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How To Present Products On Facebook Live To Get More Sales

Do you remember how excited kids got in school when it was time for Show and Tell? Getting to bring in your most prized possessions to share with everyone in the class was a big deal; I remember agonizing over what to choose and practicing exactly what I wanted to say about it. But, usually, when it was my turn, I would hold up my favorite stuffed bear and say something like, “this is my bear and he is my favorite.”  And because my classmates were all 7 years old, that was enough to get a round of applause and a sticker for being brave.

When it comes to selling our products live, sometimes we all fall back on the Show and Tell model. Even though we still like applause (and stickers), our live sales need a little something more if we want to increase our sales.

Remember that live sales are different from online shopping; customers watch live sales to learn more about a product and to actually see it. Customers can interact live to get answers to their questions and to understand how a product solves a problem they have.

When done correctly, selling your products live can increase your sales by gaining your customers’ trust in your product and your brand.

Here are some live sales tips to help you to present your product Live and increase your sales.

Before Going Live

It can be tempting to just click Live on your page and go with the flow, but following these steps before you broadcast will make a difference in how your customers view your product and your brand.

Step 1: Set up your equipment.

Presenting your product as clearly as possible will grab your customers’ attention as they scroll through their feed. Use these tips to get your camera, lighting, and backgrounds ready for the optimal presentation.

  • Make sure your camera position is set to show off your product. 

If the camera is set up too far away, it will be difficult to show details and texture. Moving up and back to the camera can cause clarity issues when the camera refocuses.

  • Use lighting to highlight your product.

Without the right lighting, your products may appear distorted on camera. Colors aren’t always true and even your own appearance will look wonky if your lighting isn’t bright enough. Natural light always helps, but adding at least a ring light will give your items the depth and definition necessary to stand out on screen.

  • Choose a simple background that emphasizes the product.

Avoid having too many items in the background to distract your viewers. Allow your product to be the main event without standing in front of your entire store.

Step 2: Organize your products.

Rather than trying to show everything in your store in random order, curating your live sale in advance will help you to highlight the important details of your products in a more cohesive way.

  • Write a script for details to share for each product.

A script will keep you on track and help you to remember everything you wanted to say about each item. Here’s a short article on how to prepare for your show before hitting that Live button.

  • Arrange an order to your products and curate coordinating items.

Showing your products in a particular order will make your live sale go smoothly. Curating items that go together will show customers that multiple pieces go together which can increase your sales.

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  • Prepare direct sales links for each item. facebook-live-sales

Direct links that take your customer to your store will make it easier for your customers to purchase an item in the moment during your sale.

Step 3: Do your research.

For Show and Tell, it might have been cool to just repeat how awesome your favorite thing is and how much you love it, but customers need more if they are going to take the plunge and buy from you.

  • Know your product details (origin, materials, production information).

This sounds obvious, but details matter and can make all the difference when you are able to answer specific questions from your customers. Showing your expertise increases your customer’s trust in you and your product.

  • Focus on your customers’ pain points. 

facebook-live-sales-mobileYour customers have problems and are looking for ways to solve them. For example, I have customers who are going back to work after having a baby and many of them struggle to find clothing that they can wear to the office and still feel comfortable while their bodies are readjusting after pregnancy. So when I am showing leggings on a live sale, I don’t just talk about the color and how cute they are; I put on a pair of leggings live and show how the waistband stretches and how the material isn’t see-through when I bend so that these women can see for themselves how leggings could be a solution to their office wardrobe problems. Explaining how your product solves their problems will make the sale.

During Your Live Sale

Once you finish preparing, it is time for lights, camera, action!  No matter how excited you get, remember to take your time as you go through your products.

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Customers want to see what you are selling in greater detail, otherwise, they would just scroll through a website to shop. This is the moment to say more than, “Seriously, just how good is this?!” Show your expertise by applying your research to explain that you understand your customer’s problems and to clearly show how your product solves those problems. Remember when presenting your items live, focus on these tips:

  • Demonstrate the use or fit of your product whenever possible. 

facebook-live-salesReal-life examples provide the best visuals and build trust because customers can see it for themselves.

  • Don’t rely on industry jargon.

If your customers don’t understand what you are saying, they aren’t going to buy your product. For example, rather than describing a pair of denim as boho chic couture, describe what bohemian means and point out each corresponding detail in the pair of denim that makes them the perfect pair of jeans for a relaxed Saturday afternoon. Explain product details in common language that your customer can easily understand.

  • Ask for the sale. 

This is one of the most common mistakes that most direct sellers make. Asking for the sale is the final step in all of your business transactions. Feel confident in your product and how it solves your customers’ problems. Emphasize the solutions and ask your customers to buy to see for themselves.

  • Make buying easy.

Explain how to buy in detail and repeat often throughout your live. Remember that not everyone has shopped with you before and many times a customer is more likely not to buy if they are confused. Share clickable links for each product for ease. BeLive’s Live Sales Link feature is perfect to post the link on screen throughout your presentation.

  • live-sales-experiment-affiliate-marketingBe YOU.

Being your authentic self will build trust with your audience. Share stories to allow your customers to connect with you and respond to comments live to show customers that you listen and can answer their questions. BeLive’s show comment feature allows you to show customers’ comments on the screen while you are responding to emphasize how much you value their thoughts and questions.

After Your Live

Once your live sale is over, go back through the written comments and respond to them again in writing. Review the comments and questions to update your FAQs and to enhance your expertise. Use those questions to develop informational posts for your page and to include for future Live sales.

belive-video-editor-repurposingYou can also repurpose your live sale to reach more customers. With Be Live’s Video Editor, you can edit your live and use it to host a watch party and interact with comments in real-time or you could use clips to make advertisements.

A Few Things to Remember:

  • Promote in advance to increase viewership during your Live sale. 

You’ve put in all of the work to put on a quality Live sale and it would be a shame for potential customers to miss out.

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  • Focus on quality not quantity. 

Be thorough with your research and your customers will come back for more on their own. Don’t feel the need to inundate them during every Live presentation.

  • Practice makes perfect. 

Going Live isn’t easy, but the more you practice the cycle of preparation, presentation, and follow up, you will get better and better with every broadcast.

So brush off those Show and Tell skills and add in these tips and you will be enjoying applause, stickers, AND more sales through your Live Sales events.


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