LiveCon 2019 Day 3: Consistency Increases Your Engagement

LiveCon Day 3

BeLive’s CEO Daniel Mayer, CTO Tzafrir Rehan, and Product VP Guy Fogel shared some fascinating upcoming new features for BeLivers on LiveCon 2019’s third day. Some of the most notable features include multiplatform streaming as well as 1080p video quality to give users a better BeLive streaming experience!

Aside from those exciting announcements, more speakers shared their own tips and tricks on how to be more consistent with live videos.

Why do you need to be consistent with your broadcast? Here are the whys and hows of consistency according to the fantastic list of speakers of Day 3!

1. Molly Mahoney – The Prepared Performer, Camera Confidence

The digital growth strategist Molly Mahoney shared the secret on how to attract floods of leads even if no one shows up for your live!

Some more tidbits Molly shared in tandem with her Maps to Millions diagram include:

  • Create a pre-scheduled Facebook Live with a pretty link to make it easier to recognize and remember.
  • Set a weekly schedule and commit to it. Remember, you can’t repurpose your video into 15 different pieces of content if you don’t set one. Then you have to include that schedule in your cover photo
  • Instead of saying “comment below for access!” use a phrase that you would to a friend like “let us know below” to improve engagement. Why? Because Facebook finds the word comment below as engagement bait.
  • Follow the APR method
    • Announce – Tell your friends, clients, and power partners.
    • Pretend – Start your live broadcast as if you have a lot of people watching you.
    • Repurpose – Chop your video up and share it into different posts for your website, Facebook page, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.
  • Give a free gift and, in turn, build real relationships with your audience.

2. Heidi Leist – CEO and Founder, Lemongrass Spa Products

As a direct selling consultant, Heidi Leist used BeLive to connect with fans and promote products from her company Lemongrass Spa Products.

Like many other BeLivers, she believes that going live is a great way to attract people to your brand or opportunity.

Using BeLive has helped her to:

  • Consistently unveil products and announcements to existing fans and the community in general.
  • Consistent share the company’s mission, brand, and more information about the community on the corporate page by engaging the community through:
    • Interviews
    • Giveaways
    • Unboxing of new products

3. Lottie Hearn – #LIVEStylePresenting, #ConfidenceOnCamera

The UN awardee, author, and speaker shared her insights on how to be consistent without being hard on yourself. With the challenges she went through in the past year alone, Lottie Hearn certainly knew how to live LIVE and survive!

Some of her inspiring words during her section included the following:

  • Share your own style of expertise to empower and guide people through to help them make the change in the world.
  • Consistently stuff up with confidence and get over it! Take that energy of feeling stressed and nervous when showing up live and use it to help other people. Guide them towards those experts and be the niche of your field.
  • Let go of that ego and know that you’re here to help the people you’re here to help. Serve, share, and shine.
  • It’s okay to slow down and take a break. Ground yourself before jumping into every show.
  • Look for the tools and things you need to make it easier for you to survive your LIVE.

4. Kary Oberbrunner – Igniting Souls, Author Academy Elite

Kary Oberbrunner shares inspirational and practical talks with individuals and organizations to ignite their passion and become better in their field.

In his LiveCon 2019 talk, he talked about the practical ways he was able to monetize his message through BeLive.

Here’s how he made $192,000 in sales and reach over 10,000 people in nine days:

  1. He created a clear 5-day challenge – this can be done with virtually anything but make sure your challenge matches your product in the end.
  2. He created an e-book – this was a reward for opting in.
  3. He created a highly engaged private community – by restricting the community, more value was being shared.
  4. He created a valuable webinar – used BeLive to share knowledge, without asking for credit card details in the end.
  5. He created an unbelievable program – By the end of the nine days, he had given people a reason to find value in what he has to offer.

Plus, here’s a bonus insight from Kary!

When at least three people asked you to do something, you have a product right there to sell. If you can find the solution to a problem, you have a framework or a course to offer which can be monetized!

5. Ray Higdon – Rank Makers

Ray Higdon, a two-time best selling author and network marketing coach, also shared some practical tips on how to be consistent with your live broadcasts!

These insights he offered came from the very experiences that propelled him from being a million dollar in debt to a highly-paid network marketing coach.

According to him, to be more successful with your live broadcast, you need to:

  • Invest, learn, and teach.
  • Take the notes you get from a course you went through and share them in a video of your own. This allows you to build a substantial business even when you don’t have a leg up or be on Team Influence.
  • Make a video every day. This helps you be consistent even when you’re faced with external and internal challenges.
  • Create a vision of who you actually want to be.

What tip on consistency hit you the most? Hear more of the speakers’ amazing talks through the playback on Facebook! Or watch the clip below!

You can also watch the broadcast of LiveCon 2019 Day 2 PM Session here!

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