watch the morning session of LiveCon 2019’s Day 1: Be CONfident below! Watch it on Facebook as well! Want to check out Day 1’s afternoon panel? Watch it here!

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