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Can Live Video Help Raise More Funds For Non-Profit Organizations?

Live video is today’s most popular way of engaging with followers online. That’s why non-profit organizations utilize live streaming as an effective marketing tool to spread awareness and raise funds.

Can going live really help non-profit organizations grow and thrive? Let’s find out here.

Live Videos Promote Authenticity

Going live not only helps organizations reach a wider audience, it also allows potential donors and viewers to verify the group’s authenticity. By going live, followers can actually meet and build a deeper relationship with the people running the organization,

Through interactions during live streams, campaigners can establish authenticity and transparency for their cause. By going live, they can start conversations with followers and answer relevant questions.

One of the best ways to promote authenticity is to invite experts or other prominent individuals to interview on air. It gives the organization a stamp of approval from relevant people. Psychologically, it reassures potential donors that they will be supporting a real non-profit organization and not a sham group.

To establish authenticity for foundations, Be.Live makes interviews easier by allowing up to four people on screen. Other experts may also wait in the lobby until they are pushed up into the broadcast for their interview. Organizers just need to share the guest link to start a live interview on Facebook or YouTube.


Live Videos Give Followers Regular Updates

To raise more funds, non-profit organizations need to gain the patronage of long-term donors and sponsors.

One-time fundraisers just won’t do the trick. It may catch the attention of people during the campaign but afterward, donors may end up forgetting about the cause altogether. Because of that, organizations must share regular updates. What better to do that than through a live show?

Organizers can utilize Be.Lives’s Agenda feature to share important points or updates while live. Videos can also be shared during the actual broadcast. Just make sure they are in mp4 format and within the 100mb limit.

During broadcasts, donors can also ask for updates about the foundation or organization’s specific activities. Knowing the importance of their donations puts their mind at ease and strongly encourages them to help more.

Live Videos Encourage Participation Beyond Donation

Through live video updates, organizations can also encourage followers to actively participate in activities aside from just giving money.

Consistent videos help non-profit groups reach out to their target donors without spending too much on organizing galas and events. At the same time, organizations can also update their followers about upcoming events through live videos.

Aside from asking or donations, groups can also raise more funds by selling items and limited edition products. Through Be.Live’s live shopping feature, products with their price can be shown on-screen during the live video. Find out more about this feature through this tutorial.



Live video isn’t just effective in raising more funds. It’s also a great tool to share information with a wider audience.

Watch this enlightening interview of Real Estate Network TV with Rudy and Lori Gonzalez below. They run SERT Ministries, a non-profit organization that combats human trafficking.

Live video can definitely help raise more funds for non-profit organizations. It can help share valuable information as well. It helps to show a professional-looking live video every time as well.

If you’re planning to raise more funds for your non-profit organization, try out Be.Live’s awesome features! You can sign up with Be.Live for FREE today and start broadcasting to Facebook or YouTube.

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