BeLive Launches YouTube Beta


As part of its commitment to give users the best live streaming experience, BeLive now supports YouTube Beta streaming! Users can now enjoy the ease of using BeLive’s Studio2 to reap the benefits of broadcasting on YouTube.

Start Streaming on YouTube!

This update allows BeLivers to expand their reach through the video-sharing platform without the hassle of long and draining editing hours. And it’s not just that.

Here are the main benefits BeLivers can enjoy with YouTube Beta live streaming.

Learn how to go live on YouTube using Studio2 with this helpful post!

Engage and Grow YouTube Community

This new update is perfect for users who already have an existing community on YouTube but have problems with increasing engagement. Using BeLive for live stream helps them build trust with their audience by interacting with them in a fun and engaging way.

BeLive’s live chat features allows them to engage with viewers during the actual live. Questions posted can be answered right away, making the audience feel more involved with the live stream. It’s also an excellent chance for users to acknowledge their most loyal viewers.

Using the chat feature can increase audience engagement by up to 3x! That’s a great marketing strategy to revive and grow a user’s struggling YouTube presence.

Reach a Wider Audience

Reaching more people is a crucial step in developing a business. What better way to do that than by live streaming?

Users who want to expand their reach from Facebook to YouTube can now do so with BeLive’s new update!

By going live on YouTube, users can reach out to more people beyond their Facebook community.

In Facebook, a live broadcast may become buried in people’s newsfeeds and timelines after it ends. But on YouTube, that isn’t a problem at all!

The video gets a better chance of being seen even after it ends. By using the right keywords and hashtags, interested viewers can still search for the video in both YouTube and Google.

Eliminate Post Production Blues

Producing one YouTube video can take up so much time for filming and editing. Some videos even need complicated editing software to create. It can be stressful for less tech-savvy people.

By meeting followers through live streams, users can build trust with their audience in real-time without having to spend hours tweaking and editing videos.

Thanks to BeLive’s easy-to-use interface, users can customize their live videos with just a few clicks even during the live broadcast!

Using Studio2, users can create professional-looking videos with customization features like:

  • Adding logo, branding colors, and custom frames
  • Adding crawlers, name tags, and agenda on the lower third of the screen
  • Sharing the user’s screen for presentations and walkthroughs
  • Sharing pictures, GIFs, and short clips to the broadcast
  • Featuring viewers’ comments to the live show

No need to spend hours of late-night editing to produce one video.

Repurpose Live Video

The benefits of live streaming don’t end after the broadcast.

When the stream ends, users can download the video in HD and use it for other purposes.

Some ways to reuse live videos include:

  • Cutting it into shorter videos for sharing on social media
  • Using the shorter videos for blog posts with a backlink to the original live stream video
  • Compiling the clips to create playlists with similar topics

Repurposing videos allow users to create additional content for other platforms without spending more time on filming on editing. On the other hand, if you’re not too confident to go live on YouTube just yet, you can practice using the offline recording feature! Find out how here.

Would you like to experience these benefits to optimize your business? Try Youtube beta live streaming with your BeLive account now!

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