How to Get More Sales from Your Black Friday Live Stream
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How to Get More Sales from Your Black Friday Live Stream

Do you want to get more sales on Black Friday? It’s the best time of the year to boost your sales and introduce a new product. Here are fun Black Friday marketing ideas you should try on your Black Friday Live Stream.

Black Friday Live Stream Ideas

Let’s face it. Black Friday will be different this year compared to previous ones.

Both consumers and businesses have been affected by this pandemic one way or another. But that doesn’t mean you’re left with no hope to participate in this year’s holiday deals craze!

9 Things to Add to Your E-Commerce Experience in 2021-2022

Over the past few months, live selling has gained significant momentum and it’s helping both small and big businesses stay afloat. It’s a safe way to continue engaging with your audience and selling your products without risking your health.

1. Amp Up the Anticipation for Your Show

Do you know why people buy a lot during a Black Friday sale? It’s not just about discounts and special offers. It’s also the year-long build-up of anticipation of purchasing something at an awesome deal.

While the pandemic has dampened that sense of excitement people get at waiting outside of malls and stores, you can still build that hype through live streaming. And it’s all in the promotion!

Scheduling your Black Friday marketing campaigns in advance to tease your audience about the amazing deals they can get once you go live to offer your deals.

Some more ideas for Black Friday marketing campaigns:

2. Increase Your Ads Budget

Don’t forget to promote your show everywhere! Remember, you won’t be the only one having a Black Friday sale on that day. Practically every other business will also be doing the same. So it would be a great idea to add a bit more to your ads campaign budget for a wider reach.

The more ads you put out there, the more potential customers you will be able to attract. Amping up brand promotion will give you a better chance to sell more during the actual event.

9 Things to Add to Your E-Commerce Experience in 2021-2022

What will you put in the ads? Try to include as much information as you can without overwhelming potential buyers.

Include the items or services you’ll be doing a promotion on in the ads:

  • Limited edition products
  • Special bundles offering a discount
  • Freebies
  • New products (if any)

So when you go live, your customers will be eagerly waiting in a virtual line to purchase your goods!


3. Reach Out to Past Customers

Got former customers who suddenly disappeared on you? Reach out to them via email or even private messaging with some irresistible Black Friday deals!

Offer freebies or even an exclusive bundle to entice them into tuning in to your live stream and actually buying your products.

You don’t have to limit yourself to previous customers either. If you’ve done a lead gathering activity before, then you can email everyone who signed up for your mailing list as well. They may not have completed a purchase with you but they can still potentially be converted during your Black Friday sale!

9 Things to Add to Your E-Commerce Experience in 2021-2022

Use MailChimp, ManyChat, or other bots to send out mass messages to past and potential customers. You just have to set up the process and technology will take care of the rest.

4. Create a Sense of Exclusivity

More than getting sales on Black Friday, building loyalty among your repeat buyers is also important. That’s why you should also come up with exclusive deals for existing customers or certain community members.

If you already have a community or private paid group set up, then offer special discounts for them on your Black Friday show.

You can even do a pre-Black Friday show in your group to give your community members a sneak peek of what they can buy. Then, set up a ManyChat sequence for a special keyword they’ll type into the comments section during the broadcast for a special discount or gift. The chatbot will send the discount code that they can use through a private message.

5. Make Shopping Easier

It’s not easy to produce a live show and offer products to those watching. So BeLive developed the Live Sales Link to make shopping while watching your broadcast so much easier.

Live Sales FeatureWhen you show an item, a link to your shop will automatically be sent to the comments section. Interested viewers can then click on the link and add the item to their cart. You won’t have to worry about sharing product links with your customers anymore! You just have to focus on your live selling show.

9 Things to Add to Your E-Commerce Experience in 2021-2022

If people ask about previous items, you just have to direct them to the comments section for the link!

6. Use a Countdown Timer for Urgency

BeLive’s Timer widget isn’t just for counting down the start of a broadcast. It can be used to time your entire show or segments of it. It does amazingly well during live games, too.

BeLive’s own Irene Chan used the Timer widget to help her stay within her allotted time limit during her Halloween show. You can watch the show here.


Streamer Countdown

Of course, you can use this feature for other purposes, too. But I suggest using the Timer widget in two ways for your Black Friday sale show.

  1. As a countdown for the start of your sale, or
  2. To show a time limit for your offer.

Research by the University of Nebraska revealed that consumers tend to buy products because of an implied scarcity. That’s why limited edition items or deals get snatched up in no time. Adding in a countdown for that special offer creates that same effect and customers will be clamoring to purchase your goods.

9 Things to Add to Your E-Commerce Experience in 2021-2022

By adding a countdown timer to your deal, you’re implying that the product won’t be available for purchase once the seconds turn to zero. Because of this, your viewers will start feeling the urgency to buy your product before time runs out.

7. Bundle Best Sellers with Other Products

When you’re selling products, you’ll have best-selling products and not-so-popular ones. To be able to sell the items that aren’t performing as well as the others, bundle them with the best selling ones. Seeing bundles or special sets will entice your customers to buy the product they always get while you can dispose of the stagnant ones at the same time.

You don’t have to sell them at a loss either. Hike up your rates for the bundle to cover both items but if you can afford to give a small discount, then it’s up to you!

9 Things to Add to Your E-Commerce Experience in 2021-2022

Present them as solo offers and bundles during your live stream. You can upload several product photos to your broadcast using the Live Sales feature and flash them on screen with you. Each photo will show the different prices and descriptions per product, along with the link to your shop.

8. Introduce New Products

A Black Friday special show doesn’t have to be all about discounts and special offers. You can definitely introduce new products during the broadcast!

Aside from special bundles, give your customers a teaser for the new product you’ll be launching during the show in promotional ads. That way, they will already know what you’re planning to launch on Black Friday.

There are many ways to introduce a product that will catch the attention of potential buyers.

9 Things to Add to Your E-Commerce Experience in 2021-2022

  • Offer a lowered introductory price exclusively for Black Friday.
  • Bundle it with an existing product as an introductory promo.
  • Include flash sales in your Black Friday live stream

Then, share your product video by uploading a pre-recorded video to your broadcast or through a YouTube link. You can also share a presentation to explain what the product is all about.

9. Offer Giveaways During the Show

You don’t have to be selling the entire time you’re broadcasting your Black Friday show. You can hold several activities to retain your viewer’s attention.

9 Things to Add to Your E-Commerce Experience in 2021-2022

Some activities to consider include:

  • Live games
  • Trivia
  • Polls

To encourage participation from your audience, offer special giveaways. These items can be a product you already have or even a simple Amazon certificate. Balance out your selling with some free stuff!

Motion Design School went on their first live on Black Friday last year and gave away several courses for free. They also attracted 3.4K views! Find out how they did it in this blog post.

Example giveaways for a black friday live stream

10. Offer a Deal Extension Until Cyber Monday

Once Black Friday ends, other customers who weren’t able to catch your show would still want a chance to buy your limited deals. They may have been too preoccupied with other things or they could have been watching another live show.

Either way, if they’re willing to pay for your goods or services, then why not give them a chance to do so? By extending your offer to Cyber Monday, you will be able to give interested buyers a chance to purchase your items. It will also help you add to your revenues.

9 Things to Add to Your E-Commerce Experience in 2021-2022

This is when you repurpose your show to use it for other Black Friday marketing ideas.

  • Repost your video on other pages so more people can see it.
  • Use the BeLive Video Editor to cut and download your shows in specific sections and post on other platforms.
  • Trim your show and use the clips as highlights for your products.

There are many different ways to boost your sales by repurposing just one live video. Then use these clips to continue promoting your deals throughout the Black Friday weekend!


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