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How to Create a Thought Leadership Strategy in 2023

If you’re keen on transforming your expertise into an influential voice in your industry, then you’ve probably heard the term “thought leadership strategy” tossed around. 

But how does one go from being an expert to a thought leader? What is thought leadership content, and how can it amplify your personal brand?

Let’s tackle these questions and offer you a tactical roadmap to achieve thought leadership success with concrete real-world examples.

What is Thought Leadership?

Thought leadership goes beyond just sharing information; it’s about offering valuable, often unique, insights in your field to solve real-world problems. According to Edelman’s latest study, high-quality thought leadership content has become increasingly essential for organizations (especially in the B2B space) aiming to engage decision-makers with current or prospective clients. 

In other words, thought leadership isn’t just about showcasing expertise; it’s about building trust and influencing the choices of decision-makers.

What is a Thought Leadership Strategy?

Think of your thought leadership strategy as your blueprint for influence— a long-term vision broken down into actionable tasks that position you as the go-to expert or a leading organization in your industry.

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Four Key Tactics for a Successful Thought Leadership Strategy

Think Like a Media Company

If you haven’t yet embraced blogs, social media, podcasts, or live streams to disseminate your expertise, it’s time to catch up. Forbes advises companies to adopt a media company mindset, which means taking complete ownership of their content—from its creation and distribution to even its monetization. Essentially, your content should serve as a strategic asset, enhancing your competitive edge in the market.

Try Niche Media Channels 

Broad reach is good, but targeted impact is better. Prioritizing interviews with niche-specific podcasts and platforms can often be more effective than getting featured on mainstream media. These digital spaces usually offer a highly engaged and relevant audience, making your podcast interviews especially impactful for your personal brand and organization.

Secure Speaking Engagements

The stage is a platform to share your wisdom and a catalyst for immediate credibility. Speaking opportunities often come with the bonus of invaluable networking, potentially leading to consulting opportunities that can further cement your authority in your field.

Collaborate and Engage with Other Experts

Your voice can resonate even louder when paired with other credible voices in your industry. Collaborative initiatives like joint webinars or co-authored research papers broaden your reach and magnify your authority. 

Simultaneously, consider leveraging the power of platforms like LinkedIn to engage with thought leaders who have already built a large following. A simple offer to share your expertise in a live LinkedIn interview can be mutually beneficial, enriching their content stream while expanding your audience.

Thought Leadership Examples

Real-world examples offer a fantastic way to illustrate the tactics for building a successful thought leadership strategy. Below, you’ll meet three thought leaders who excel in their respective fields. Each example is analyzed through its unique approach, key components of its strategy, and the insights it brings.

Connie Steele: The Future of Work Expert

Source: Connie Steele Wang Website

Who is Connie Steele:

Connie has been researching and interpreting the shifting dynamics of the workplace for over a decade. She focuses on how work environments are becoming non-linear, collaborative, and fluid, unlike traditional hierarchical structures.

What Makes Her Different:

Connie conducts her own research, leveraging these insights to offer novel perspectives that go beyond generic work-from-home tips. Her advice often bridges the gap between organizational strategies and individual career growth.

Her Thought Leadership Strategy:

Connie leverages multiple platforms to share her expertise. She hosts a podcast focusing on the future of work and frequently appears as a guest on other shows. She’s also the author of a book on the subject and regularly shares data and research findings.


Connie’s multifaceted approach allows her to reach different demographics. Her original research often serves as a cornerstone for broader conversations on the future of work, making her a sought-after expert.

Kathryn Rose: The Channel Industry’s Connector

Source: Kathryn Rose, Feature on DWEN

Who is Kathryn Rose:

Kathryn is a former Wall Street executive turned entrepreneur. She is the founding CEO of award-winning global expert marketplaces, getWise and channelWise, and has penned 9 books.

What Makes Her Different:

Her hybrid background of corporate and entrepreneurial experience provides her with a unique lens through which to interpret channel strategies. She actively collaborates with others in her industry, serving as a bridge between different areas of expertise.

Her Thought Leadership Strategy:

Kathryn relies on a mix of speaking engagements, brand-building events, and content collaborations. One of her standout series is “Ask the Expert Live,” where she not only showcases other experts but also fortifies her own reputation.


Kathryn’s ability to collaborate with other industry leaders not only amplifies her voice but also enriches the quality of her own content. She leverages her reputation and connections to bring disparate voices under one roof, creating richer dialogues and more comprehensive insights.

Stephanie Garcia: The Master Communicator

Source: Stephanie Garcia, Lights Camera Live

Who is Stephanie Garcia:

Stephanie is a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and ad agency veteran. She combines her expertise in psychology and marketing to help individuals communicate more effectively.

What Makes Her Different:

Stephanie’s approach is unique because of her understanding of both NLP and traditional marketing techniques. She is particularly interested in empowering small business owners to use live streaming as a tool for growth.

Her Thought Leadership Strategy:

Stephanie hosts a live show called “Lights, Camera, Live,” where she offers actionable insights on how businesses can leverage live streaming for maximum impact.


Stephanie’s work has been widely recognized and awarded for its impact and innovation. She not only provides valuable information but also practical techniques that businesses can implement right away.

The Benefits of Live Streaming in Thought Leadership

Live streaming offers an interactive and authentic way to engage with your audience in real time, enriching your thought leadership strategy for several key reasons:

  • Wider Outreach: Stream your insights to a global audience, expanding your influence and relevance.
  • Real-Time Engagement: Live streaming allows immediate feedback, making your audience more engaged and invested.
  • Authenticity: The unfiltered nature of live content helps build trust, a vital element in thought leadership.
  • Content Repurposing: A single live stream can be turned into various types of content, from social media clips to blog posts.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Use live streams for expert interviews and cross-promotions to enrich your content and expand your reach.

In Summary

Crafting a thought leadership strategy in 2023 involves more than just showcasing your expertise; it’s about building trust and influencing key decision-makers. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, consider embracing a media company mindset for your content. Utilize these tactics to grow your personal brand, make meaningful connections, and become an influential voice in your industry.

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