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How To Convert A Facebook Live Video To Youtube

Do you want to get the most out of your Facebook Live? Why not upload it to YouTube? It’s a great way to get more reach for a live stream you’ve already produced!

In this blog post, we will explore the options on how to convert a Facebook live video to YouTube.

After Your Facebook Live

After you complete a live broadcast on Facebook, the next step is to upload it on Youtube, where you can reach a wider audience! If you add relevant SEO tags to your video, you will benefit from improved visibility on both Youtube and Google search results.

After downloading the video, you may want to edit it using a different platform before uploading. However, if you use Be.Live for live streaming, you can utilize its video editor inside the studio – no need for you to use any other video editor! Everything can be done inside the studio.

To upload your video to your Youtube channel, download it from your Facebook page first. Then, complete the necessary details, such as the title, description, and tags.

We’d like to thank Mary Waters for allowing us to use her Be.Live broadcast as an example in this article.

Downloading the Video from Facebook

Downloading the Video from Facebook


  • Visit your Facebook page and select the videos tab.
  • Browse through the videos and choose the video you are going to download and transfer to Youtube.
  • Double-click on the video to play it. 
  • Select the three dots top right, and the menu will appear on the screen.
  • Click the  Download Video option.

The video will download to your local hard drive. You are now ready to upload the video to Youtube!

Editing a Video using the Be.Live Video Editor before uploading to Youtube.

When broadcasting with Be.Live, it automatically stores an HD version of your video. This version is of superior quality compared to the Facebook version and is ideal for uploading to Youtube.

The Be.Live Video Editor is conveniently accessible without leaving your studio – meaning you’ll only use one platform to live stream and edit your video. This is very convenient if you use a countdown clock at the beginning of your live broadcast.

The Editor is intuitive and easy to use yet very powerful. Simply download the video after editing!

What You Can Do with Be.Live’s Video Editor: 

  • Add text to the trimmed video.
  • See the timeline of the video where viewers commented. 
  • See the parts of the video where you used features, such as when you showed the guest, a photo, or a video.

    With these features, it’s easy to see where you need to trim without watching and listening to the video. 

Editing a Video using the BeLive Video Editor

Uploading the video to Youtube

On your Youtube channel page, select the video button. The button is situated top right corner of your page. 

Uploading the video to Youtube


You will then have the option to upload your video.


Select the video you wish to upload.


When the video starts to upload, the following screen will appear.

Keep in mind that the uploading and processing times can vary. While you wait, complete these details:

Title: Make the title informative and engaging. Keep in mind specific keywords in your niche.

Description: This is the space to add additional information, including links to your website and Facebook page. If you have guests on the broadcast, include their links, too! You can also add hashtags here.

Thumbnail: When viewers browse Youtube, it helps to have an eye-catching thumbnail to attract their attention. Also, having a consistent thumbnail design style helps with brand recognition over time.

Note: You can also get all the details you need from your original Facebook post.

After completing this part, your screen will look like this 👇
Press the next button, and you will need to complete two more pages.

You can add an End screen on this page, which links to the action you would like viewers to take next after watching your video. 

You can add up to five cards linking to videos you want your viewers to watch. Select the time at which each suggested video appears during playback.


On the third page, select a schedule to publish the video. There are three options.

  • Private means only you can see the video.
  • Unlisted means anyone with the link can watch the video
  • Public means everyone can watch the video. You can set the date and time of when your video will be published.


Pressing Publish completes the Youtube upload process. The video from Facebook is now on Youtube. You can now promote your Youtube video! Remember to add cards and end-screens to your video!

If you want to save hours of editing time, try Be.Live’s Video Editor.

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